Childhood Canoe Trip (115.14)

Grace speaks with Griffin’s foster mother in front of a church. Grace tells her that Griffin is a threat to her family. Grace needs to know what she is dealing with. Angela tells Grace that Griffin had one friend in the world and he lost him. Devon had treated him like his little brother. Devon had even saved Griffin’s life on a canoe trip.
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Naming the Threat

Scene shifts to a city street in front of a church where a truck is being unloaded.

ANGELA: Quick as you can, guys. We have a lot of mouths to feed.

GRACE: E-Excuse me. Angela Graham? Hi. My name is Grace Stone. Do you have a minute?

ANGELA: There’s a donation box inside.

GRACE: Oh, no. I need to talk to you about James Griffin. You were his foster mother?

ANGELA: I told the Post, I’m not—

GRACE: No, I’m not a reporter.

ANGELA: I’m a little busy here.

GRACE: James Griffin is a threat to my family. To my children. It’s a long story, but I need to know what I’m dealing with.

ANGELA: We can talk over here.

Expressing the Truth


They sit down on a bench.

ANGELA: Truth is, James Griffin was just awful. Griffin had one friend in the world, and he lost him.

GRACE: Devon Carrick?

ANGELA: Devon treated him like his little brother.

Angela shows her several photos on her phone.

ANGELA: This was taken the summer I took the kids canoeing. Griffin lied, said he could swim. His canoe tipped over, Devon dove in, and pulled him right out. He saved his life. A month later, they were both in juvie. Two years. They never came back home again. I honestly thought Griffin was long dead until I saw the news. I know it’s inappropriate but I’m not sure I want Griffin to go free. Maybe not everyone deserves to be saved.

What Did Griffin Do to Angela?

We’ve so much yet to learn about Griffin, but in uncovering the story of how he framed his foster brother Devon for murder only to have him die in prison, we also got a brief exchange between Grace and the boys’ foster mother, Angela. She didn’t seem to have them for very long, but basically said Griffin was a bad apple from day one.

He lied about being able to swim, showing that lying is just in his nature, and yet Angela never saw him again after he and his brother wound up in juvie for two years. But then she said she basically wished he’d never come back, leading us to wonder if there’s more to the story. What did Griffin do to her, or is it enough that he cost Devon his life?

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