“Stop Him!” III (116.19)

When Ben grows anxious about the medical community finding out about Cal, Michaela has another “Stop Him!” calling, but this time she is the only one who hears it. Jared thinks she needs to stop Zeke, who just made a buy, and may be using again. Ben tells her to go find him. Meanwhile, Jared is following Zeke. He watches him enter a building, and then Jared puts bullets in his gun.READ MORE

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Michaela’s Call Only

Scene continues in the laboratory after Saanvi leaves.

BEN: Even after his death, that son of a bitch is still a threat to us. I can’t let Cal become a guinea pig.


MICHAELA: Did you not hear that?

BEN: No. The calling again? “Stop him”?

MICHAELA: I don’t get it. Why did I just hear it, and you didn’t?

BEN: I don’t know. Maybe we all were supposed to stop Griffin, and you still have something left to do.

MICHAELA: Zeke. Jared said that he made a buy. Ben, what if Zeke is using again? What if he’s the one that I’m supposed to stop?

BEN: Go. Go.

As Michaela leaves, Ben notices that the time of Griffin’s death was 10:49 a.m.

Jared’s Surveillance

Scene shifts to outside Michaela’s apartment where Zeke is returning home. Jared is in his car watching. He inserts a cartridge of bullets into his gun.

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One thought on ““Stop Him!” III (116.19)

  1. Why are the callings always so mind-boggling cryptic? “Stop Him?” Stop whom? Griffin? Obviously not. He was destined to die. There was nothing Michaela could have done to help him.

    Stop Jared? Stop him from doing what? Going to her apartment and confronting Zeke? Did the calling mandate that she stop Zeke from surprising Jared by displaying a loaded gun?

    Or did the calling want Michaela to “Stop Him” (whomever him is) from killing someone in her apartment? Or did “Stop Him” have some other yet to be determined hidden meaning?

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