Autopsy Report II (116.18)

Saanvi tells Ben and Michaela that the autopsy showed death by drowning. Michaela says drowning on dry land is impossible. Saanvi says science cannot explain it. Michaela’s theory is that he abused the callings, and that is what got him killed. Saanvi tells them that Cal’s blood markers have been discovered. READ MORE

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Unequivocal Evidence

Scene shifts to the laboratory at the hospital.

SAANVI: James Griffin’s death, it’s a game-changer. The autopsy shows unequivocal evidence of death by drowning.

MICHAELA: He drowned on dry land?

SAANVI: Which is, of course, impossible.

BEN: What about secondary drowning? I mean, I’ve heard stories about kids being pulled out of pools – and dying hours later.

SAANVI: Well, this was days later. And the video he appears to expel more water than body mass. I don’t think science can explain this any more than it can explain us.

MICHAELA: Yeah, well, I’ve got an explanation for it; he abused the callings, and that’s what got him killed. Wait till the Believers find out about this.

A Troubling Discovery

SAANVI: Yeah, you’re right, but they’re not our only problem. The blood marker’s been discovered.

BEN: In Griffin’s blood?

SAANVI: And in Cal’s.

Dramatic music plays.

SAANVI: Look, there was always a risk that someone was gonna notice the anomaly in Cal’s labs, but until Griffin, no one had a reason to look. I will do what I can to bury the findings, but if I can’t, it’s not gonna be much longer, Ben, before the larger medical community catches wind of it, and then they will—

BEN: And they’ll want to examine Cal more closely.


Reminder to See Therapist

A reminder alert beeps on Saanvi’s computer. She sighs.

SAANVI: Okay. I’m sorry to dump and run, but I have an appointment with a therapist. If you’re worried about what I’m gonna say—

BEN: No, no, no, of course not. Nothing’s more important than you getting the help you need. I’ll call you later.

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