Start of Saanvi’s Day (114.6)

When Saanvi arrives at work a woman, Alice, who asks her for help. Her husband, Jacob, is dying of cancer. Saanvi says that she does not see patients, and that her medical treatment is for juvenile patients. The woman is a nervous wreck, dropping her husband’s medical files on the floor. READ MORE

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A Nurse’s Greeting

Scene shifts to the hospital where Saanvi is arriving for work.

SAANVI: Good morning.

NURSE: Traffic this morning? You’re usually three hours early. Today, only two.

SAANVI: Uh, no. [CHUCKLES] I had to stop by the Columbia med-school library and pick up some extra research I’m doing for a side project.

NURSE: What? It’s not enough you cured cancer? You got to do extra credit?

Saanvi hands her a latte.

SAANVI: Non-fat, extra foam?

NURSE: Mm. You always were my favorite.

A Woman’s Request for Help

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When Saanvi gets to her office, a woman follows her inside.

ALICE: Dr. Bahl? Saanvi Bahl?


ALICE: I’m Alice Ciccone. I need your help. My husband is sick.

SAANVI: Oh, I’m sorry. Alice, I do clinical research. I don’t actually see patients outside of my studies, but

ALICE: I I know, but I heard you have a new treatment, and my husband is, uh I’m sorry.
We’ve tried everything. Do you think you could just take a look?

SAANVI: Okay. Take a seat. I don’t want to get your hopes up. The treatment that we’re currently working on is only testing for juvenile patients.

ALICE: I just need to know if there’s a chance or if Please. We’re supposed to have the rest of our lives together.

SAANVI: Did you bring your husband’s medical files?

ALICE: Uh, of course. His name is Jacob, and this

She drops a file filled with papers on the floor.

ALICE: I’m sorry. He, uh He sees a new doctor this month, so Jacob, he’s always the [VOICE BREAKING] organized one. Always so many forms

SAANVI: Hey, hey. Alice? Look at me. It’s gonna be okay.

ALICE: It’s not. If you can’t help me, I don’t know what I’m gonna do.

Saanvi Lured Away from her Research

Viewers hungry to see Saanvi more intimately involved in the story may have been disappointed by how easily she was lured away from her study of the callings and Zeke’s new place in the fold.

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