A Whole New Level (115.20)

When Michaela tells Griffin that now she knows what its like to have the callings exploited, he tells her that her thinking is far too narrow, that the callings are capable of much more. He is going to take them to a whole new level. He then reveals to authorities where the bomb is hidden.READ MORE

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Griffin’s Cryptic Line

Scene shifts to the interrogation room.

GRIFFIN: Oh, good. I was worried I wouldn’t get a chance to say goodbye.

MICHAELA: Griffin, I’ve seen what happens when the callings are exploited, or abused.

GRIFFIN: Detective your thinking has been far too narrow. These callings are capable of so much more. I’m gonna take them to a whole new level.

The Deal

AUSA: Mr. Griffin, you’re a very lucky man. Assuming your information bears out, we have a deal. So tell us, where’s the bomb hidden?

GRIFFIN (TO MICHAELA): I hope you don’t get yourself in a twist.

Is Griffin Going Public

One of Griffin’s most cryptic lines was, “These callings are capable of so much more. I’m gonna take them to a whole new level.” Mick seems to have made a huge mistake telling Griffin about the callings, but his warning seems even more cryptic and dangerous.

Is he going to continue to use them for personal gain on an individual level, as he did to beat a murder rap, or is he going to do something much larger. If he goes public with this ability and can prove what he’s capable of doing as a returnee, that changes the game for everyone who’s returned.

The Church of the Returned will go to a whole new level of worship, but so will those who are against 828 and think they’re evil. Already, having Griffin tied to them has Cody — the guy who threatened Cal when Ben confronted him — spewing more hate at his followers. Add in the ability to see the future, and who knows how dark they’ll go.

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