Carrying Shame (115.12)

Michaela connects the shame she experienced following the death of Evie (who she says was practically her sister) with how Griffin must be feel responsible for sending his friend (foster brother) to prison saying he was the shooter even though Griffin was. “We are all connected. You are not the only one. We have all been given a second chance. This is yours.”READ MORE

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Scene shifts to interrogation room.

MICHAELA: I know what you’re going through. I was responsible for the death of my best friend. She was practically my sister.

GRIFFIN: What are you talking about?

MICHAELA: Devon’s file. It’s all right here. It was supposed to be simple, right? You and Devon were gonna pop in, grab some cash. What happened?

GRIFFIN: You know what happened. You have the report.

MICHAELA: The victim was another customer. Just some guy. Do you remember what he was buying?

GRIFFIN: Powdered doughnuts.

MICHAELA: So he turns around and sees two men in ski masks walk into the store. Decides he’s gonna be a hero, whips out his gun. Two shots right in the chest.

GRIFFIN: I know how the story ends.

MICHAELA: Right, so Devon goes to jail. Murder one. Because he’s the shooter. And we know he’s the shooter because that’s what you told the police. I guess my question here is is that what really happened, Griffin? It says you cut a deal. The first perp to turn gets to frame the narrative, so—

GRIFFIN: I don’t want to do this anymore.

MICHAELA: No, of course you don’t. ‘Cause you sent Devon to prison, and that’s where he died. You were the shooter, weren’t you?

GRIFFIN: I’m done talking about this!

MICHAELA: And you’ve carried that shame with you for 15 years. I know because I have carried the same shame. Griffin, we are all connected. That is why you came back, I’m sure of it. You’re not the only one. We have all been given a chance to start over. This is yours.

Captain Riojas opens the door motioning her to leave.

RIOJAS Detective?

Michaela texts Ben that she needs info on Devon right away. 

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One thought on “Carrying Shame (115.12)

  1. James Griffin is a cold-blooded heartless human being. He has already killed three people … maybe more.

    Griffin is a lone ‘Wolf’ who has no problem when it comes to first-degree murder. He publicly murdered his two criminal accomplices during the commission of an armored car robbery in broad daylight.

    Now that he has a “get out of jail free card,” he will have no problem connecting with his inner ‘beast’ and intentionally killing anyone he so desires … Michaela Stone included.

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