Undercurrents II (115.11)

Zeke is seen trying to gain entrance to someone’s residence, and is apprehended by the police. Zeke is taken to the 119th Police Precinct where Michaela begs Jared not to book him.

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Zeke’s Attempted Break-In


Scene shifts to an unidentified location where Zeke tries to break in to someone’s residence, but is noticed by the police.

POLICE: Sir, let me see your hands. Come on down.

A little later at the police station.

MICHAELA: What’s going on?

JARED: Look what the cat dragged in. Caught in an attempted break-in. Residence in Forest Hills.

ZEKE: What? It’s not like that, okay? You got the wrong idea.

JARED: Of course we do.

MICHAELA: Excuse me. Do you mind if we


ZEKE: Okay.

Jared’s Reluctance to Trust Zeke

MICHAELA: No, you can’t book him.

JARED: Michaela, I know guys like Zeke, okay? I got my badge doing 18 months of buys and busts. I can practically smell the junkie on this guy.

MICHAELA: That is such a leap, Jay. You don’t know that.

JARED: He’s refusing to identify himself. He won’t even give us his last name. [SCOFFS] Come on, Michaela. I’m trying to protect you.

MICHAELA: I know you are, Jared. But this is not how you do it. Zeke was brought into my life for a reason.

JARED: Come on, Mick. Listen to yourself. You don’t think that about Griffin. So you’re just gonna sweat out one criminal, while potentially giving another one a free pass?

MICHAELA: Zeke is not like Griffin.

JARED: [EXHALES SHARPLY] Okay. I know you want to believe that that’s true. I do. But, Mick, these callings you’re having, they’re blinding you. You know next to nothing about this guy.

MICHAELA: You know what? I don’t I don’t have time for this, okay? Please, just whatever you do, do not book him until I free up.

ZEKE: Michaela, I can explain.

MICHAELA: I can’t deal with this right now. Whatever the hell is going on, please just explain it later.

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