Zeke’s Struggles (116.3)

Zeke buys bourbon  at a liquor store while Griffin is released from lockup. Jared finds information on Zeke, and tells Michaela.READ MORE

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As Viewed by Zeke Himself

Scene shifts to a liquor store where we watch Zeke walk in. Vic Mensa’s song “Reverse” is playing.

🎵 Let me see how you work 🎵
🎵 You boys smokin’ dirt (On Gelato), we smokin’ Larry Bird 🎵
🎵 Saint Laurent straitjacket, go berserk 🎵
🎵 Turn around and throw it in reverse 🎵

Zeke stands in front of shelves on which there are various sizes and shapes of liquor bottles.

🎵 DB11, it’s a ‘vert (Skrrt skrrt), it goes skrrt 🎵
🎵 Keep her panty droppin’, ridin’ shotgun like she Kurt 🎵
🎵 Weavin’ through the traffic with my ratchet in the purse 🎵
🎵 In a Saint Laurent straitjacket, 🎵

The store clerk notices that Zeke is unsure of himself and slow in acting. 

STORE CLERK: You buying or window shopping?

Zeke turns around and heads for the door, but then stops, and approaches the counter where the man is behind glass.

🎵 if I crash, I go berserk 🎵
🎵 Overseas I need a visa, breezin’ in Ibiza 🎵
🎵 Tryna’ see me when I’m speedin’, you get burnt like Derek Jeter 🎵
🎵 And my Nina, she’s a diva, purty like Lupita 🎵

ZEKE: Pint of bourbon.

🎵 Peter Piper, pick a pussy, make her peck my millimeter 🎵
🎵 Chilly on the chain but the seats is heated 🎵

There is a loud ticking noise. Zeke looks up at a clock on the wall. The time is a little after 8:00 a.m.

🎵 Shawty wanna race Spent 3 G’s on the sneakers 🎵

As Viewed by Jared

Meanwhile at the 129th Police Precinct ] Griffin is sitting behind bars rhythmatically tapping his foot on the bars. The door slides open. 

OFFICER DIAZ Change of clothes from your lawyer.

GRIFFIN: Let freedom ring.

Scene shifts to the office space of the precinct where officers, detectives, and administrative staff are working. 

JARED: Larceny, D.U.I., possession a few times over, even an assault.

MICHAELA: How’d you get this?

JARED: I ran his prints.

MICHAELA: How’d you get his prints?

JARED: Lifted them off his coffee cup.


JARED: Come on, Mick. It’s not like you haven’t cut some corners – since you’ve been back.

MICHAELA: Yeah, when it’s important, not as a fishing expedition.

JARED: Yeah. Well, I, for one, I think this is important.

MICHAELA: I asked you to back off of the guy, and instead, you’re breaking the law yourself to prove to me something that I already know.

JARED: Has he told you about all these busts?

MICHAELA: No. Not all

JARED: I didn’t think so.

MICHAELA: but he told me that he’s been in trouble, that he’s struggled with drugs and alcohol.

JARED: No, no, no. Assault. He hurt someone. He could hurt you next.

MICHAELA: Is that really what you’re worried about?

JARED: Yeah.

MICHAELA: Or are you letting your emotions – get in the way right now?

JARED: My emotions got nothing to do with this. [LONG PAUSE, SIGH] Do yours? Is there something going on between you two?

MICHAELA: It is not like that.

JARED: Please. You have to tell me—

MICHAELA: Zeke and I are just friends. Okay?

JARED: Okay.

At this point, Griffin passes by. Dressed in a new suit he takes a hard look at Michaela.

GRIFFIN:  Scarecrow. I think I’ll miss you most of all.

After Michaela walks away, Jared sees Diaz

JARED: Yo, Diaz. You want to skip the gym and make a few extra bucks instead?

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