Foster Care Research (115.10)

Olives discovers that James Griffin had a foster brother, Devon Carrick, who died in 2004. This connects him to Zeke who lost Chloe, and to Michaela who lost Evie.  They also learn of Angela Graham, Griffin’s foster mom. Grace plans to meet with her. Michaela questions Griffin about Devon. READ MORE

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Griffin’s Foster Brother


Scene shifts to Stone house.

GRACE: Well, here’s something. He was constantly on the move. Brooklyn, Long Island, Queens. He must’ve been moving from foster home to foster home.

BEN: Huh.

OLIVE: He had a brother. Look at this. I went to the Wayback Machine. It’s a site that archives old websites that no longer exist. There was this thing called Myspace, it’s hilarious. Griffin had an account. Look at this. Long conversations with his “brother.” Some guy named Devon Carrick.

BEN: Not his biological brother. Must’ve been an older friend? A mentor?

GRACE: Or a foster brother.

OLIVE: And then right here “Brothers forever. Rest in peace.”

GRACE: May 3, 2004. Does it say how he died?


BEN: But if he had someone he loved pass away, that could be the connection to Zeke.

OLIVE: And what connects both of them to Michaela.

BEN: Evie. Michaela’s still trying to forgive herself.

Griffin’s Foster Mom

OLIVE: Here it is. Obituary. Okay. “Always in our hearts.” Here we go.

GRACE: “Fatally wounded at the Rochester Correctional Facility.”

BEN: Survived by his “family,” in quotes. James Griffin, Angela Graham.

GRACE: Can you—

OLIVE: Already on it.

GRACE: I mean, there must be like 100 Angela Grahams. It’s such a common name.

OLIVE: Yeah, but only one Angela Graham plus foster care. Look at this. She has a LinkedIn page. All of her foster-care stuff is on here. Stopped in 1999.

BEN: Huh.

GRACE: Wait. Griffin was in Newark until ’98.

BEN: Now she’s in Harlem. She runs a food bank. She might know something helpful. Something Mick could use to break through Griffin’s shell. Convince him not to make this deal. I’m gonna go see her. She’s more likely to talk in person.

GRACE: Wait, it should be me.

BEN: Grace.

GRACE: She might recognize you, and she’ll have her guard up because of the news. We need to stay under the radar. And besides, I’ll be able to connect with her. Mother to mother.

BEN: I can’t deny that. Okay. Do it. I’ll text Mick.

Griffin’s Unwillingness to Talk

Scene shifts to the interrogation room.

MICHAELA: Why don’t you tell me about Devon Carrick?

GRIFFIN: Where did you get that name?

MICHAELA: Was he in your family?

GRIFFIN: I’m not talking about this.

MICHAELA: I’m just trying to figure out how we’re all connected, Griffin. Tell me about Devon. Where is he now?

GRIFFIN: I said I’m not talking about it!

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