Questions of Trust (115.4)

Jared ‘s jealously of Zeke fosters distrust. He wants to find out more information about Zeke. Michaela’s eagerness to learn more about the explosion and her presumption that everyone has a good heart causes her to trust Griffin too much.  READ MORE
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Questions of Jealousy

Scene continues at the hospital.

GRIFFIN: Hey. Griffin’s under guard. I put a couple guys on him.

MICHAELA: I want to talk to him as soon as he’s conscious.

JARED: Yeah, well, we’ve got some time.

MICHAELA: Why don’t you and I go for breakfast?

ZEKE: Um Sorry to stick my nose in, but you gotta be wiped. Why don’t you find a couch while you wait?

JARED: Name’s Zeke, right?

ZEKE: Yeah.

JARED: Mm. Zeke what?


JARED: So you were upstate when you returned? Is that right? Is that where you’re from?

MICHAELA: Can we not do this right now?

JARED: Just want some answers. That’s all.

ZEKE: Y-You got a murderer in the next room, maybe you ought to be thinking about that.

MICHAELA: All right. This was special. Um, Zeke is my friend. Jared is my partner.

JARED: “Partner”? Wow.

MICHAELA (TO ZEKE): Why don’t you go back to the apartment?

ZEKE: Uh, you know, I got something I gotta take care of. (TO JARED) Pleasure to meet you.

JARED: Are you serious right now? You have a random stranger staying in your apartment. Y-You gonna put up Griffin next?

MICHAELA: Zeke and I have been having the same calling for about a week now. I have been led to him. We’re trying to figure out why. That is all this is. Jared, come on. Please try and understand.

Questions of Urgency

Scene shifts to Griffin’s room where Michaela is seated waiting for him to wake up. When he opens his eyes, Michaela stands up. 

MICHAELA: Griffin. Can you hear me? I’m Detective Stone. I was on site when you were pulled out of the water.

GRIFFIN: I’m I’m in the hospital?

MICHAELA: Yes. But somehow you’re fine. Do you remember what happened before? You were talking about an explosion. You saw something. Can you tell me about that?

GRIFFIN: That happened? The bombing happened?

MICHAELA: Bombing? We think that’s it’s going to happen, but we think that we can stop it. Griffin, look at me. You need to focus right now, okay? Do you recognize me? I was on Flight 828. I was supposed to die on that plane, but I came back. And ever since I have, I have been hearing things and seeing things, just like you did. We refer to them as callings. You have You’ve just had a calling. Was it day or night in your vision?

GRIFFIN: It was dark.

MICHAELA: Okay. Were you in a city? Were there any landmarks? Anything that might help us identify the location of this bombing?

GRIFFIN: I’m a little lost here.

MICHAELA: I get it, but there’s not a lot of time, okay?

GRIFFIN: What did you call it?

MICHAELA: A calling. You’ve just had a vision of the future.

GRIFFIN: I don’t understand. How is that possible?


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