Emergency Room (115.2)

Michaela tells Jared about Zeke while trying to process what is happening. Jared meets Zeke, Ben informs Zeke about Michaela and Jared’s complicated relationship. The man was submerged for 82 hours and 8 minutes (828). Griffin sees an explosion, but before Michaela and Saanvi can learn more the medical staff sedates him.  READ MORE

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EMT’s Entrance

Scene shifts to Koch Hospital emergency room where EMTs are bringing Griffin in on a stretcher.

EMT: 30-something male recovered from the East River. Breathing is shallow. He’s barely conscious. We started him on O2 and saline. Heart rate is steady, BP 135 over 70.

ER NURSE: You’ve got to wait out here, Detective. We’ll find you later.

Jared’s Entrance

JARED: Michaela! Hey. What’s going on? How’s this guy still alive?

MICHAELA: I don’t know.

JARED: What is it?

MICHAELA: Cal knew he’d be alive. Or it seems like it at least. Listen, Jared

JARED: Wait. Whoa, whoa. You’re saying he came back, like the plane? Like you and Ben?

MICHAELA: Yeah, it’s possible. He wouldn’t be the first. Somebody else came back.

JARED: What?

MICHAELA: His name is Zeke. He walked out of a cave upstate one year after he disappeared.

JARED: That’s why you were up there? Why didn’t you tell me?

MICHAELA: I should have, but I’m still processing a lot of this. And there’s a lot going on between you and me. I-I just—

JARED: Mick, you don’t shut me out, either, Mick. Not with something as big as this.

MICHAELA: Somebody just came back, though. Something is happening right now.

ER SECURITY: Detectives. Detectives, I could really use your help over here.

There is a large crowd of reporters gathered at the door.

JARED: I’ll take care of it.

Saanvi’ Entrance

Saanvi approaches Michaela.

SAANVI: Hey. Ambulance driver fell for the oxygen-chamber excuse?

MICHAELA: Yeah. Good call by you.

SAANVI: Okay, let’s see how close we can get to him.

Michaela notices the cut on Saanvi’s face that she received earlier in the day when Alice hit her in the face.

MICHAELA: Hey. This doesn’t look very good.

SAANVI: It could’ve been a lot worse.

Ben and Zeke’s Entrance


While security is holding the reporters back, Ben and Zeke approach.

JARED: Excuse me. Let them through, they’re with me.

BEN: So, what do we know? Has he said anything? Done anything?

JARED: He’s in the E.R. right now. Mick and Saanvi are on it.

Jared notices Zeke.

JARED: I don’t think we’ve met.

BEN: Uh, uh, this is—

JARED: Zeke. From the cave.

ZEKE: Word gets around.

JARED (TO BEN): I got to take care of that out there. So why don’t you guys wait in this room?

BEN: Yeah. Sure.

JARED (TO ZEKE): You know what? Do me a favor. Don’t leave before we get a chance to talk.

ZEKE (TO BEN): What was that about? Does he got some kind of problem with me?

BEN: Jared and Michaela were a couple. He proposed. Then the plane disappeared. Since we’ve been back, it’s been complicated.

Outside Treatment Room


Meanwhile, Michaela and Saanvi are standing at the door of the room where Griffin is being treated. Michaela’s phone chimes.

MICHAELA: I just got the incident report. It says that the car went into the water Wednesday 11:06 a.m. 3 1/2 days ago.

SAANVI: And he got out tonight at what time?

MICHAELA: 9:14 p.m.

SAANVI: Michaela, that’s 82 hours and 8 minutes. 828.

One of the ER staff knocks over a tray. Saanvi has a flashback of Alice hitting her in the face. She gasps.

MICHAELA: Hey. You okay?

SAANVI: I’m fine. I’m fine. I’m just I’m overwhelmed I think.

Why 828?

There have been all kinds of cute Easter eggs of the numbers 828 throughout the season but Saanvi’s realization that Griffin was underwater for 82 hours and 8 minutes is just one coincidence too many. It also proves she is extremely good at math, considering she was also struggling with some pretty severe PTSD at the time. Not gonna lie, we’re worried about the good doctor.

But we also want to know the significance of this sequence of numbers. Is there some “Lost”-level meaning behind them, or are these just symbolic numbers to signify important events or things that the returnees should pay attention to? We can’t see a connection to 828 in Zeke’s disappearance, but if the number themselves matter, does that mean this plane was chosen because of its flight number?

It must have some meaning or it wouldn’t keep coming back up. Here’s hoping the writers have come up with a good one, or the claims of being a cheap “Lost” knockoff will keep coming fast and furious.

SOURCE: Staff (TooFab)

Inside Treatment Room


ER DOCTOR: Three days submerged and no sign of fluid in his lungs?

NURSE: No respiratory impairment, no cardiac arrest, no hypoxia. It’s like he was never underwater.

GRIFFIN Get them away! Get them away!

ER STAFF: Calm down!

GRIFFIN: No! No! No! No! Get them away from there! They’re gonna die! I can see it!

SAANVI (TO MICHAELA): Does that look familiar to you?

MICHAELA: It’s a calling.

Michaela enters the room.

MICHAELA: Griffin, Griffin, what are you seeing right now?

GRIFFIN: There’s an explosion! There’s a fire! There’s fire! I see smoke! There’s planes!

MICHAELA: An explosion? Can you tell me exactly where it is?

ER DOCTOR: He’s delusional.

MICHAELA: No, he’s not.

ER DOCTOR: Can you step out of my E.R., please?

GRIFFIN: People are dying! There’s children! People are screaming!

ER DOCTOR: Heart rate’s spiking. Push 10 milligrams of midazolam.

SAANVI: No, no, no! W-Wait! Wait! Do not sedate him!

ER STAFF: Hey! You two, out of here!

MICHAELA: No! Griffin, what are you seeing?

ER STAFF: Gotta go.

MICHAELA: Griffin, where is this happening? Come on. Griffin! Griffin!

ER STAFF: Out, out.

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