Undercurrents I (115.9)

When another doctor witnesses Saanvi experiencing post traumatic stress, he confronts her about it. But Saanvi says everything is fine.  READ MORE

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Saanvi’s Post Traumatic Stress


Scene shifts to hospital where Saanvi is walking down a corridor and is almost hit by a gurnee.

STAFF: Clear the hall. Move. Head back up. Excuse us, please.


Skip ahead several scenes later, Saanvi is in her office resting on the couch when there is a knock on the door.

DR. MATTHEWS:  Dr. Bahl?

SAANVI: Hi. Uh, how can I help you, Doctor?

DR. MATTHEWS: Matthews. I was actually wondering if I could do something for you. I saw you earlier, in the hall.

SAANVI: Oh, I-I’m fine. I just had allergies.

DR. MATTHEWS: I-I know I’m being intrusive, but what I saw wasn’t allergies. There’s nothing wrong with talking to somebody. I’m more than happy to make a referral.

SAANVI: I’m fine. Thank you.

DR. MATTHEWS: Okay. If you say so. Sorry to intrude.

SAANVI: [QUIETLY] No, it’s fine.

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