Who is Griffin? (115.3)

While Ben, Michaela, Zeke and Saanvi try to learn more about Griffin’s calling, they must come to terms that he has a criminal record, that he is a non-passenger returnee, and whether or not he is the wolf in Cal’s drawing.  READ MORE

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Griffin’s Calling

Scene shifts to a waiting room at the hospital.

BEN: And you’re sure it was a calling?

MICHAELA: Yes I’m sure. He was having a vision, Ben. It was It was an explosion of some kind.

SAANVI: He kept saying, “People are dying.”

BEN: Which means will be. And soon. The callings have always been urgent.

Griffin’s Criminal Record

ZEKE: How long will he be out for?

SAANVI: A couple of hours at least.

BEN: Hopefully we’re not too late.

SAANVI: What do we know about this guy?

MICHAELA: His name is James Griffin. He’s known for aggravated assault, armed robbery, and, now, a double homicide.

Griffin, a Non-Passenger Returnee

BEN: Why does this guy get to come back?

MICHAELA: Yeah, I don’t understand. I thought the callings were all about a bigger purpose, but how does this guy fit into that?

BEN: And why now? Why two non-passengers returning back-to-back?

ZEKE: Really? You’re gonna lump me and Natural Born Killer in together?

BEN: No, no. I’m just saying, there has to be a logic to his return, a reason. Even if it’s not for doing good.

ZEKE: Whatever it is, Michaela is somehow in the middle of it. Cal’s calling led you to me. His next calling led you to Griffin.

Griffin, the Wolf

Zeke shows Michaela the drawing that Cal made earlier showing a wolf attacking her.

BEN: Assuming Griffin’s the wolf

ZEKE: He’s got to be.

MICHAELA: He jumped out of the van at me, and I mean, it tracks. The calling wanted me to help you understand it. Maybe I’m supposed to help Griffin, too.

SAANVI: Even though he’s a terrible person?

BEN: A terrible person with information that could avert a disaster.

SAANVI: Fine. I need to test Griffin’s blood. See if he has the same marker as Zeke.

MICHAELA: Hey, you should keep an eye on her. She went through massive trauma. She’s not doing okay.


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