Will Manifest’s Red “Ugly Marks” be Erased with Blue?

by Don Kincaid | Manifest828.com
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Feb 4, 2019

If there is one thing we have all learned from watching thirteen episodes of Manifest, is never assume you know what is going to happen next. It’s almost impossible because the writers don’t give us all the data we need. They only give us some clues. Therefore, take everything that follows as pure speculation. I doubt it even falls under the spoiler category.

Where the characters have been

Throughout season 1, while Manifest characters have been connecting with one another on a personal level, they have been doing this on a template that suggests their reentry has been a return to some kind of “hell”. If we look closely at that template, we will find a pattern (i.e. red markers) that point to this, as well as, some deeper issue or unfinished business from the past.1

Where the characters are headed

This pattern seems to be leading the characters into a deeper rabbit hole, and now with 828-hate groups hounding them, it doesn’t look good for them. But there appears to be a way out.  It appears in episode 14 (“Upgrade”) and episode 15 (“Hard Landing”) things are going to be shaken up.2

What if…

  • in episode 13 “Cleared for Approach“, Daly and Fiona return from the future?
  • in episode 14 “Upgrade“, we see a Daly 2.0 and Fiona 2.0?
  • in episode 15 “Hard Landing” their return creates a temporal earthquake that Saanvi speaks of which sends aftershocks in all directions, transporting our main characters back to the starting point?

Where “Go Back!” might lead

If this occurs, then our main characters might just be in a position to change their “hellish” conditions, and provide a path toward healing.  Episode 13 already seems to be giving us some clues.

Both Zeke and Michaela share a “Go Back!” calling , , 113.21).

  • What was initially understood as a call to return to the cave (113.5),
  • became a step forward in admitting “the exact nature of one’s wrongs” (113.11), and
  • ended up being a call to go back home (113.21).

By the time the episode ends, viewers are already thinking that “home” might not be a spatial reference (i.e. New York City), but have temporal significance (pre-Flight 828).

  • “I just keep wishing that I could redo my whole re-entry…” says Michaela (113.24).

Why go back? To erase the red ugly marks

Michaela and Zeke are not the only characters that may be involved.  Throughout season 1, red markers have been spotted in every episode, but nothing as big or as obvious as the red X on the Stone’s front door. Near the end of the episode, Ben tries to wash the red mark off his house, and he uses a blue bucket of soapy water to do it.

“The only thing I can do is to try to take this ugly mark off my family’s house. So, please, just let me do it,” Bene tells Grace. Grace then joins him in the effort. (113.22)

In recent episodes we have been seeing the emergence of other blue markers, too. Here are a few examples:

  • In episode 11, Daly gives Ben a blue binder with a whole bunch of information on Flight 828 (111.5). Although generally considered to be worthless, it does support the theory that there has been a government cover up. Expect to learn more about it in season two.3
  • In episode 12, we began to see a lot of blue objects for the first time where there had been red one’s instead. There has never been a blue poster on the wall at the 129th precinct and if you click here you will see that one is prominently on display right behind Michaela’s head while she is learning that Autumn has a child. This may indicate that the relationship between Michaela and Jared will be changing. It may also suggest that Autumn and her child may continue to play a significant role in season two.
  • Then in episode 13 we see her in a blue hat, and even Cal has a different jacket. Whereas in earlier episodes his sleeves were a maroon/red, they are now a dark blue. Zeke and Michaela have blue bowls in the cabin while eating. At the stone house, they have red bowls and plates. And when Michaela encourages Zeke to show himself to friends and co-workers, he says, “And what? I just call them out of the blue and say…” (113.5). Expect to see more of Zeke next season.

Other possibilities of what might be coming

Remember that blue small plastic alien that Ronnie Cox gave Ben as a welcoming gift on his first day at work at the accounting firm? What if instead of Daly and Fiona returning, there is some kind of extraterrestrial or supernatural coming? What about an angel (a.k.a. “gray woman” or “Angel of Waters”) emanating blue light?

Indeed, the possibilities are endless. The good news though is that some of the clues and things we have seen will have a connection with whatever happens or whoever is coming. I am certain that after the next three episodes, we’ll have to “go back” ourselves and sort everything out.

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  3. Note:  As of February 3, 2018 NBC has yet to announce a second season for Manifest.

One thought on “Will Manifest’s Red “Ugly Marks” be Erased with Blue?

  1. Red combined with blue becomes purple. In some of the storylines in Manifest; perhaps, purple represents the manifestation of a different “shade of gray.”

    For example, the Red “X” on the outside of the door of the Stone family home represents danger. The “Blue” bucket containing the soapy water to wash away the Red “X” represents the relationship of Stone family members inside the home.

    Can the danger outside the Stone family home be mitigated by relationships inside the home? Or will relationships inside the home help to increase the danger existing outside the home?

    Red plus Blue becomes Purple. Blue plus Red becomes Purple. Shades of Gray invisible when combined.

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