Opposing Game Plans (115.6)

Michaela presses Griffin to tell her more about the bombing. Griffin tells police there is going to be a terrorist attack, and wants to be cleared of all charges before giving out any more information.READ MORE

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Griffin’s Strategy

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Scene shifts to hospital, then to police station.

GRIFFIN: So all you passengers. You’ve all been having visions?

MICHAELA: Some of us. Sometimes it’s a phrase or a command. But whatever form it does take, it’s telling us something important. Vital. And it has to be followed. Always.

GRIFFIN: And what you see or hear it always comes true?

MICHAELA: Yeah, pretty much.

GRIFFIN: That’s incredible.

MICHAELA: In this case, Griffin, it could stop a bombing and save lives. Which is why you need to tell me exactly what you saw, every detail.

GRIFFIN: So if I’m saying that a bomb’s gonna go off, if I’m the only one who knows where

MICHAELA: Do you know where, Griffin?

GRIFFIN: then I’m the only one who can save the day. Son-of-a-gun.

Two uniformed police officers enter the room.

OFFICER: Let’s go. On your feet.

MICHAELA: I’m in the middle of an interrogation right now.

OFFICER: Got to finish in the box. He’s got a green light for transpo, so we transpo.

GRIFFIN: I’m glad we talked, Detective. I’ll be honest, I thought I was going crazy. But it’s true. A lot of people are about to tragically die.

MICHAELA: Griffin, you work with me, it’ll only help your cause. A double-homicide charge? That’s tough to beat.

GRIFFIN: I don’t think those charges are gonna stick. Once the D.A. hears I know how to stop a mass murder. And if this “calling” really is what you say it is, I’ll be sleeping in my own bed tonight. Looks like I got myself a get-out-of-jail-free card.

The officers take Griffin away.

Why an Irredeemable Murderer?

There has been a sense that the returnees have some hidden purpose and we’ve seen most of them try to do the right thing at every turn. Even the pilot, misguided and crazed as he became, was trying to prove something. And then there’s Zeke, who seems to be trying to turn over a new leaf from whatever he was prior to his vanishing.

So why bring back a seemingly irredeemable murderer in Griffin? He immediately took an opportunistic approach to the callings and now looks like he’s set to exploit them for further personal gain. If these callings are about doing good, then why would a man like this be one of the people chosen to come back?

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Terrorist Threat

Scene shifts to the 129th Police Precinct

RIOJAS: He claims there’s gonna be an attack tonight, in Midtown.

MICHAELA: That’s all he said? Midtown?

RIOJAS: He’ll provide the precise location in return for full immunity on the murders. Agent Dayton is FBI.

AGENT DAYTON: We have to take this seriously. His claims line up with an alert that went out this morning. The NSA’s been picking up chatter about a terrorist attack.

RIOJAS: We got that, too.

AGENT DAYTON: I have to run this up the chain. Talk to the U.S. Attorney. Full immunity’s no joke. If he says anything more Of course.

RIOJAS: Vasquez. Perp steals $75 million, kills 2 guards, now claims to have information on a terrorist threat?

JARED: He does?

RIOJAS: Yeah. I need you two over at the bank. They’ve got an eyewitness. Take a photo array, we need an I.D.

Michaela’s Strategy

MICHAELA: I think Griffin is credible. I think he might actually know something.

JARED: [QUIETLY] The same way you know things sometimes?


MICHAELA: Look, Captain, we can’t let this happen. This immunity. He’s literally gonna get away with murder.

RIOJAS: It’s out of our hands. The FBI and the U.S. Attorney—

MICHAELA: Look, let me talk to him one-on-one, okay? Try and get under his skin. Make a connection.

JARED: Cap, I’ll handle the bank. If she really thinks this guy’s legit, then let’s let her do what she needs to do.

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