“Stop Him!” IV (116.23)

Jared knocks on Zeke’s door and barges into the apartment looking for drugs. Jared finds the bourbon, but Zeke tells him he hasn’t had any. Jared tells Zeke to get out. They have a fist fight. Zeke pulls his gun out. Jared tries to grab the gun. As Michaela enters the apartment, the gun is fired. The screen goes black. READ MORE

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The Accusation


Scene shifts back to Michaela’s apartment where Jared finds the pint of bourbon that Zeke purchased that morning which has not been opened.

JARED: Clean and sober, huh?

ZEKE: I didn’t touch it. Not one drop of that is gone.

JARED: Yeah, no, you went straight for the hard stuff. I know you made a buy. Where is it? Or did you use already?

ZEKE: You want to blood test me? Go ahead. Do whatever you want.

JARED: That’s the last thing I want to be doing! I have a job, busted marriage, and dealing with your crap is destroying everything!

ZEKE: Then, why the hell are you here?

JARED: Because Michaela’s the most important person in my life. And you I don’t know what your deal is. But I want you out of here before she comes back.

ZEKE: That’s what you want! You ever think Michaela might think differently, or is it always Jared knows best?

JARED: Here’s what I know Michaela and I, we’re meant to be together.

ZEKE: Maybe, maybe not.

Jared chuckles.

JARED: Who? You? Huh? A busted junkie?

The Fight


Zeke shoves Jared. Jared punches him in the face. When Zeke strikes back, Jared sends Zeke crashing through a table. They are in a full fledged fight. Jared continues to kock hard punches into Zeke head. Zeke throws a glass bowl which shatters when it hits Jared’s head. Zeke then gets his gun out and points it at Jared

ZEKE: Back off!

A clock is ticking in the background.

JARED: Zeke put the gun down.

ZEKE: This is what I bought! To stop Griffin! To protect Michaela!

Ticking continues.

The Gunshot


Jared makes an attempt to grab the gun out of Zeke’s hand. They struggle for control of the gun. Michaela runs up the stairs to the apartment. 

MICHAELA: [ECHOING] Stop him.  Stop him. Stop him.

Just as Michaela enters through the door of the apartment a gunshot is heard. The screen goes black and the ticking continues. 

Who Got Shot?

Obviously, this is the biggest question of the night and the answer is either Jared or Zeke. Michaela was there, but she didn’t seem to be reacting as if it were her, but we suppose she has to be considered a possibility, too. We suspect that whoever gets shot will survive the ordeal.

If it’s Jared, perhaps it will snap him out of this downward spiral of jealously and pettiness that has clouded his earlier good judgment. If it’s Zeke, well he needs to survive so we can see if he dies in a year. Yeah, we can go dark, too.

And if it’s Michaela, well both guys are going to just feel awful, but she’s the hero of the show so there’s no way she’s going to die. So in the end, it probably won’t really matter and it was just a cheap stunt to get viewers talking and convince NBC to renew the show. But hey, here we are. Talking about it. So good job?

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2 thoughts on ““Stop Him!” IV (116.23)

  1. “Will viewers ever know the answers? If so, when? if not, why?”

    Cal also drew a “Wolf” attacking Michaela while saying “It’s Coming.” Does this mean that Jared will, in the future, physically attack Michaela?

    Michaela also saw the “Wolf” at Times Square when it growled at her and ran away. There’s Zeke, Cal and Michaela’s “WolfCallings and there’s the “It’s Coming” Calling. Are these Callings one and the same; or are they all mutually exclusive?

    Why haven’t answers been provided? Just askin’.

  2. So, Jared shot Michaela. At the hospital, he told Ben: “The gun went off when I pulled it away.”

    But two questions remain unanswered: What was the meaning behind the “Stop Him” Calling Michaela heard before she entered her apartment? And was Jared the “Wolf” that attacked Zeke in his CallingZeke’s first night in Michaela’s apartment?

    Will viewers ever know the answers? If so, when? If not, why?

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