“It’s Coming!” V (114.22)

Cal is drawing a picture of a table with a whole lot of money on it. Zeke and Grace then tell him that his drawings do not make the future happen. He then begins to draw a picture of the wolf, saying it wasn’t just a wolf. Saanvi is back in her office crying. The police are pulling up a vehicle from the river. People are putting money in baskets at the Church of the Returned. Cal completes his picture. It is a wolf attacking Michaela. When Michaela opens the door of the vehicle that was submerged and a man lunges toward her. READ MORE

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Meaning of Cal’s Drawings

Scene shifts to the Stone house where Cal has just finished a drawing: Several large stacks of green bills on the table.

ZEKE: Come on, money. Come on, money.

Grace, Zeke and Cal begin banging there hands on the table, and then stop. Cal looks around. 

GRACE: Ew. Tough luck, kiddo.

ZEKE: I don’t think your drawings cause the future. I think they predict it. See the difference?

CAL: So, I’m not making things happen. I just know about them first.

ZEKE: Exactly. Big difference. But it would be nice to have that money, wouldn’t it? – [LAUGHTER]

CAL: I guess.

ZEKE: The thing is I still need your help. I still don’t understand what it means. But I think you do. Can you draw it for me?

CAL: It wasn’t just a wolf.

He begins another drawing.

A Nice Bit of Character Development!

As puzzling as [Zeke’s} vision of the wolf was, it allowed for a wonderfully logical progression of growing trust between Zeke and Cal, facilitated by Grace. You’d think Ben would have already had the talk with Cal about the drawings reflecting the callings rather than causing them, but Zeke’s perspective was unique in that in tapped into his own sense of guilt over the death of his sister. On the flip side of that, the drawings helped convince Zeke to come fully on board with the idea that these callings are real and should be heeded. A nice bit of character development!

SOURCE: Michael Ahr (Den of Geek!)

Music Montage

🔵 TWEET by Jeff Rake


Pearl Jam’s “Pendulum” begins playing. Saanvi is crying at her desk. 

🎵 Can’t know what’s high 🎵
🎵 Till you been down so low 🎵
🎵 The future’s bright 🎵
🎵 Lit up with nowhere to go 🎵

A crane pulls up a vehicle from the East River.

🎵 Understand what we don’t know 🎵
🎵 This might pass 🎵
🎵 This might last 🎵
🎵 This may grow 🎵

People are putting money in baskets at the Church of the Returned.

🎵 I’m in the fire, but I’m still cold 🎵
🎵 Nothing works, works for me anymore 🎵

Cal is working on his drawing of the wolf

🎵 Ah, a-a-a-ah 🎵
🎵 Ah, a-a-a-ah 🎵


Heads Up, Everybody


Michaela crosses the police line and heads toward the river.

OFFICER: Heads up, everybody. Here it comes.

Cal finishes his drawing.


We see a van being pulled out of the water by a crane.

MICHAELA The body’s still inside.

OFFICER: That long underwater? It’s not gonna be pretty.

Cal’s drawing is a wolf leaping toward a woman.

BEN: Aunt Michaela?

Cal nods his head.

Scene shifts back to the East River where Michaela is walking toward the getaway vehicle as it is being lifted out of the water. When she opens the door water gushes out, then the man behind the wheel lunges toward her grunting.

Is the Driver a Returnee?

Is “Manifest” hackneyed enough to make the driver’s name Mr. Wolf? You bet your disappearing ass it is. On top of that, shortly after we finally got to see the drawing, we saw the driver lunge at Michaela when she opened the door of the truck. And after 80 hours under the river, that dude should be dead, right? Well, for awhile they apparently couldn’t find the truck, which tells us that this guy is another returnee with the shortest stint yet; not to mention the storms by the river. So what is the point of yet another returnee? What does he add to the story? Zeke’s appearance told us this was bigger than Flight 828, so Mr. Wolf (for lack of a better name) needs to tell us something new about the disappearances, returns or callings. Perhaps his short disappearance means he’ll have a better recall of what happened while he was gone? Again, teasers for next week put him at the center of this possible larger understanding of what’s going on. Maybe it’ll explain the Major’s delays, the newest returnees and why Michaela overacted that moment when Lourdes finally walked away. We’ve seen better lip quivering from a two year old trying to guilt Mom into giving them another cookie.

SOURCE: Staff (TooFab)

The Callings are Getting Stranger

How does a drawing of a wolf leaping at Michaela translate to a dead guy coming back to life in a submerged truck? Not that it matters; as an enticement to tune in next week it did its job, but how weird and unexpected! Although we certainly knew as soon as Jared and Michaela were assigned to supervise the recovery effort at the docks that something related to the callings was about to happen, no one could have predicted the outcome. The callings, whether they’re caused by dark lightning or something more metaphysical, is getting stranger by the week.

SOURCE: Michael Ahr (Den of Geek!)

Strenth of Manifest Has Shifted Over Time

Whereas at the beginning of the season, the family drama was center stage with strong writing and compelling dialogue, the mystery of the dark lightning and the power of the callings has become the main force driving the series. The closer we get to the finale, the more anything outside of the central conspiracy becomes a distraction. With only two episodes left, we can only hope that whatever the driver of that submerged truck has to say will draw us right back down the rabbit hole that we love.

SOURCE: Michael Ahr (Den of Geek!)

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