Physician Heal Thyself (116.6)

Troy Davis, a lab technician, that works in the lab with Saanvi stumbles upon the blood marker in Griffin’s blood, and matches it with Cal’s blood marker. Saanvi becomes very anxious. Dr. Matthews is concerned and wants her to see a therapist.  READ MORE

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An Eager Lab Tech

Scene shifts to the hospital.

LAB TECH: Excuse me. You’re Dr. Saanvi Bahl, right?

SAANVI: Yes. What can I do for you?

LAB TECH: And you’re the treating physician for a pediatric oncology patient Cal Stone?

SAANVI: Yes. Is something wrong with Cal?

LAB TECH: I don’t know about wrong, exactly. A little weird, maybe. I was running some routine labs on the guy who was in the river James Griffin. A blood marker I’ve never seen before popped up, so I ran it through the archives. Turns out, your cancer patient has it, too.

SAANVI: Really?

Saanvi begins to distance herself and tune out what the tec is saying to her.

LAB TECH (DISTANT/FARAWAY VOICE): No other hits in the whole database. I’m thinking we should run it by the department heads. Maybe we have some sort of a discovery.

LAB TECH (NORMAL VOICE): We can write an article. Or you can, and I could, you know, help.

SAANVI: Uh, I’m sorry. And you are?

LAB TECH: Oh, my bad. Uh, Troy Davis. Oncology lab tech.

SAANVI: Okay. Troy, why don’t you send me those labs? I’ll go over them before we go any wider. It might be a false positive.

LAB TECH: I thought so, too, so I ran it twice. I think it’s legit.

SAANVI: Just send me the labs. Thank you.

LAB TECH: Will do.

A Concerned Doctor



Saanvi quickly walks away as dramatic music plays. When she closes a door and turns the corner, she falls leans against the wall breathing deeply.

DR. MATTHEWS:  Deep breaths.

Saanvi inhales deeply.

DR. MATTHEWS:  Good. Keep it up. We have to stop meeting like this.

Dr. Matthews reaches into his pocket and pulls out a business card.

DR. MATTHEWS:  My therapist. Started seeing her a few years back for anxiety which is why I could see yours from a mile away. She’s really helped me get it under control.

SAANVI: No. No. People already have concerns about me, with the plane and everything else, and I’ve worked really hard to prove that I’m stable.

DR. MATTHEWS: No, I-I’m not saying you’re not. But you’ve been through a traumatic ordeal. She’s very good, and very discreet. Just think about it.

Saanvi takes the therapist’s business card from Dr. Matthew.

DR. MATTHEWS: Physician, heal thyself.

Saanvi’s Reaction Felt Authentic

Saanvi’s story turned out surprisingly well considering it’s really just getting started. Perhaps like Ben, the audience wasn’t as worried as they should have been about knowledge of the blood markers getting out that would associate the callings with a biological cause. Saanvi’s reaction to the oncology lab tech’s offer to collaborate on a study would have been one of worry even if she hadn’t been suffering from PTSD, but her panic attack felt very authentic as a result of her added fragility.

SOURCE: Michael Ahr (Den of Geek!)

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One thought on “Physician Heal Thyself (116.6)

  1. Is Troy Davis dead? Did Dr. Matthews kill him? If so, where’s the investigation? Why isn’t Michaela on the case?

    Also, here’s what Troy previously asked Saanvi, “We can write an article. Or you can, and I could, you know, help.” In what universe, alternate or otherwise, would a lab tech even consider suggesting writing a joint scientific research-based article with a medical doctor?

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