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Olive is making a poster board of significant events and has placed Griffin on it. Cal is making a popsicle “Art the Dragon”.  Ben tells Grace about Griffin’s calling, that there is going to be an explosion. Grace tells Ben that she is glad they are a family again.  READ MORE
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Olive’s Board

Scene shifts to the Stone house.

OLIVE: Dad, I put Griffin on my board. Do you think he’s the wolf that Cal drew?

BEN: He might be. But the police have him now, so don’t worry, all right? Mom and Cal okay?

Cal’s Art Project

OLIVE: Yep. Cal’s making a pretty cool art project for school. Popsicle stick Art the Dragon.


Ben’s Report

OLIVE: Here’s Mom.

GRACE: Hey. So what do you think? Is Griffin just like you and the other passengers? He might be. He had a calling. Something about an explosion.

GRACE: Where?

BEN: We don’t know. They sedated him, so we have to wait for it to wear off.

Grace’s Affirmation

GRACE: Okay. Is there anything I can do?

BEN: Nothing yet. I’ll be home soon. I love you.

GRACE: I love you, too. Ben?

BEN: Yeah?

GRACE: I’m so glad we’re a family again.

BEN: Me too.


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