The Cordoba Heist (115.1)

Flashback of the armored vehicle heist. 3 and 1/2 days later Michaela tells paramedics to take the driver pulled from the vehicle to Koch hospital. READ MORE

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The Incident


Scene is a city street outside a bank. Griffin and two other men, who are posing as Schnitman Electric workers, have parked a  van across the street from Cordoba Savings Bank where an armored vehicles is waiting. Two armed guards walk out of the bank carrying dufffle bags of cash. Two of the three men posing as electric workers put on black ski masks, tazor the guards, and steal the money. When they cross the street and place the money in back of the getaway van, the third man shoots them point blank in the head. Before the man drives away, he takes off his mask. It is Grifin.   


An Intervention

Three days later Griffin, who was pulled out of the East River at the end of the previous episode, is being placed in an ambulance.

MICHAELA: Hey. Where are you taking him?

EMT: Mercy. I’ve got no room. We got a uni riding with him already.

MICHAELA: I can follow behind. But he can’t go to Mercy. He’s got to go to Ed Koch.

EMT: What? Nah. Mercy’s closer.

MICHAELA: No, no, trust me. Koch has hyperbaric oxygen chambers. For how long he’s been underwater, he’s gonna need one.

EMT (TO ANOTHER EMT): We’re gonna reroute to Koch. Come on. Let’s go.

The ambulance door closes.


Scene shifts to the Stone house.

TV NEWS REPORT: The getaway car disappeared three days ago. Authorities are speculating that sediment at the river bottom obscured its location. Now, incredibly, the driver’s been pulled from the vehicle, alive. This is Michelle Park…

GRACE: A van disappears in a river for days, then suddenly reappears, and the driver’s okay?

BEN: I know.

GRACE: Do you think?

BEN: Why not? Zeke came back. I mean, the question is, why no one for an entire six weeks since the plane returned and then two in one week?

ZEKE: Nobody knows about me. Who’s to say there aren’t more?

Ben’s cellphone rings.

BEN: It’s Michaela. (TO MICHAELA) Did you get a good look at him?

MICHAELA: I just sent you a picture. Ben, the guy was underwater for over 80 hours. He should be a bloated corpse right now. He should be dead.

BEN: Maybe he wasn’t underwater the whole time. Maybe it’s some kind of scam we’re just not seeing yet.

MICHAELA: No, you wouldn’t be saying that if you saw the way he just jumped out of his skin. He jumped at me.

BEN: Which is exactly what Cal drew. The wolf. You think this guy’s one of us?

MICHAELA: Meet me at Koch in 20 minutes.

Michaela and Ben end their phone call.

BEN: Mick’s headed to this hospital with this guys. I’ve—

GRACE: Yeah, yeah. Go. The kids are asleep. I want answers, too.

ZEKE: So do I. This guy wasn’t on the plane? If he’s like me, I’m going with you.


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