Time Running Out (115.13)

When Michaela is told that the U.S. Attorney signed off, and is coming to make a deal with Griffin, she asks Captain Riojas not to tell Griffin yet. She wants to keep pushing.READ MORE

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Scene shifts to office area at the precinct.

RIOJAS: The U.S. Attorney signed off.

AGENT DAYTON: W-We’re making the deal? Our terrorist unit has corroboration from an asset. Some event in Midtown, they think within the next couple hours.

RIOJAS: AUSA’s on his way. So whatever you’re doing, you need to wrap it up.

MICHAELA: If he’s still on his way, then we have time. Look, I’m getting close, Captain. Please, don’t tell him that we’ve taken the deal. Just let me keep pushing, okay?



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