“It’s Coming!” II (114.7)

Ben and Michaela try to connect Zeke’s wolf calling with Cal’s calling. Zeke explains that after the wolf leapt at him, “it just vanished.” Ben speculates that it might mean the Major, the red X tagger, or some other threat they don’t know anything about. READ MORE

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Scene shifts to the Stone house.

ZEKE: [SNIFFLES] It was definitely a wolf, and it was definitely not friendly. It leapt at me, and then it just vanished.

BEN: Cal had a calling last night, too. We found him on the floor. He said, “It’s coming.”

MICHAELA: What’s coming? A wolf?

ZEKE: I know I’ve been gone a while. We get a lot of those in Queens?

BEN: [SIGHS] It could be anything anyone the Major, the red X tagger, some threat we don’t know anything about yet.

MICHAELA: Where is Cal? Can we not talk to him? He was up all night, scared to death. He finally crashed an hour ago.

BEN: Can you stick around till he gets up?

MICHAELA: I got to go to work, but that doesn’t mean Zeke can’t.

ZEKE: It’s not like I’ve got anything else on my calendar.

BEN: Um okay.

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