The Bigger Picture (114.3)

Olive helps Ben try to understand the petrograph. On the phone, Ben tells Michaela this is not just about the flight anymore, that they have to figure out what Zeke’s return means for the bigger picture.  READ MORE

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Father and Daughter

Scene shifts to Stone house.

OLIVE: What’s a petrograph?

BEN: Rock painting. Mick found one upstate. I’m trying to figure out how it connects with Zeke coming back. Look.

BEN: According to this, petrographs in that area are hundreds of years old. Nobody knows who made them.

OLIVE: First peacocks, now this. I mean, do you think they might be related?

BEN: It’s possible.

GRACE: I got to say, this is a welcome sight.

BEN: It feels good to be home.

OLIVE: Dad, check this out. Huh? Petrographs database, sorted by geography.

GRACE: Wow. She’s definitely your daughter.

BEN: [CHUCKLES] I’m not gonna argue with that.

Brother and Sister

Ben’s cell phone rings.

BEN: Sorry. It’s Mick. Finally. Where are you? You okay?

MICHAELA: Yeah. We’re back in the city. We’re at my place.

BEN: Zeke, too?

MICHAELA: Yeah. He’s gonna crash here for a couple days. And before you say anything, I spent the last couple days with him. He’s one of us, Ben.

BEN: No, it’s it’s a good thing he’s staying with you. There’s a lot of hate around about 828 right now. I don’t even want to think about what happens when news about Zeke gets out.

MICHAELA: Yeah, well, it’s not a problem over here. Zeke’s not exactly fired up to tell the world he’s back quite yet.

BEN: Good. Then you guys lay low. Saanvi’s doing some research to see what else Zeke has in common with the rest of us. She’s gonna get back to me tomorrow. Mick, this isn’t just about the flight anymore. Everything’s changed. We need to figure out what Zeke’s return means for the bigger picture.


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