Like Father, Like Daughter (114.20)

Olive has been busy doing research for her dad. She tells him the petrograph is a drawing of the constellation Gemini. She wonders if the drawing is somehow related to her and Cal being twins. READ MORE

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Olive’s Been Busy


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Scene shifts to the dining room at the Stone house.

OLIVE: Hey, Dad. How was your day?

BEN: It was It’s better now.

Olive has created a poster board: On one half is a photo of a peacock and other photos and notes; on the other is Michaela’s photo of the pictograph with photos and notes pertaining to it. 

BEN: You really are your father’s daughter. [BOTH CHUCKLE] Wow. You’ve been busy. This This is awesome.

The Constellation Gemini

OLIVE: Okay, so, that petrograph it’s a drawing of the constellation Gemini.

BEN: It is?

OLIVE: From mythology, like the peacock. The stars were the giveaway.

BEN: Gemini. The twins.

OLIVE: So, you think that’s what this could be about? Cal and I being twins?

BEN: I don’t know. Maybe.

Ben kisses Olive on the top her head.

Is Olive Relevant Somehow?

Olive was the one who stumbled on the idea that the petroglyph Zeke and Mick stumbled across last week was a drawing of the constellation Gemini. This could seem to indicate that Olive will have a more significant role down the road than we’ve even speculated. At first, it seemed like just a fun narrative twist to have Cal’s twin have aged five years while he was away, but there may be more to it than that. We’ve already seen evidence of that twin connection shared between the two of them, with Olive having an intuitive connection to her now little brother. But does it go deeper than that? Can she tap into his callings somehow, or maybe share the more painful physical burden of them, since Cal feels them so viscerally. Maybe as a twin he’s supposed to share that experience through their existing mental connection — as opposed to the new one the returnees seem to have — so no one person has to go through all of that.

SOURCE: Staff (TooFab)

Olive’s Connection with her Twin Brother

With Olive now getting in on the research, her discovery of a possible meaning behind the petrograph that Michaela and Zeke saw, adds a whole new possible twist. Could the Gemini constellation imply that Olive has more significance than previously thought? We’ve been so focused on Cal that it would be easy to forget that Olive has experienced a close mental bond with her twin brother, knowing when he was still alive despite his five-year absence.

SOURCE: Michael Ahr (Den of Geek!)

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