Griffin’s Upbringing (115.8)

Michaela uncovers that James Griffin has been in foster care since he was a child and questions him about his family dynamics. READ MORE

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Relying on Natural Instincts

Scene shifts to the police station’s interrogation room.

GRIFFIN I had the thing again. The calling.

MICHAELA: Oh, yeah. That’s not gonna leave you alone.

GRIFFIN: I’m not gonna talk about my deal

MICHAELA: No, you played me. Good work. Your natural instinct kicked in, and you took advantage of somebody who was trying to look out for you.

GRIFFIN: Just gotta be me.

MICHAELA: Do you? Can you be someone else? I mean, you just got a second chance at life. You can be anyone you want.

GRIFFIN: Sure, Detective. Tell me who I can grow up to be one day.

Falling into the Wrong Crowd

Michaela receives a text message from Ben stating, “Foster care since 5 yrs old. 4 diff homes.”

MICHAELA: You know, I keep thinking you never really had a chance. No parents, so you went into foster system at five years old. In and out of juvie after that. First arrest 15, first prison stint 19. There’s nothing in here about your parents. Did they die? Or were you taken from them? I mean, drugs and alcohol? Abuse? Am I close?

GRIFFIN: Have you got my first kiss in there, too?

MICHAELA: I mean, it’s a pretty typical situation, actually. No family to speak of, so you fall into the wrong crowd.

GRIFFIN: There’s all kinds of families, Detective. Mine was every bit as real and strong as yours.


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