Eye on the Prize (114.19)

The Major’s purpose is to protect the country from whatever power that the 828ers have, to find out what it is, and then to weaponize it. She tells Jansen until they are sure that Cal is the Holy Grail, they are to sit tight. READ MORE

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The Major’s Search

Scene shifts to unidentified location.

THE MAJOR: I can tell by your look that you owe me 10 bucks.

JANSEN: How did you know Ben Stone would be popping up again so fast? And what does this have to do with his son?

THE MAJOR: Clearly, the boy is special. His father knows it, fears it. This is a man desperate for answers.

JANSEN: You want me to bring him in?

THE MAJOR: I want to see what he does next.

JANSEN: These people are a threat.

The Major’s Intentions

THE MAJOR: Whatever power they possess, our job is to understand it. That’s the only way to protect the country. Once we’ve done that, if we can, we weaponize it.

JANSEN: We have a clear line on Ben Stone right now. Why don’t we take it?

THE MAJOR: Eye on the prize, Jansen. Ben Stone is only a vehicle to get to his son.

JANSEN: Until we’re sure the boy is our Holy Grail, we sit tight.

A Good Reminder

The Major at least got a mention to remind us that she’s still watching and ready to pounce as soon as she has an opportunity.

SOURCE: Michael Ahr (Den of Geek!)

What is the Major Waiting For?

After Jansen reported back to the Major that Ben Stone was at the Church with Adrian, we couldn’t help but agree with him that they should go ahead and pick up Ben now. Not that we think the Major is in the right here, but if we put ourselves in her shoes, what is the wait? She seems to basically already know that Cal is her “holy grail” of the returnees and that Ben is a loose cannon lunatic who will do anything to protect his family and get answers. What more could she possibly need to now before snatching one or both of them up? Is she waiting for Cal to predict something specific that she needs him in the wild to do, or is she just waiting because there are still two episodes left and they want a dramatic cliffhanger at the end to convince NBC to give them a second season? Unless there’s a whole new facet to this thing that no one has seen yet — and the teaser for next week certainly wants us to think there is — it just feels like the Major should know everything she needs to know by now, or at least enough to make a strategic capture and go from there. All she’s doing is risking Ben finding more about her and possibly exposing her operation publicly.

SOURCE: Staff (TooFab)

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One thought on “Eye on the Prize (114.19)

  1. “Until we’re sure the boy is our Holy Grail?” WTH?

    The Major’s lack of knowledge almost killed Cal with her “trail and error” Frankenstein-like experiments on Marko Valeriev. The Major is also responsible for Marko and others now being comatose. Luckily for the Major, Cal is not.

    “Whatever they possess, our job is to understand it … If we can, we’ll weaponize it?” So, the Major doesn’t really know what “they” possess, but has ‘irrefutable’ proof regarding the existence of a mysterious “Holy Grail?”

    Poor Cal. When or if the Major makes the ‘certainty’ decision, she’ll have no problem painfully torturing his 10-year old body in order to possess and weaponize what she currently doesn’t understand.

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