An End or a Beginning? (114.21)

Michaela wants to talk to Lourdes, but Jared tells her that she is not home. Jared tells her that she packed her bags. Jared says that this was meant to be and that they are destined for one another. Michaela receives a text that the police have found the van in the river. READ MORE

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Lourdes’s Going (Departure)

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Scene shifts to Lourdes and Jared’s front steps. Michaela knocks on the door.

MICHAELA: Lourdes, it’s Mick. Come on. Please let me in. Lou, we got to talk.

Jared opens the door.

JARED: [SIGHS] She’s not home.

MICHAELA: Where is she?

JARED: She’s gone, Mick.

JARED: Right after your text, I, uh I got my shift covered and came home, and, uh she was waiting with her bags packed.


JARED: Why did you tell her? I didn’t have to.

MICHAELA: She already knew.

Jared’s Coming (Approach)


JARED: This is not how it was supposed to be.

MICHAELA: We’re lying to ourselves, Jared. She was always gonna find out.

JARED: Which is why we should have come clean in the first place.

MICHAELA: That would have never done anything.

JARED: The hell it wouldn’t, Mick. That’s the difference between between hiding a lie and embracing the truth.

MICHAELA: The truth? What? That we cheated?

JARED: That we love each other. You know what? Maybe this was meant to happen so that we could finally be together. We could start over without any of the lies.


JARED: Mick, please talk to me.

Michaela gets a text message. She looks at her phone.

MICHAELA: I got to go. The divers just found the van.

JARED: No, please. Mick, don’t walk away from me right now, after everything that we’ve been through, the whole universe conspiring against us. Mick, I almost died for you. And I’d do it again tomorrow. I love you.

MICHAELA: I love you, too, Jared. I want everything that you want. But Lourdes just walked out. I can’t I can’t talk about you and me right now. I’m sorry.

Jared and Michaela’s Relationship is a Bit Repetitive

The exposure of Jared’s infidelity to Lourdes… is difficult to really care about at this point. It’s not that the characters shouldn’t have emotional stakes in their relationships, but it all becomes a bit repetitive. Although it was refreshing that Michaela was unwilling to apologize for having feelings after only a few subjective weeks of knowing that her best friend had married her almost-fiance, her reluctance to ruin Jared’s marriage makes so much more sense than Jared’s sudden desire to acknowledge their love, Lourdes be damned. Perhaps the final decision about their fate can be decided now that Lourdes has left, but the relationship drama caused by the five-year time jump is wandering farther and farther from the central mystery of the callings and the Major’s desire to weaponize them.

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