On the Look Out (114.8)

At the police precinct, Michaela tells Jared that she does not want to continue her relationship with him because he needs to be with Lourdes. Captain Riojas interrupts saying one of the them needs to go to the recovery effort by the river while the police search for the getaway vehicle. Initially divers couldn’t go into the water because of an electrical storm. Now they can’t even find it. Michaela suggests that Jared take the day shift so he can be at home in the evening with his wife. She will take the night shift. READ MORE

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For Lourdes

Scene shifts to 129th Police Precinct.

JARED Hey. Where have you been? You haven’t returned any of my phone calls.

MICHAELA: Yeah, I, um I needed a couple days to clear my head.

JARED: Mick, you just disappeared.

MICHAELA: I know. I I was hoping that I could get some clarity on what happened.

JARED: Did you?

MICHAELA: I can’t get over what we did. It’s not right.

JARED: We’re supposed to be together, Mick.

MICHAELA: Supposed to be or not, we’re we’re not together. You’re with Lourdes. I’m not gonna take you away from her. I won’t do that.

JARED: You’re not taking me. I—

For a Getaway Vehicle

RIOJAS: Welcome back. I need one of you down on the waterfront. Recovery of the getaway vehicle from that armored-car heist that went into the East River.

MICHAELA: That’s still happening?

RIOJAS: Yeah. It’s going on four days now. At first, divers couldn’t go into the water because of the electrical storm. Now they can’t even find the thing.

MICHAELA: How do you lose a utility vehicle in the river?

RIOJAS: You got me.

JARED: Isn’t babysitting a little below our pay grade?

RIOJAS: Well, this baby went for a swim with $75 million stashed inside. Now, last night, a couple of geniuses with scuba tanks tried to find it themselves. So, the chief of detectives wants a gold shield on-site, ’round the clock, till the thing comes up.

RIOJAS: How about Vasquez takes the day shift so that he can be at home with his wife, um, and I’ll do nights?

JARED: It works for me.

RIOJAS: Great. Get a move on.


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One thought on “On the Look Out (114.8)

  1. Looking forward to S2. But a few of the “over the top” exaggerations from S1 will forever be imprinted in my long-term memory. For example:

    Capt Riojas said this about the duffel bags of cash stashed in the van James Griffin drove into the East River, “Well, this baby went for a swim with $75 million stashed inside.” When the money was stolen by Griffin, it was in the process of being placed in an armored car.

    This is what a melmagazine.com article said about money transported in armored cars:

    “Banks rarely work in denominations higher than $100 bills, Ash says. And a “strap” of 100s — one of the banded stacks of $100 bills you see in films — is worth $10,000 (or a hundred $100 bills). A “bundle” is 10 straps, worth $100,000. A “rack” is 10 bundles, or $1 million. A pallet can hold 100 racks, or $100 million. And your standard-issue armored truck can transport between four and six pallets, or up to $600 million.”

    In Griffin’s situation, if his van held $75 million (all $100 bills), he would have had to either stuff 7500 “straps” or 750 bundles or 75 “racks” (3/4 of a pallet) into it … not a couple of duffel bags. I’m not complaining or hate-watching, simply paying attention. Just like I plan to do in S2.

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