Jared Needs More Time (114.4)

Jared and Lourdes are in bed kissing, and although Lourdes wants to go further, Jared is unresponsive telling her that he needs more time. Lourdes asks him if Michaela is back yet. READ MORE

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Question One

Scene shifts to Jared and Lourdes’ bedroom where they are kissing.

LOURDES Jared, what’s going on?

JARED: I don’t know.

LOURDES: Look, I know I promised not to rush you, but the doc gave you a clean bill of health. There’s no medi—

JARED: Look, I know. I just I just need some time.

Question Two

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LOURDES Is Michaela back yet?

JARED: I don’t know.

LOURDES: Why? I’ve just been thinking about her.

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2 thoughts on “Jared Needs More Time (114.4)

  1. Sad, isn’t it? Lourdes’ unfaithful husband stabbed her in the back by sleeping with her lying best friend; and now neither one of them even cares if she ever existed or not.

    If she’s dead, her inconsiderate husband won’t attend her funeral because he’s too busy sleeping with another woman, Tamara; while keeping a scornful eye on the woman, Michaela, he cheated on his wife with. Poor Lourdes. Used and abused. Gone too soon. No one cares.

  2. Obviously they are no longer together, so what happened to Lourdes? Just left, never to be mentioned again? Died, never to be mentioned again? Went missing, never to be mentioned again?

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