Death by Drowning (116.12)

Griffin then stops, and a huge volume of water comes out of his mouth. He collapses and ends up dead. All the signs are that he drowned. Michaela sees Zeke in the crowd. When she asks him what he was doing there, Zeke stops short of telling her that he was going to shoot Griffin. Zeke tells her that he is fine. READ MORE

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Griffin’s Death


Scene continues on the sidewalk outside the television station.

MICHAELA: Griffin!

Griffin stops and coughs. It appears he is throwing up. At first, a small volume of water comes out of his mouth, and then it grows larger. It doesn’t stop. The crowd murmurs. There is indistinct shouting. Griffin begins to chock and falls to the ground.


Griffin’s body is taken away in a body bag.

MICHAELA: The Medical Examiner said Griffin had all the signs of drowning, but can’t be sure without an autopsy.

BEN: It doesn’t make sense.

MICHAELA: Any ideas?

BEN: None of my own. Saanvi has that friend that works at the M.E.’s office. Maybe she can get some inside information.

MICHAELA: Sounds like a plan.

Griffin’s Death vs. 828ers Fate

Griffin drowned because that’s what should have happened when his truck landed in the bottom of the river. It apparently disappeared while down there for those 82 hours. But Flight 828 never crashed or exploded or anything. It disappeared while in midflight and returned in midflight. So another argument could be that the returnees are returned to the state they were when they disappeared. In Griffin’s case, that was at the bottom of the river drowning. In the case of Flight 828, that was experiencing some serious turbulence, but otherwise still airborne. So … nothing happens?

SOURCE: Staff (TooFab)

Michaela Sees Zeke

Michaela sees Zeke standing in the crowd.

BEN: Hey, one sec.

Michaela goes running after him. 

MICHAELA: Zeke! Hey, Zeke! What are you doing here?

ZEKE: I don’t know. The calling said, “Stop him.” I knew there was nothing you could say to convince him. And I thought I-I thought, if it came right down to it, then I could – I thought I was supposed to

MICHAELA: You’re supposed to what?

ZEKE: Never mind. Doesn’t matter. I mean, I-I didn’t see everything, but I saw enough. All that water what I mean, what the hell was that?

MICHAELA: I don’t know. Zeke, I I can tell you’re really upset right now.

Jared Sees Michaela and Zeke


Jared who is off in the distance sees them together, but is too far away to make out what they are saying.

ZEKE: I’m okay I think. I mean, I I think I just didn’t sleep well last night. I just think I just need to get some rest.

Michaela puts her hand on Zeke’s arm.

MICHAELA: Hey, why don’t you go back to the apartment? You know, shower, nap. Just chill.

ZEKE: Yeah, yeah. You’re right. Thanks.

Stopping Zeke from Pulling his Gun

Whatever power is behind these missions already knew that the murderer’s time was up, and the fountain of water gushing out of Griffin was as horrifying as it was enlightening. But since Michaela continued to hear “Stop him!” after Griffin’s death, the first instance was likely more about stopping Zeke from pulling his gun before nature could take its course. In that sense, framing Zeke as an alcoholic whose emotional state was questionable worked out perfectly for several storylines. In this case, he clearly thought that Cal’s premonition of the Stone family’s deaths meant only he could stop whatever part Griffin had to play in the future.

SOURCE: Michael Ahr (Den of Geek!)

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