Scoping Out the Threat (115.7)

Michaela admits that she screwed up by telling Griffin about the callings and assuming that he would not be receiving them unless he was going to do the right thing. Michaela asks Ben for help in finding information on Griffin. Meanwhile, internet hate against the 828 grows. Cody who is streaming live reminds everyone of Ben’s screw up when he physically assaulted Cody. Ben and Grace agree that they need Olive to help do research on the internet.READ MORE
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Michaela’s Carelessness

Scene shifts to outside the interrogation room / Stone house where Michaela calls Ben

MICHAELA Hey, it’s me. I really screwed up.

BEN: Why? What happened?

MICHAELA: I told Griffin about the callings. And I assumed that he wouldn’t be receiving them unless he was gonna do the right thing. But now he’s gonna exploit them. He’s not gonna tell us what he saw unless he gets to walk on the murder charges.

BEN: Oh, my God. Look, Mick, there’s no way you could’ve known that. We’ve been so focused on following the callings, we never even contemplated somebody abusing them.

MICHAELA: Yeah, surprise.

Internet Hype

BEN: And in the meantime, the media is starting to ask questions.


BEN: Yeah?

GRACE: Come look at this. Reddit’s on fire. Believers, Cody’s people Everybody’s linking it to 828.

BEN (TO MICHAELA): [SIGHS] Listen to this, from Reddit “And now a violent criminal” has joined the ranks of the passengers. “He’s no different than they are.”

Michaela’s Request for Help

MICHAELA: Look, I could really use your help right now.

BEN: Name it.

MICHAELA: I don’t have time to do research. The U.S. Attorney is gonna make a deal with this guy any second, and then we’ll be out of time.

BEN: Okay. You think his calling has the kind of specific information they need? Yeah.

MICHAELA: He saw an explosion and I think he saw where.

BEN: Okay, what kind of research do I need to do?

MICHAELA: I’m gonna send you Griffin’s police record. He’s been in and out of jail since he was 15 years old. But I-I need more than his rap sheet. I need something to work with. I need something human, something personal.

BEN: Right, something that’ll make him think twice about exploiting the callings. All right. Got it.

Ben’s Carelessness


Grace shows Ben a video on her laptop.

BEN: Great. Cody.

CODY: Okay, this whole thing has just been taken up a notch. James Griffin is the proof. These people are dangerous. And don’t forget Ben Stone, okay, came to my place of business and physically assaulted me. And now one of them’s a murderer? We need to take care of them before they take care of us. You need to get on your Twitter, get on your Facebook, get on your Insta—

BEN: All right. I got to move fast. See what Griffin knows. If he gets free, it’ll just rile up people like Cody. Then they’ll come after all of us. And not just with bricks.

Grace’s Mindfulness

GRACE: Let us help you. It’s just research that you need, right? You have a whole team right here.

BEN: Grace, are you sure we want to expose Olive to to this?

GRACE: Olive is already exposed to this. And besides, who can work the Internet better than a teenager?

BEN: Fair point. All right. Let’s do this.

Entire Stone Family Working on Investigation

Thankfully, we now have the full Stone family on board with the investigation, and it wouldn’t be too surprising to see Olive come up with the breakthrough. There’s still Ben’s peacock to work into the equation (perhaps the opposing symbol to the wolf), and although Cal may put on a good show of working on school projects (seems a bit old for popsicle stick dragons), he’s clearly not finished with his part in the story. But even Grace’s participation was welcome… and her telling Ben that she was happy they were a family again helped somewhat defuse a season’s worth of negative viewer opinion of her character.

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