Zeke’s Mom (116.16)

Michaela visits Zeke’s mother wanting to know why she turned him away. She says that Zeke disappeared for a whole year, and just turns up. She thinks nothing has changed. Michaela tells her that he went through a life changing experience. Zeke’s mother refuses to believe it, and says Zeke is an addict. READ MORE

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Scene shifts to Zeke’s mom’s home where Michaela is ringing the doorbell. A woman approaches on the sidewalk.


MICHAELA: Priscilla Landon?


MICHAELA: Um, Detective Stone, NYPD. I’m here about your son, Zeke.

PRISCILLA LANDON: Uh, whatever he’s done, I can’t I-I’m sorry, but I just I can’t.

MICHAELA: No, he hasn’t done anything. I know he came to see you yesterday.


MICHAELA: Why’d you turn him away? I’m also a friend.

PRISCILLA LANDON: I love my son, and I will never stop loving him. But for an entire year, he can’t be bothered to show his face. And then, he shows up, on drugs, with excuses and lies, and nothing’s changed.

MICHAELA: I think it’s different now. He went through something life-changing.

PRISCILLA LANDON: Yes, yes. I-I heard it. Um. About being in a cave, dying, coming back to life. A clean slate. He’s an addict. And addicts will tell you whatever you want to hear.

MICHAELA: I know that it sounds crazy, but it is true. I know because it happened to me, too. I came back, and my mom was gone.

PRISCILLA LANDON: Wait. I-I-I recognize you. You You were on, uh, that flight, uh Flight 828.

MICHAELA: Like I said, it sounds crazy

PRISCILLA LANDON: But But Zeke, he he wasn’t on the plane

MICHAELA: It’s not just about the airplane not not anymore.

PRISCILLA LANDON: [VOICE BREAKING] I sent him away. I said horrible things to him.

MICHAELA: He’ll come back. When he does, this time, let him in.

How Tightly Written the Zeke Arc Was

Zeke’s rejections by his mother tied in nicely with the flashback to Jamaica in which Michaela’s mom says, “You’re never too old to need your mother.”

SOURCE: Michael Ahr (Den of Geek!)

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One thought on “Zeke’s Mom (116.16)

  1. Michaela talks far too much for her own good. As the saying goes, she has now “let the cat out of the bag.”

    She has confirmed to Zeke’s mom that people, exclusive of Flight 828, are now returning from the dead. This places both Zeke (if he’s not already dead again) and his mom in mortal danger.

    Add the public knowledge of Zeke and James Griffin to the official record of the “undead” 828 returnees … and the world of “stab the living undead in the heart with a stake” crazies will go absolutely “batcrap” wacko.

    Hopefully, Zeke’s mom is more intelligent than Michaela and will keep her mouth closed.

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