Olive’s Bond (116.10)

Olive tells Grace she can’t figure out the puzzle on what is going on. She tells her mom that she feels connected again with her dad. Grace is gluing Cal’s Art the Dragon project back together again. READ MORE

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Scene shifts to the dining room table at the Stone house.

OLIVE [SIGHS]: I feel like I’m supposed to be helping solve this. But I I can’t figure it out.

GRACE: It’s not your responsibility to find all the answers.

OLIVE: Yeah, I know. But ever since Dad came back we haven’t had something that’s ours until this. And for the first time, I feel like we’re finally connected again.

GRACE: Yeah. It’s been hard for me, too. We weren’t on the plane. We’re not having the callings.

OLIVE: Yeah, you get it.

GRACE: I do. I feel the same way. They’re off saving the world, and all I can do is – glue a wooden dragon back together.

OLIVE: Which you are crushing, by the way.

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One thought on “Olive’s Bond (116.10)

  1. Olive said this about her father Ben, “I feel like we’re finally connected again.” Here’s the problem. It’s not like Ben wasn’t trying to connect with her.

    He showed up for her soccer practice (101.17). Offered to hang-out with her and catch-up (102.2). Also offered to give her driving lessons (104.3).

    No matter how hard he tried, she refused every attempt he tried to reconnect with her. Instead she insisted that, “Danny’s my dad, too” (105.26). She even tried to hook-up Danny with Grace again after Ben has been kicked out of the house (110.12).

    Now, all is good between Olive and Ben? Not really. Thomas Levi was correct when he wrote, “They are in share “EVERYTHING” mode from E12 so Ben needs to hear from her lips exactly what her relationship with Danny is going to be from now on. In addition, how will they manage their daughter’s relationship with Danny going forward. These two things need to be made perfectly clear. My opinion”

    These two things were true before Grace discovered she was pregnant … and these two things remain true going forward. Although it’s only an opinion, I agree 100% with Thomas’ opinion.

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