Times Square Clearances (115.21)

The police arrive in Times Square and start clearing the area around a pretzel stand where they find and are able to disconnect the the bomb. Michaela then experiences a calling. She first hears a wolf growling loudly, and then sees it in the crowd. When Jared approaches her and says everything is good, shes says, “No we’re not.” READ MORE

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Clearing the Area

Scene shifts to Times Square where police begin clearing an area.

POLICE:  Everybody, move back!

A bomb hidden under a pretzel stand is found.

Diffusing the Bomb

A wire on the bomb is cut and the bomb is diffused.  

POLICE: Clear. We’re clear.

Seeing the Wolf


Michaela has another calling of the wolf growling. She turns around and sees it in the crowd. It appears more fierce than ever.

JARED: Hey, you okay? Mick, they diffused the bomb. We’re good.

MICHAELA: No. We’re not.

The wolf continues growling and then darts to its right.

Why a CGI wolf, and not a real one?

by Baby M at Doux Reviews

The black wolf is obviously a CGI visual effect, just not-real enough to take up residence in the Uncanny Valley. Where’s this Uncanny Valley, you might ask?  TV Tropes explains:  “In 1970 Japanese roboticist Masahiro Mori proposed in “The Uncanny Valley” that the more human a robot acted or looked, the more endearing it would be to a human being. . . . However, at some point, the likeness seems too strong and yet somehow, fundamentally different — and it just comes across as a very strange human being. At this point, the acceptance drops suddenly, changing to a powerful negative reaction.”

That’s why zombies are more frightening than Daleks.  It’s also why the human characters in the Incredibles and Toy Story films are stylized and cartoony even though the settings and other objects on screen are rendered realistically: stylizing the CGI people keeps them from falling into the Uncanny Valley and alienating the audience.

Might the Wolf of Uncanny Valley have been a deliberate choice on the part of the VFX crew, and not a special effects fail? If they’d simply rented a trained wolf and had it look menacing and growl in front of the camera, it would have looked like . . . a trained wolf growling. Your mileage may vary, of course, but for me the Uncanny Valley effect makes the CGI wolf more unsettling than a live wolf would be.

Source: Manifest: Upgrade

Where Is the Wolf Leading Mick?

Griffin got a perfectly clear calling and Mick gets a cryptic growling wolf that made an appearance again to close out this hour after Griffin’s bomb was deactivated. It backed away and took off running, so is it trying to lead her somewhere?

Is there another bomb? Another piece of Griffin’s criminal story to uncover? Plus, Zeke saw this wolf, too, so maybe it’s leading her to him. Maybe Griffin and the bomb were only one part of the story. Maybe Zeke and Griffin have history together and Zeke is way worse than we imagined.

Or maybe the wolf was about Zeke the whole time and whatever he’s up to with this house is the real threat that Mick needs to take care of.

Will it all come together in next week’s season finale? Oh surely not, as the producers want another season, too. But hopefully we get at least some answers to leave us satisfied that this first season told a complete story even as it left the door open for all the new questions we’re sure to have.

SOURCE: Staff (TooFab)

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