Amping Up the Danger (116.2)

Cal trashes his room, stomping on the popsicle Art the Dragon. He won’t tell his parents what is wrong, and says he can only tell Zeke. READ MORE

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After a News Report

After the photo on the beach is taken, the scene shifts to Ben looking at that photo on the family refrigerator. On the television is a news report:

TV REPORTER: Coming up, the five-day forecast. But first, more of our continuing coverage on today’s top story. Authorities and civic leaders expressed shock and relief in the wake of a deadly act of terrorism averted last night in Times Square. The unlikely hero James Griffin, the robbery-homicide suspect, whose mystifying survival after plunging deep into icy-cold water had been found—

Ben turns the television off. Olive enters the dining room with her poster board on which she has been keeping track of events. Grace is at the kitchen table having a cup of hot tea. 

GRACE (TO OLIVE): Come and eat something, please, baby.

OLIVE: No. I’m I’m not hungry.

BEN (TO GRACE): What about you, honey? You didn’t even serve yourself. Can I get you—

GRACE: No. Thanks. Just— Truth is, I’ve been feeling sick to my stomach all morning. We failed Michaela, and now, a murderer is being released. It’s—

BEN: Terrifying. The danger is amping up.

GRACE: What do you think he’s gonna do?

BEN: [SIGHS] I don’t know.

OLIVE: Wolves, peacocks it it feels like some kind of answer has to be in these symbols.
It’s right in front of us.

After a Loud Crash from Cal’s Room


There is a loud crash. Dramatic music plays.


They run to Cal’s room where they see him trashing his room. At one point, he throws the popsicle Art the Dragon on the floor and stomps on it breaking it into pieces.

OLIVE: What are you doing?!

GRACE: Cal, sweetie What’s the matter?

BEN: Hey. Come on, buddy. We made a deal, right? You’ve gotta tell us what’s going on.

CAL: I can’t.

GRACE: Cal, please. Whatever it is, we will figure it out together.

CAL: I can only tell Zeke.

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