Jared’s Obsession (116.14)

Michaela thinks Jared is obsessed with Zeke. Jared thinks he is just like Griffin. Jared tells Michaela that all he cares about his her, and that he has not given up on her. Michaela says she needs to be there for Zeke. Jared thinks Zeke is a junkie. READ MORE

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Scene shifts to the 128th Police Station

JARED: I saw you with Zeke just now. Yeah. What was he doing there?

MICHAELA: Why are you so obsessed with him?

JARED: I’m not obsessed with Zeke. I’m worried about you. You’re not seeing straight.

MICHAELA: If you’re gonna lecture me on Zeke’s past again, I—

JARED: It’s not his past. Right now. Today. Yeah, he’s using again.

MICHAELA: You followed him?

JARED: That’s not the point, Mick. This guy’s just like Griffin

MICHAELA: No, he’s not! I keep telling you, Jared, he’s like me, okay? He needs my help.

JARED: And if you wanted to help me, you’d be helping him, too. I couldn’t care less about this guy. [SIGHS] All I care about is you. Look, Mick, I know we’re not in a good place right now, but I haven’t given up on us.

MICHAELA: Jared, I haven’t given up on us, either. But this isn’t about us.

JARED: Are you sure?

MICHAELA: I promise. I need to be there for him, okay? Zeke needs me. I have to listen to the callings.

JARED: The callings that’s what’s blinding you. This guy’s a junkie. He’s not gonna quit using unless someone stops him. If you won’t, I will.


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