Difficult Encounters (116.5)

Zeke is about to take a drink of bourbon when Michaela enters the apartment. Michaela says that Cal needs to see him. Michaela reminds Zeke that he needs to reconnect with his mom. Zeke says when he rang the doorbell  his mom would not let him in. Michaela confronts Zeke about the assault charge on his record. Zeke tells her that he got in a fight while at a bar. When Michaela gives Zeke a hug, Zeke makes her feel uncomfortable in the way he reciprocates.  READ MORE

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Unplanned Interruption


Scene shifts to Michaela’s apartment where Zeke is alone. Zeke is about to open the pint of bourbon which he just purchased from the liquor store when Zeke hears the lock on the door disengage and the door open. Zeke quickly hides the bottle.


MICHAELA: Hey. You okay?

ZEKE: Yeah. Had a calling.

MICHAELA: “Stop him”?

ZEKE: I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. You, too?

MICHAELA: And Ben. And Saanvi. We think it’s Griffin. He’s out of jail. Ben needs to see you.

Uninterested Mom

MICHAELA: We should actually get you a phone.

ZEKE: Ah. Not really anybody I need to call.

MICHAELA: Yeah, but there will be when you reconnect. Your mom?

ZEKE: Yeah, she’s not interested.

MICHAELA: Did you go see her?

ZEKE: Did it right this time. I I rang the bell, like you told me. She wouldn’t let me in.

MICHAELA: I shouldn’t have told you to—

ZEKE: No. It’s not on you. Some families aren’t meant to be together.

Zeke’s Potential Relapse

The finale tries really hard to make it seem like Zeke could slip back into his addiction and become a villain. From the opening scene, we see him struggling to leave a liquor store but eventually succumb to buying a bottle…Zeke will do anything for a distraction because it turns out his potential relapse is coming on the heels of a visit to his mother. It’s a shame Manifest doesn’t actually let us see that reunion because it requires the viewer to imagine what happened. Apparently, she slammed the door in his face rather than attempt to reconnect.

SOURCE: Kelly Shanaphy (The Series Regulars)

Unfortunate Assault Charge

MICHAELA: We can fix this. What if we—

ZEKE: Don’t. Sorry. I’m sorry. It’s just, not everybody deserves your compassion. There’s things you don’t know.

MICHAELA: Like the assault charge on your record?

ZEKE: You ran my sheet?

MICHAELA: Jared did.

ZEKE: [SCOFFS] Of course. Go ahead, Detective question me.

MICHAELA: No. I respect your privacy, and I don’t—

ZEKE: No, it’s fine. I’m living in your apartment. You have the right to know. I got in a fight. In a bar. I didn’t like the way this guy was treating his supposed girlfriend and I was drunk off my ass and pow. Broke his jaw. The way you’re looking at me right now, that’s why I didn’t tell you. I didn’t want things to change between us.

Unanticipated Hug


MICHAELA: Hey, nothing has changed between us. Everything that happened before, maybe that’s the guy that you were, but that is that is not who you are now. Okay? [SIGHS]

When Michaela wraps her arms around Zeke’s shoulders and gives him a hug, Zeke lowers his head onto her shoulder and places both arms around her midriff. When Michaela tightens the hug, Zeke reciprocates by moving his hand up her back. Michaela then breaks away. 

ZEKE: So, you said you said Ben was looking for me?


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