Undercurrents III (115.17)

Michaela talks to Zeke in the cell. She wants an explanation. Zeke tells her that it is his mom’s house. He does not want to break his mom’s heart, and wanted to check things out to see if she was okay. Michaela releases him from  jail and tells him to talk to his mom. Jared is upset. READ MORE

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Zeke’s Release


Scene shifts to Zeke’s jail cell. She hands him a beverage.

ZEKE: Thank you.

MICHAELA: Yeah, well, I’m ready for that explanation now. You want to tell me why you broke into that house?

ZEKE: [INHALES, EXHALES DEEPLY] It’s my mom’s house.

MICHAELA: Oh. I mean, I’m glad that you went to see her, but most of the time when people go see their mom, they just knock on the door or ring the doorbell.

ZEKE: I couldn’t just show up. There’s too much history. I wanted to make sure she’s, I don’t know, in a good place, you know, t-that she’s strong enough to see me again. I thought if I could get inside, maybe I could maybe I could tell.

MICHAELA: Zeke, she’s your mother.

ZEKE: I caused her a lot of pain. I broke her heart. More than once. Knocking on that door is just gonna break her heart all over again. I want to tell you everything, and I will.

MICHAELA: One step at a time.

ZEKE: I’m not like that guy you’ve got holed up, Michaela. I need you to believe in me. I-I-I think I came back here for a reason, too. I-I’m just trying to figure out what that is.

Door buzzes.

MICHAELA: Let’s go.

ZEKE: You’re releasing me? What about your Boy Scout? He’s not gonna be happy.

MICHAELA: Yeah, damn right he’s not. So prove to me that I made the right choice. Look, you came back to make things better. So start with yourself. Go see your mom. Come on.

MICHAELA (TO OFFICER): Can you walk him out?

Jared’s Displeasure


JARED: You released him?

MICHAELA: [SIGHS] He doesn’t belong in there, Jared. I trust him.

JARED: Because he had a calling? Mick, what if another person comes back? And then another? And another? Are you just gonna trust them all?

MICHAELA: I don’t think that’s what you’re really upset about. Look, you have every reason, but Come on. Leave Zeke out of it.

Jared reaches into the trash can to get the cup that Zeke had been drinking from.

Jared’s Character Arc Has Seen Better Days

Ever since that cathartic moment when he and Michaela indulged in a moment of passion, the detective has been blinded by his reignited love, and now he has taken that emotion and stoked it into a fire of jealousy over Zeke, a man who has made no romantic overtures toward Michaela. Obviously, the fact that he’s staying in Mick’s apartment and that he clearly expresses concern for her well-being as a new friend rubs Jared the wrong way, but his manly posturing doesn’t win him many points with Michaela or the audience. Perhaps something will come of his DNA test of Zeke’s coffee cup to give his resentment more justification.

SOURCE: Michael Ahr (Den of Geek!)

Who Is Zeke Really?

Zeke says he was going to see his mother, but wanted to break into her house first to make sure she was doing okay. Michaela believed this terrible story but she’s the only one. Jared is right to do a DNA test on Zeke’s cup, because the guy has been cryptic since we first met him. Being cute might work for Mick, but Jared sees through it.

And while he does genuinely seem to be trying to do the right thing now and maybe even atone for some of his past sins, we still don’t know what they all are and how bad he was before he disappeared. Why won’t he admit who he is? Why hasn’t he tried to reconnect to his world (prior to tonight, if his story is to be believed)?

Perhaps most importantly, why is he connected to Michaela, both in their first calling they saw together through to this new one with the wolf that seems to be tying them to Griffin as well. What ties these three people together?

SOURCE: Staff (TooFab)

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