“Stop Him!” II (116.11)

Griffin shows up outside news studio where there is a large crowd gathered. Zeke who was waiting for his arrival takes a gun out of a bag. While Griffin is shaking hands and signing autographs, Michaela and Ben try to talk Griffin out of conducting the interview. Griffin tells Michaela that he is about to become a rich man. As Griffin walks away, Michaela, Ben and Zeke have the “Stop Him!” calling again. READ MORE

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Griffin’s Entrance


Scene shifts to city street outside the television studio where Griffin will be having his interview. Griffen who is dressed in a new suit walks along the sidewalk where people are cheering. Zeke watches off in the distance and takes out a handgun from a paper bag. People are taking pictures and want him to sign autographs. Michaela and Ben are also making their way through the crowd. Michaela shows her badge to gain access to the area where Griffin is.

Ben and Michaela’s Plea

MICHAELA: Excuse me. NYPD. Griffin!

GRIFFIN: Come to join me? Adding a few 828 passengers would certainly pump up the crowd.

BEN: Hard pass.

GRIFFIN: Suit yourself.

MICHAELA: Yeah, it seems like that’s all you know how to do, Griffin. We know more than you. We’ve seen what happens when the callings are abused or ignored.

GRIFFIN: Am I gonna catch a case of bad karma?

MICHAELA: You know, for a guy who only thinks about himself, you are doing a lousy job of looking out for your own interests. You’re a free man, Griffin. Take the win. Don’t reveal the callings and ruin all of our lives.

GRIFFIN: Not my life. I’m about to become a rich man no armored car required.

BEN: Oh, you’re gonna need protection.

GRIFFIN: From you?

BEN: No. From people more ruthless than you can imagine. The government will stop at nothing to find out about the callings.

GRIFFIN: Well, I guess it’s the government’s lucky day.

The Calling

Griffin thens begin walking up the red carpet to the interview stand.

ZEKE: [ECHOING] Stop him!

The gun Zeke is holding on to is partially concealed in his pocket.


BEN: [ECHOING] Stop him!


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