Lingering Resentments (116.22)

Grace tells Ben she is six weeks pregnant, and the baby is more than likely Danny’s.READ MORE

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Jared’s Harassment of Zeke


Scene shifts a city street where Michaela is rushing to her apartment. When she calls, Zeke does not pick up the phone as he hears a knock at the door.  When he opens the door Jared barges in.

ZEKE: What the hell?

JARED: Where is it?

ZEKE: Where’s what?

JARED: The drugs.

Jared opens several cabinet drawers in the kitchen.

ZEKE: What are you talking about? I’m clean.

JARED: Yeah, sure you are.

Jared’s Overstepping of Authority

Jared obviously also honed in on this aspect of Zeke’s character much as we might wish to chide him for his jealousy. No one could have missed the lingering hug between Michaela and Zeke, though, so perhaps his resentment is not misplaced. Regardless, his abuse of police power to investigate and order surveillance on Zeke were clearly unwarranted since his assumption about what was being purchased in that back alley was incorrect — the audience likely made the same mistake initially. Not that an illegal gun purchase is any better, but Jared’s presence inside Michaela’s apartment for the purposes of harassment was an extreme overstepping of authority and did not inspire sympathy from the viewers, nor was it likely meant to.

SOURCE: Michael Ahr (Den of Geek!)

Ben’s Suspicions of Danny


Scene shifts to the Stone house.

BEN: Maybe we should just go.

GRACE: Go where?

BEN: Back to that beach.

GRACE: Jamaica?

BEN: Just be together. The four of us.

GRACE: There’s something I have to tell you.

BEN: What is it?

They walk to another room away from the children.

BEN: Hey. Come on. It’s not like this day could get any worse.

GRACE: I’m pregnant.

BEN: That is amazing beyond amazing.

Ben smiles and kisses Grace on the forehead.

BEN: So, it’ll be the five of us, a new beginning. How far along are you? Not very. Six weeks, maybe.

GRACE: So, right when the plane came back

Dramatic music plays.

BEN: Or just before.

GRACE: It could have been.

Who’s the Father of Grace’s Baby?

Maybe not relevant to the overarching plot, but there is obviously the question of paternity with Grace’s baby. Is it Danny’s? Is it Ben’s? Dramatically, we suspect it’s probably Danny’s because that makes things even more complicated for the family… For one thing, that storyline is unfinished and yet the Stones seem to have contentedly moved on. We suspect, though, that Danny will not simply agree to step away from any involvement with his biological kid, considering his ongoing love and attachment to Olive.

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13 thoughts on “Lingering Resentments (116.22)

  1. Yes, Grace is definitely pregnant. And based on her special ability to have, in her own voice, “Stop!” Callings; “Ben you are the baby’s daddy.” But are we absolutely 100% certain?

    Where’re the results of the paternity paperwork with Ben’s name on it? Enough of these frustrating “shades of grey” answers to questions. Immediately reveal that Ben’s the irrefutable baby’s daddy … and reveal exactly when Grace got pregnant … before or after Ben returned.

    There’re a huge difference between keeping secrets which can’t be revealed to the audience for valid reasons than trying to scam viewers in order to keep them needlessly watching superfluous filler material.

    Enough is enough.

  2. Grace’s words, “I’m pregnant,” have been subjected to cussing and discussion since the S1 finale.

    So, when will the name of her baby’s daddy be revealed? Will it happen on Jan 6 or will fans have to wait until Jan 13? Will the proud papa be Ben or Danny? Or will the “amazing and beyond amazing” baby’s DNA results reveal there’s a 99.99% chance that both Ben and Danny’s are the baby’s daddies?

    Why not? In spite of all the “who’s the baby’s daddy drama,” at its core, Manifest is still a sci-fi TV series.

  3. “It’s only interesting if you’ve never had it happen to you.”

    Not sure what prompted your comment. But here’s my first and last comment on the matter; bad things happen to good people all the time. And good people often suffer because of those bad things. That’s life.

    To state “it’s only interesting if you’ve never had it happen to you” is simply a fallacy constructed in the form of an ad hominem attack.

    I sympathize with your personal problems. But blaming a fictional television series and throwing “stones” at others on a public comment forum will not make your personal problems go away.

  4. “So quit speculating it’s Danny’s.”

    With all due respect, the entire premise of the “Grace is pregnant” storyline was intentionally written to encourage speculation … and conjecture.

    “Let them do a damn ultrasound first”

    They clearly chose not to do so before introducing the storyline that Grace was more than likely pregnant by either her husband or former lover. Why?

    The answer is simple. They want fans to indulge in speculation. It helps the ratings; and for better or worse, it provides us with a heated and controversial topic to debate.

  5. Not sure who your reply is to but let me clarify mine.

    I realize the baby could be Ben’s, and I hope it is. Just like there is an even chance our first child is actually mine (for our marriage’s sake we never performed a paternity test).

    I was merely stating that, as a result of a similar intensely personal experience, I cannot watch this storyline unfold.

    My best friend lost his entire family in a house fire. He used to watch This Is Us. He doesn’t anymore. My wife, because of events in her childhood, can not watch anything that involves child abuse or molestation or chainsaws.

    It’s not a thing easily explained to someone who hasn’t “been there”.

    That was the source of my comment. I hope that clarifies it.

  6. Good grief grace and Ben had sex the second day after be was back. They have been back six weeks it’s bens kid. They have to do a ultrasound sound to determine exactly how far along she is. So quit speculating it’s Danny’s. Let them do a damn ultrasound first

  7. I’ve had “that conversation” with my wife. There are NO WORDS to adequately describe the emotions that follow. Although our marriage survived, just, damage was done. Although we were able to put it mostly behind us, that scene ripped the scab off the wound and made it feel like it was yesterday.

    My wife was watching it with me and witnessed my rather extreme reaction and completely understood why. We spent the rest of the night talking and crying and talking and crying some more until our morning alarm went off.

    I really wanted to like this show, despite the Ben-Grace-Danny story line that always made me uncomfortable, but that revelation hit just a little too close to home for me. I still don’t know if I will even watch a season 2. I know my wife won’t.

  8. I have one more point to make on Grace’s pregnancy before I forget. It has been publicly stated by showrunners that it was a surprise to them when Grace’s character became so immensely hated by fans on social networks.

    So, what do they do? They tell fans on the social networks to forget everything Grace has said and done in the past. That she has seen the light when it comes to how she once horribly treated Ben, and will now work very hard to become a devoted wife and partner to help him solve the mystery behind his and Cal’s disappearance.

    And now that Grace’s character has been allegedly redeemed and is marginally liked by her previous haters, how is that storyline followed up? Let’s make her pregnant … probably by Danny … who more than a few on the social networks also hate.

    I can’t stop shaking my head over the absurdity of it all when it comes to the inexplicable need for showrunners making Grace’s character pregnant. What’s next? Lourdes returns pregnant? Michaela gets pregnant? Saanvi ends up pregnant?

  9. I agree with you 100%, ChuckB. There is absolutely no upside whatsoever when it comes to the “Grace is probably pregnant by Danny” storyline.

    It’ll be an especially devastating situation for Ben to endure. His wife possibly becoming carelessly or willingly pregnant by another man at the exact same time of his return? The writers will never be able to accurately portray the internal torture that would reside inside Ben’s irreparably broken soul.

    Danny’s character was thought to be gone … which was an excellent decision as far as the overwhelming majority of fans like you and me were concerned . His character was no longer needed to advance the story. He is also one of the major reasons why Grace was so immensely hated.

    Poor Grace. I feel bad for Athena Karkanis’ character. If the writers didn’t understand the psychology behind the “Grace hatred” before the recent creation of her well-deserved, and newly improved image; they we’ll be totally clueless when it comes to understanding the upcoming venomous hatred fans will spew at her in season 2.

    To make matters worst, there is something the writers will never be able to reconcile … regardless how hard they may try. ChuckB, your theory about Grace cheating on Ben with Danny will become an unofficial part the “renewed hatred for Grace” narrative. It was already one of the reasons I immensely disliked for Grace.

    Between the time Danny left the Bluemercury after Olive’s shoplifting incident and the hours before Grace returned home from a never explained trip, something happened. Many conspiracy theorists will assume this is the time-period in which she actually became pregnant with Danny’s baby … me included.

    The entire pregnancy storyline is an unnecessary and unforced error by the writers … a storyline where the costs of introducing it far outweigh the benefits of pursuing an intriguing and thought-provoking fan-approved story.

    I also agree. The soap opera aspect of the show has become ridiculous. Especially since the pregnancy and condom-in-the-bedroom subplots present a life-changing situation that’s unbelievably inconsistent with Grace and Danny’s need to practice safe sex for the last 3-years.

  10. Charles More then three steps back. It took me since Monday night to recover from the Grace is pregnant news. Probably Danny’s ? Writers should not do this . It is going to get irritatingly distracting. Besides I was so relieved when I thought Danny was gone forever. How much do the writers want to torture Ben. Did you see the look on his face when he was hugging Grace ? Pitiful just pitiful. How is Cal going to understand this? The writers are going to be putting a lot of stress on the little guy. Does Cal even know who Danny is? What do the writers have against the Stone men? Olive is certainly going to fall back into her old ways besides being jealous that Mom got pregnant with Danny. Why the condom under the bed if Grace and Danny weren’t practicing safe sex? Who was using condoms in the master bedroom? Too much soap opera for a otherwise great piece of intrigue.

  11. Grace tells Ben she is six weeks pregnant, and the baby is more than likely Danny’s”

    I absolutely hate this particular storyline with a raging passion. It severely handicaps the newly-found likability of Grace’s recently re-invented, loving character.

    This unnecessary OMG storyline will permeate a useless, non-productive, over-the-top, cartoonish-like soap opera drama that has less intellectual value than Danny’s last name … one step forward … three steps backwards.

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