Dueling Showdown (115.16)

Griffin is finished talking. Michaela begs him to tell her more, but he stays silent, even after she shows him a picture of him and Devon.  As Michaela leaves the interrogation room, she hears a growling sound of a wolf.  READ MORE

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Devon’s Picture

Scene shifts to 119th police precinct interrogation room.

GRIFFIN: I didn’t have a choice Or maybe you betrayed your friend to save yourself.

MICHAELA: You cut a deal, you got away with murder, and Devon paid the price.

GRIFFIN: We’re done here. I don’t give a damn about Devon Carrick, never have.
Talk to my lawyer.

Michaela’s phone chimes. She shows Griffin a picture of him and Devon.

MICHAELA: Seems to me like you did care about Devon.

GRIFFIN: How did you get that?

MICHAELA: Griffin, you made a deal that ruined your life. You are about to do it again.
Tell me what you saw in that calling. Tell me what is going to happen. You did not come back from the dead to get away with murder. That is not what this is about.

A Wolf’s Growl


Door opens.

RIOJAS: That’s enough, Detective.

MICHAELA: You have the chance to put this right. People’s lives are at stake. Please.

RIOJAS: Detective, let’s go.

MICHAELA: It was nice chatting with you, Detective.

As Michaela leaves, she hears a wolf growling.

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