Cemetery Drawing (116.7)

Zeke visits Cal in his room. Zeke reminds him that he does not cause the future, only sees it. Cal wants to know how to stop it from coming true. Cal shows him a drawing of three gravestones: Ben, Cal, and Michaela. READ MORE

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Scene shifts to Cal’s bedroom where Zeke knocks on the open door.

ZEKE Hey, man. Can I come in?

Cal who is sitting on his bed nods his head.

ZEKE: Heard you wanted to see me? You got a drawing to show me? Come on. Remember what we talked about? You don’t cause the future, Cal. You just see it.

CAL: I know. But what I see How do I stop it from coming true? I don’t know.

ZEKE: But I can’t help you until I see what we’re dealing with. That’s why I’m here. You saved me. I owe you one. We’re supposed to keep each other safe.

CAL: Promise you won’t tell my dad? Or Auntie Mick?

ZEKE: I don’t know, man.

CAL: They can’t know. You have to promise.

ZEKE: All right. I promise.

As Cal shows Zeke his sketbook dramatic music plays. A drawing shows three gravestones with Ben, Cal and Michaela’s names on them. The dramatic music continues to play. 

CAL: How can I tell my dad we’re all gonna die?


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