Feeling Mom (116.17)

Michaela wants to fix things for Zeke. Michaela says she still feel Mom. Ben tells her that he likes that theory. READ MORE

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Scene shifts to the hospital.

MICHAELA: You know, I thought coming back and finding Mom gone was the worst. But I can’t imagine coming home and having the door slammed in your face. But, I mean, it’s gonna be okay. I’m fixing it or at least starting to.

BEN: Hey. You’ve got enough on your plate. You don’t have to fix things for Zeke.

MICHAELA: No, I think I’m supposed to. I On the beach, in Jamaica, Mom told me, “You’re never too old to need your mother.”

BEN: [CHUCKLES] Of course she did.

MICHAELA: I can still feel her.

BEN: Mom?

MICHAELA: Yeah. It’s like she’s still here, like she’s been watching over me ever since I got back, helping me figure this out.

BEN: I like that theory.


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