The Major’s Play (116.13)

Jansen informs the Major that Griffin is dead. The Major tells Jansen to find everything he can about Cal Stone and his abilities. READ MORE

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Scene Preview


Scene shifts to an unidentified location.

JANSEN: James Griffin just out-spewed the girl in “The Exorcist.”


JANSEN: [SCOFFS] T-That doesn’t seem peculiar to you?

THE MAJOR: The man is dead. When you’ve been doing this as long as I have, peculiar is just a signal that we have got work to do.

JANSEN: So, what’s our play?

THE MAJOR: The same as it was an hour ago find out everything we can about Cal Stone and his abilities.

JANSEN: You finally ready to approach him?

THE MAJOR: I’m still collecting data. Shouldn’t be long now. I’m close to having all the answers I need.


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One thought on “The Major’s Play (116.13)

  1. The Major says she is now close to having all the answers she needs. As Saanvi’s therapist, will she engage in the unethical use of hypnosis and or brutally torture her PTSD patient in order to obtain additional answers in her “no-holds-barred” quest to find the Holy Grail?

    Will Saanvi suffer the same fate as Marko Valeriev and the other catatonic 828 patients? Or will she become the Major’s Achilles’ Heel? As a Saanvi fan, I’m placing all of my bets on Dr. Bahl.

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