Good and Evil (115.18)

Ben is frustrated that Griffin literally used a calling to get away with murder. Ben is skeptical of the callings. Grace wonders if the callings are about how people choose to use them. READ MORE

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Scene shifts to Stone house where Ben’s phone is chiming. He shakes his head.

GRACE: What is it?

BEN: Griffin just used a calling to literally get away with murder.

GRACE: [SIGHS] What more could we have done to reach him?

BEN: Maybe he couldn’t be reached. Grace, what if we’re wrong?

GRACE: About what?

BEN: Everything. Zeke, the callings. Everything I’ve been doing is based on the notion that there is some kind of benevolent power behind them. But what if there isn’t? What then? What are we a part of?

GRACE: What if it’s not about the callings themselves? What if it’s about how people choose to use them?

BEN: The wolf. Griffin. Once a predator, always a predator.

GRACE: But then, why why would a calling be given to someone like that? Someone irredeemable?

BEN: To show us we can use the calling for evil just as easily as we can for good.

GRACE: And get away with it?

Does Good Matter?

All along we’ve had some sense that the callings were some force of good, whether spiritual or alien or whatever. Now, suddenly, we’re not so sure. Perhaps they’re just an extra sense that’s being gifted to humanity through these disappearances and returns and it doesn’t really matter what you do with them.

It’s not like the callings have led to any rewards for the Stone family or anyone else who’s been following them, that we know of, in a personal sense. Sure, lives have been saved and evil has been stopped a time or two, but is that enough? Not for everyone, obviously. And if there’s a larger picture, no one is seeing it.

So maybe it isn’t about doing the right thing for the right reasons. All the callings are doing is offering glimpses into the future. Why Griffin got such a clear one while Michaela and Zeke are left chasing a wolf is murky, too. The first guy to use a calling for evil gets a crystal clear image. Maybe good really doesn’t matter at all.

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