Saanvi’s Therapist (116.21)

When Saanvi knocks on the door of her therapist, the therapist turns out to be the Major.  READ MORE

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Scene shifts to the therapist’s house.

SAANVI: Hi, Doctor.

THERAPIST: Please, come in.

SANVI: Okay.

Have a seat.

The Major as a Patient Opportunist

So was the colleague that recommended a therapist working with the Major, or did she simply take advantage of the situation presented to her? Perhaps an unfamiliar henchman face snuck by unnoticed, but portraying the Major as a patient opportunist is definitely more appealing than the electro-shock torturer we saw earlier in the season.

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What does the Major want with Saanvi?

Poor Saanvi, who’s already been through so much, is about to be abused some more by whatever it is the Major is going to do to her. Will she actually act as a therapist? Will she simply abduct Saanvi and conduct experiments on her as she did the castoff returnees earlier in the season? Whatever happened to those guys? Saanvi has said she’ll keep the Stone family secrets to herself, but surely that’s what the Major will be digging on. Can Saanvi keep her secrets? Will they be drug out of her one way or the other? Will this character ever get to be the hero of her own storyline, or will she always be a pawn in someone else’s?

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One thought on “Saanvi’s Therapist (116.21)

  1. This is one thing I’ve guessed right all season. It was predictable. The reason the Major is getting personally involved with Saanvi; and posing as Saanvi’s therapist is because of Saanvi’s value to her.

    The Major already knows about the blood markers and brain scans. She even has Kelly Taylor’s body. She also knows about Saanvi’s medical care of the catatonic patients. Autumn Cox told her all about what Saanvi did at Fiona Clarke “secret and safe” beach house location.

    The Major needs a healthy Saanvi … not a PTSD Saanvi. She also needs to know if Saanvi has additional information that can help her discover more about Cal Stone.

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