Upcoming Interview (116.8)

When Ben asks Zeke how Cal is, Zeke keeps his promise to Cal and does not tell Ben about gravestone drawing. A news report on the television says that they will be interviewing Griffin in the 11 o’clock hour, and he will answer all their questions. Michaela fears that he will tell the world about the callings. They discuss different options on how to stop Griffin. READ MORE

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Cal’s Worry

Scene shifts to the living room at the Stone house as Zeke is walking down the stairs from Cal’s room.

BEN: How’s Cal?

ZEKE: He’s tired. Says he’s gonna rest for a bit.

BEN: What did he say? He’s He’s worried something’s gonna happen to you, to all of you.

MICHAELA: Must be about Griffin, to what we heard “Stop him.

BEN: “Stop him from doing what?

ZEKE: I don’t know. Neither does Cal.

The TV Announcement

Grace enters the living room.

GRACE: I think I do.

On the television is another news report.

TV REPORTER: James Griffin, the mystery man who was underwater for 3 1/2 days, then back good as new. He’ll be joining us in the 11:00 hour to answer our questions, starting with why the NYPD has released the accused killer. Some sensational details about his return and his amazing abilities.

Ben turns the television off.

MICHAELA: “Amazing abilities”? He’s gonna reveal the callings. Why would he do that? –

BEN: Fame, fortune. Once he breaks the news on national television, he’s bound to make millions. The Internet’s already blowing up about his return being the next 828. If he tells the world about his callings, people will assume we have them, too.

ZEKE: Yeah. And they’ll come for us.

GRACE: God, Cal He’ll never be able to live a normal life.

Ben’s Plan

MICHAELA: We’re screwed either way. The Believers now have proof of the miracles, and the Xers have proof that we’re dangerous, so—

BEN: Not to mention the government. We’re not gonna let this happen.

ZEKE: So, what’s the plan? We know where he’s gonna be. We go to the TV studio, find Griffin before he goes on camera.

GRACE: And what?

BEN: And we stop him.

ZEKE: How are you gonna do that?

MICHAELA: We have to convince him somehow.

Zeke’s Dissent

ZEKE: You already talked to him for hours

MICHAELA: Then, we try again

ZEKE: And Griffin still got what he wanted. I know guys like that. They don’t listen to words. They only understand brute force.

BEN: It’s hard to believe that’s what the calling wants.

ZEKE: So, what, the calling just wants everyone’s lives ruined? – Yours? Cal’s?

MICHAELA: No, I agree with Ben. We can’t cross that line.

ZEKE: Then what? What What if he doesn’t listen?

MICHAELA: I don’t know.

Zeke starts to leave.

BEN: What?

MICHAELA: Where are you going?

ZEKE: I’ve just got to go.

MICHAELA: Zeke, wait.

BEN: What’s up with him?


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