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Ben’s Timeline

Ben is an intelligence analyst and family man struggling against the things he can’t control – whether it’s his son’s rare pediatric cancer or the mysterious events surrounding the return of Flight 828.



  1. When Ben was 15, he stole a boomerang feeling like everything in his life was out of whack, and he just wanted to take the reins of something. Instead of yelling at him or grounding him, his mom (Karen Stone) looked at him and said, “Everybody deserves one free pass” (104.20).

Relationship with his Family

  1. Ben met Grace in college.
  2. Ben married Grace, and they had twins.
  3. Ben and Grace are surprised by young Olive and Ben coming in their bedroom one morning (102.14).
  4. Ben and Grace would go on a “date night” every Friday, and have Grandma (Karen) and Grandpa (Steve Stone) babysit the children (cf. 108.14).
  5. Ben makes Olive feel better when after a bike runs over her model plane, he puts it in the water where it floats (104.8)
  6. Ben agrees to go on family vacation to help his marriage with Grace (101.21)

From Jamaica on Flight 828


Afternoon — 4/7/13

  1. Before taking off, has conversation with Michaela about how good the trip was for him and Grace (103.01)


  1. Passengers experience turbulence (101.2) when the plane entered a storm which came out of nowhere and which was not on any of the charts (111.1).
  2. There was no time for the pilot, Captain Bill Daly, to get over it and fly above the storm, so he went through maintaining a level altitude., and accelerating the speed of the plane to 300 knots.  As he did this, a bright light filled the cock pit (111.1).
  3. Flight 828 disappears from radar (105.1).

The 5 1/2 Missing Years


The Initial Moments

  1. Flight 828 crew and passengers appear to have loss consciousness or are asleep. Cal is alert and sees a bright light outside the airplane, saying, “It’s all connected.” (105.28)

To New York on Flight 828


Evening — 11/4/18

  1. After the passengers experience turbulence, they are unaware that they have been transported 5 1/2 years into the future (101.2).
  2. The passengers are notified that the plane is being diverted to Newburgh (101.2).
  3. The plane lands at 11:49 local time (101.2).
  4. While still on the plane, Michaela discovers that she has no phone service (101.2) when she sees that she had received a message from Jared and when trying to text him back to tell him she decided to marry him, couldn’t reach him (102.22)
  5. After leaving the plane, Robert Vance informs the passengers while they are standing on the tarmac that they have been missing for 5 1/2 years.


All Day — 11/5/18

  1. Passengers are held for questioning inside one of the airport’s hangers for thirty six hours (101.3).
  2. Ben tells Director Vance that Cal has leukemia and that he’s not about to submit to testing of any kind (109.1).


Afternoon — 11/5/18

  1. Reunited with wife (Grace) and daughter (Olive) (101.5)
  2. Ben returns home briefly where he and Grace set up a room for Michaela in the basement (101.6).

Ep 1 – Pilot


Morning — 11/7

  1. Ben and Grace take Cal to Medical Center where Dr. Williams tells them that there is a new treatment protocol for pediatric cases with cancer (101.9)
  2. Outside the medical center, he tells Grace that he needs to find a job. Grace tells him about Olive’s therapy sessions (101.14)


  1. On the way home, they pass a metalwork facility where Ben hears voices to set the dogs free. This occurs off camera (cf. 101.15).
  2. After arriving home, Michaela, who is in the backyard on swing set, tells him that she has been hearing voices. Ben does not let on that he has also been hearing voices (101.12).
  3. Olive’s soccer team is having a special soccer in preparation for a soccer tournament the next day (cf. 107.8).  Ben shows up unexpectedly, and apologizes to her for making the choice to stay behind in Jamaica. He admits to having lost sight of her life while trying to get help for Cal. Olive gives her dad a hug (101.7).


  1. In the middle of the night, Ben discovers Michaela at the metalworking facility after he (like Michaela) hears voices while asleep to tell him to go to go back and free the dogs  (101.15).


Morning — 11/8

  1. N/A


  1. Ben and Grace are given good news. Cal is to begin treatment immediately. They go to hospital for Cal’s first round of cancer treatments (102.4).


  1. At the hospital, Grace apologizes to Ben for blaming him for taking Cal away from her (101.21).
  2. After a late dinner, while Ben, Grace, Olive and Cal play Banagrams on the kitchen table, Ben has a vision of the plane and gets dizzy. On television, there is a news update that two girls who had been kidnapped,  Hallie and Samantha Pyler, have been rescued, and being treated at the scene (101.23).
  3. Ben goes to a church where Michaela was asking a priest questions about Romans 8:28 – “God causes all things to work together for good to those…who are called according to His purpose.”
  4. Later that night they return to the airport with other passengers and witness the plane exploding (101.24).

Ep 2 – Reentry


Morning — 11/9

  1. While being detained and questioned with other passengers by NSA, passengers are given vitamin boosters and electrolytes (103.4).
  2. Ben tells Michaela that he does not want her to be talking to anyone; Saanvi introduces herself to Ben (102.1).
  3. On the way home Ben picks up a blueberry-scone for Grace who he used to buy every week for Grace. When returns home, he embarrasses Grace when he opens bedroom door while she is dressing (102.1).
  4. While in the kitchen, Ben hears music in his head (102.1).
  5. Ben and Grace take Cal for his second round of cancer treatments at the medical center. Ben introduces Grace to Saanvi whom he met earlier (102.4).
  6. Ben notices that Grace’s cell phone has been ringing several times, and that she seems preoccupied. When he confronts her about it, she says, “It’s just a work thing. I am catering this office party, and the client’s always checking in.”
  7. Ben leaves Grace (telling her he will cover tomorrow’s shift) at the hospital, to take a walk and make some job-search calls (102.4).


  1. While at Times Square, Ben begins to hear music again, and runs into fellow passenger Radd, who asks Ben for help in reconnecting with his 18-year-old son who has been arrested (102.5).
  2. Ben calls Michaela and asks her to contact someone at Rikers Island so he and Radd can visit Adio (102.7)
  3. Ben takes Radd to Riker’s island where they talk to Adio (102.7).
  4. Ben and Radd visit Mr. Valero at the jewelry shop (102.9).


  1. When Ben returns home, Grace tells him that Cal was accosted on the sidewalk by a zealot woman (102.10)
  2. While preparing dinner, Ben has a conversation with Michaela (102.13)
  3. Ben asks Olive if she wants to go out for ice cream after dinner, but she declines (102.14).
  4. As Ben and Grace prepare for bed, he picks up a framed family portrait and has a flashback when a very much younger Cal and Olive enter their room (102.14).
  5. Ben notices a mark on Grace’s back from scuba diving (102.14).


Morning — 11/10

  1. Sitting next to Cal at the hospital,  Cal shows Ben a family portrait he had drawn. As Ben looks at the picture, he notices an area where Cal had erased where a shadowy figure appears to be standing behind Grace (102.15).
  2. Outside the room where Cal is receiving his treatment, Ben receives an update about the police report and Adio’s record from Michaela (102.16).


  1. Ben and Radd return to Riker Island to talk to Adio (102.17).
  2. When Ben returns home late that afternoon, Olive asks him to take her for a drive, when Cal, who Grace took shopping again for toys, was still not satisfied—wanting his old toys back (102.18).
  3. Olive takes Ben to a storage facility where she had been keeping Cal’s old toys (102.18).
  4. Ben also learns from Olive about Danny after he notices the scuba diving equipment.


  1. While at the facility, Ben hears music again, and discovers that Blake had stolen the jewelry from his own father, and that it was not Adio (102.18).
  2. Ben and Michaela debate Magic vs. Technology while Blake is taken to the police car (102.20)
  3. Ben and Olive arrive home with all of Cal’s old toys (cf. 102.21).
  4. Grace tells Ben that she is sorry that he had to learn from Olive about her relationship with Danny, that it was not her secret to tell (102.23).
  5. After Ben tells her that he loves her, and pleas with her to remember how to love him, Grace takes her clothes off and Ben does the same.  They kiss… (102.23).

Late Evening

  1. As kids prepare for bed, Ben learns of Kelly’s murder (103.2).
  2. Ben receives phone call from Saanvi who tells him that Cal’s blood contains a protein marker that wasn’t produced by the cancer nor was it there before the flight (103.4).
  3. Ben drives Michaela to the crime scene. (103.5)
  4. At crime scene, Ben and Michaela are introduced to Patrick Taylor, Kelly’s husband (103.6).

Ep 3 – Turbulence


Morning — 11/11

  1. Grace tells Ben that he has to find a job before taking Cal with her to her catering work (103.7).
  2. Ben and Michaela discuss Kelly’s calling (103.8)
  3. They decide to visit Patrick; who introduces them to his housekeeper (103.9).


  1. Ben notices that the side gate of the backyard is open and finds footprints in the garden (cf. 103.15).
  2. Ben checks for any bugs that the government my have planted. Under the bed he finds an unopened sealed “Crusader” condom packet (103.13).
  3. Just as Grace and Cal return home, Cal’s best friend, Kevin, shows up looking for Olive (103.14).
  4. When Ben tells Grace about the gate and footprints, Cal rats on his sister for sneaking out at night (103.15).


  1. After dinner, Ben goes to the store to buy wireless router box and a 108p Wired Security System. When he returns he notices that the front door is ajar. He discovers someone rummaging through the closet. He turns out to be a friend of Grace (103.21).
  2. Ben goes with Michaela to a mall to follow up on a lead for Kelly’s murder. talk to Tami (103.16). Police take statements from other tenants of mall, and arrest Patrick Taylor blackmail, extortion and harassment. (cf. 103.19)
  3. While Michaela goes to the police station, Ben returns home and spends the rest of the evening putting together his resume (103.27)
  4. Late that night, when Michaela comes home, she tells Ben that she and Saanvi have been trying to reach him. They go to the lab where Saanvi tells them that they all have had something like a near-death experience and  that Kelly’s body has been stolen (103.27).

Ep 4 – Unclaimed Baggage


Morning — 11/12

  1. While Ben is making breakfast, Grace notices that Ben has been keeping a scrapbook of all the people and events of Flight 828 (104.3).
  2. Ben and Grace are looking forward to having the house to themselves as Olive will be at school, and Cal at the lake with his grandpa (104.3).
  3. Ben visits Saanvi at the hospital where she tells him about having visions of a gray woman, and a patient who yelled out Bethany’s name. He gives her Bethany’s phone number (104.6).
  4. When Ben returns home, Grace informs him that she has received a letter from the life insurance company which wants her to return Ben’s death benefit (104.8).
  5. After making a lot of calculations, Ben is able to work things out, but discovers a box of old photos of Grace and Olive with Danny, just before Grace comes into the garage bringing him lunch (104.14).


  1. Ben and Grace are embracing and kissing. Their passion for one another about ready to move upstairs, when Olive calls home, and needs a ride home. Ben agrees to pick her up (104.14)
  2. Michaela calls Ben about her visions of the angel and how it caused her to botch an ATF operation where Jared took the blame, he tells that Saanvi is having similar visions. Although Michaela wants to come clean, Ben says no, and that means even telling Jared (104.15).
  3. When Ben arrives at Bluemercury cosmetic store, he is told that Olive was caught shoplifting. He also meets Danny for the first time (104.17).
  4. On the drive home, Ben has a flashback of when Olive was ten years old (104.18).
  5. Ben tells Olive about how he was caught with steeling a boomerang and Grandma Stone gave him a free pass. Ben tells Olive he will not tell Grace (104.20).


  1. Grace confronts Ben about why he did not tell her (having learned what happened from Danny) (104.23).
  2. When Michaela had not arrived home at the expected time, Ben texts her asking where she was (104.24).
  3. Ben goes to the boiler room where Michaela is hiding Thomas, and on the way home they have a conversation about whether the callings or a blessing or a curse (104.25).

Ep 5 – Connecting Flights

DAY 10

Morning — 11/13

  1. Early in the morning, Michaela and Ben return to the boiler to check on Thomas. Ben tells her that he does not want to get involved, that helping a fugitive is not worth going to prison for (105.3).
  2. Mid morning, Ben returns home. He hears a voice. Grace is preparing for work, and rather than have Cal spend the day with her again, Ben agrees to hang out with him (105.6).


  1. At Coney Island, Ben and Cal take basketball shots, play whack-a-mole, and eat pizza before deciding to take the subway home (105.10).
  2. Ben hears a voice again when Cal decides to leave the subway goading Ben to chase after him (105.14).
  3. Cal eventually leads Ben to Thomas and knows his name even though they never met. Ben questions how Cal could have known (105.16).
  4. Ben changes his mind, and realizes that he must help Thomas. He gives him money just before he leaves with Georgia (105.23).


  1. Ben shows Michaela the bulletin board he made in the basement about everything he knows about Flight 828 (105.27).

Ep 6 – Off Radar

DAY 11

Morning — 11/14

  1. Ben and Grace wake up in the middle of the night when Cal, who is burning up with a fever, starts to scream. They take him to the hospital (106.1).
  2. While Ben is speaking to Saanvi, Cal begins shouting Pomogni Mi! Pmogni Mi! before opening eyes, and looking directly at Ben crying, “Help!” (106.4)
  3. Out in the waiting room Ben shows Michaela and Saanvi a seating chart of the Montego Air Fligh 828 manifest, and Saanvi identifies the man who spoke the same language Cal was using (106.5)
  4. Ben finally tells Grace that he and the other passengers have been hearing voices and seeing things no body else hears or sees. Grace thinks he is going down another rabbit hole like the last time Cal got sick (106.7).
  5. Ben begins to speculate the whereabouts of 11 missing passengers who no one can find, and connect them with a fifth bus that left the airport which nobody knew existed (106.9).
  6. Ben is with Cal when he has another episode, and uses his iPad to identify that Cal is indeed speaking Bulgarian. This time he is saying, “Hurry” (106.10).


  1. Ben looks at a map and circles different areas where the fifth bus may have taken the passengers, and sends it to Michaela to check out (106.11).
  2. Ben tells Dr. Williams that he does not think what is happening to Cal is medical, and he does not want to do anything (i.e. give him antibiotics) that will be a risk to his cancer treatment (106.15).
  3. Grace tells Ben that he is sounding crazy, talking about how passengers were sent to a farm upstate, and Cal is somehow channeling what they’re going through up there (106.17).
  4. Ben confronts Director Vance about the missing passengers and everything he know (106.18).


  1. Ben is relieved that Cal’s fever finally has broken. It’s been a long day. He and Grace fall asleep in Cal’s hospital bed (106.23).
  2. Later, Ben has a conversation with Saanvi and Michaela about the callings, and even though Cal is recovering, Ben does not believe what happened is over. He gets out his iPad and looks ups U.D.S. (106.24).

Ep 7 – S.N.A.F.U.

DAY 12

Morning — 11/15

  1. Just before Cal is discharged from the hospital, Ben discovers while using satellite imagery, that the barn where the eleven passengers were taken had been torn down (107.2).


  1. Ben decides to follow the money and spends the rest of the day applying and interviewing for a junior revenue accountant at JP Williamson, the accounting firm of Unified Dynamic Systems (107.3).

DAY 13

Morning — 11/16

  1. Family dynamics come into play, as Ben readies himself for his first day on the job. After Grace affirms him for getting a job, she discloses that Olive is going rock climbing with Danny. Ben doesn’t have a lot of time to process it, though. He doesn’t want to be late for work (107.4).
  2. Michaela suggests that Ben be inconspicuous to avoid suspicion, but his supervisor, and the other employees, already know all about him. His supervisor greets him as a passenger of Flight 828. A small plastic alien sits atop his cubicle (107.5).


  1. When Ben realizes he has limited access to the company’s server, he uses his supervisors ID card to find out that Fiona Clarke is working for UDS. He then learns a whole lot more information about her, thinking she may be responsible for what happened on the plane (107.7).
  2. Ben meets Saanvi for lunch. Saanvi tells him that Fiona Clarke started her career in neural psychology, ended up being blackballed in her field for her fringe beliefs, so she shifted to spiritual circles and blew up. Huge online presence, books, lectures. She then tells him about a lecture she is happening that night titled, “The Mirror Factor” (107.7)


  1. In the evening, Ben and Saanvi attend “The Mirror Factor” lecture of Dr. Fiona Clarke. Just before the lecture begins he gets the okay from Grace to go the poker game later, but Olive has not responded to any of his texts about how rock climbing went (107.12, 107.15).
  2. After the lecture, Ben and Saanvi confront Dr. Fiona who is unaware about any missing passengers, but tells them about the Singularity Project (107.16).
  3. Ben plays Poker with several employees at JP Williamson (107.17).

DAY 14

Morning — 11/17

  1. Olive and Ben check in with Dad at breakfast (107.18).


  1. Ben is able to gain access to coworkers computer and download a raw data dump onto a thumbnail drive, only to have Vance take it away from him (107.21).
  2. Ben talks to Danny who drops Olive off after they were rock climbingDanny tells Ben, “I’m not gonna get in your way, Ben. Olive’s not my kid. But I stepped in when you were gone, and I care about her. When she comes to me, I can’t turn her away (107.23).


  1. After Michaela tells Ben about her recent calling involving Evie, Ben asks for a sign so he can make the same leap of faith that Michaela is making. On the refrigerator they notice a recent drawing of Cal’s that makes the connection (107.27).

Ep 8 – Point of No Return

DAYS 15 – 26

One might presume that the timeline continues as before such that Episode 8 picks up the same evening or night as the previous episode. However, after the flashback to Flight 828’s landing on November 4, 2018, episode 8 continues with a scene in which both Ben and Michaela are wearing different clothes than where they left off in episode 7 which suggests that these scenes do not occur on the same day.

Late Evening (Unknown day)

  1. Ben checks on Cal in his bedroom to see if he is resting comfortably (108.1), then goes to the kitchen where he tells Michaela, “This is just a lull. Whatever’s happening to Marko, the testing, it could restart at literally any moment…” (108.2) The lull was probably several days.
  2. Ben listens to Michaela saying they have to get their lives back to normal, and one way of doing that is to send Cal back to school (108.2).

Morning/Afternoon (Unknown Days)

  1. Based on morning events of Day 23 (see below) we can assume that Ben and Grace discussed Cal going back to school, and did all the paper work.  Since this is the week of Thanksgiving, this would rule out Thursday and Friday.
  2. Ben continues to work at JP Williamson, doing normal routine assignments (presumably having Thanksgiving Day off to spend with his family).

DAY 27

Since this is Cal’s first day of school, this suggest a time jump has occurred (see above). Since most of episode 8 occurs within an 18 hour timeframe (cf. 108.3), and since Vance later states that the plane had come back three weeks ago (108.22), and the fact that episode 9 takes place on a Saturday, that brings Cal’s first day to Friday, November 30, 2018.

Morning — 11/30

  1. Ben brings coffee to Grace who is just waking up and reminds Grace that he had given consent to sending Cal back to school (You’re right. Cal should go back to school), and then brings up the topic of going on a date that evening (108.4).
  2. When Ben tells Cal that his mom is going to take him to school on her way to work, Olive comes to his rescue and says he can walk to school with her. Ben says okay as long as she calls if she sees anything strange or Cal gets sick again (108.5).
  3. Michaela drives Ben to work (cf. 108.5)
  4. When Ben gets to work, he has a series of surprises. First, Ronnie Wilcox points out to him an 828 fan site. Then while exiting the building during a fire alarms, he is greeted by Vance who says that they need to work together (108.7).
  5. Presumably while he is on a break, Ben meets a second time with Vance who believes that Ben is on the right track. Needing him to decipher the raw data, he tells Ben that he respects him, and then gives him a special computer and phone (108.9).
  6. Ben calls Fiona who confirms his suspicion that electrical data (i.e. voltage levels) are being tracked. She tells him the patients are probably receiving electro-cortical stimulation. Ben then is able to convince his boss to hand him over UDS property risk reports (108.11).
  7. Ben gets a call from Michaela who tells him about a 828er who committed suicide earlier that morning, and that she had another calling which she apparently failed because she couldn’t save the jumper (108.13).


  1. Ben meets with Vance during lunch at an an outdoor seating area just across from a Le Pain Quotidien restaurant with trees and people having lunch around a fountain, and gives Ben a covert listening device, which he will give to Dr. Fiona Clarke who will place it inside SP supervisor Lawrence’s office (108.17).
  2. After his work shift, but still in the office, while on the phone with Vance, Ben does a network wide search on the Singularity project experiment and Flight 828 to get the attention of someone at SP. From this Ben and Vance, while listening to the bug, learn that the project site is in Brooklyn.  This now gives Vance three data points (the farm upstate, the office on the Upper East Side, and Brooklyn) to pull cellphone data, and see how many phones pinged all three (108.17).
  3. Ben tells Vance he has a dinner date with Grace. Vance says, “Go be with you wife. You are on a ticking clock. Make the most of it (108.17).
  4. Since Michaela gave Ben a ride to work (cf. 108.5), he probably took a Lyft or Uber to the restaurant.


  1. Ben meets Grace at a restaurant. Ben makes a toast “to a new beginning,” and Grace “to [Ben’s] new job, to our life together. To the new us… to the future” (108.20).
  2. Ben return home, and as Grace tends to the children and gets ready for bed, Ben and Michaela update each other on their days. After Michaela gets a call from Jared that something happened at the Harvey bar (108.22), Ben presumably resumes his “date night” with Grace in the bedroom (off camera).

Middle of the Night

  1. Around 1:00 in the morning, Ben (who has his shirt off) gets text message from Vance to meet him right away. Before Ben leaves, he checks in on Cal (108.24).
  2. Ben after realizing that the Brooklyn properties he has been looking into are not current, and that U.D.S. has been slow logging them into the system, goes inside the U.D.S. building in search of it.

Ep 9 – Dead Reckoning

DAY 28

Morning — 12/1

  1. Presumably, Ben did not return home the night before choosing instead to sleep at Vance’s house. Although Grace finds a note on the kitchen counter that Ben had morning errands to run, Ben could have written that at 1:00 in the morning before leaving. Michaela visits Ben at Vance’s house. The three of them learn that the building they were searching for is the Red Hook, a chemical warehouse down by the water with no public access (108.26)
  2. Ben wants to free the missing passengers at Red Hook, but Vance says more time is needed. He tells Ben to go home (it’s a Saturday) and spend time with his family (109.2).
  3. Ben goes back home where Olive asks him to take her and Cal laser tagging in the afternoon (109.3).
  4. While Cal is in the kitchen with his family, his phone rings but he does not answer (109.3).  It is his work trying to reach him (presumably to tell him that he has been fired and is in serious trouble about what he did last night at the U.D.S. building (cf. 109.12).
  5. While Ben shoots hoops with Cal in the driveway, he sees a woman approaching on the sidewalk (109.3).
  6. Autumn thanks Ben in his garage and tells him that she heard a voice in her head to find him. She tells him that she and the others were hooked up to monitors and drugged. She describes the dairy farm with the red door. Ben tells her she is safe now (109.4).
  7. Ben calls Michaela, Fiona, and Saanvi to tell them about Autumn and meet her at the boiler room (cf. 109.4).
  8. Despite objections from Saanvi, Ben calls Vance saying “he risked his career by trusting me. It’s time for us to trust him” (109.7).


  1. Ben tells Vance about the callings and how the experiments are affecting Cal, and convinces Vance that they have to rescue the missing passengers immediately (109.8).
  2. Ben experiences extreme pain for the first time from the electrotherapy experiments at Red Hook which have resumed (109.9).
  3. Ben calls home and asks Olive to check on Cal. She tells him he is okay (109.9).
  4. When Vance says he will assemble a tactical team to enter the Red Hook facility, Ben and Fiona insist they are going with him (109.10).
  5. Ben tags along with the tactical team as it enters the warehouse, but they find nothing (109.11).
  6. While Ben and the others discuss what to do next, Cal unexpectedly shows up and points to a red blood stain on his drawing marking the exact location of where to find the missing passengers (109.11)
  7. Ben and the others find the passengers amidst a lot of shooting while SP clinicians evacuate laboratory (109.15).
  8. Ben and Fiona find safe passage out of the tunnels with the passengers because Ben is able to follow lights on the ground which no one else can see (109.16).
  9. After Ben checks on Cal, and then is talking to Michaela, a large explosion sends everyone to the ground (109.17).
  10. Ben sees a peacock, and is unable to stop Michaela from going back into the tunnel to look for Jared (109.17).
  11. When Ben brings Cal home, Grace is upset. Although Ben says Cal is fine. She says he’s not. Grace tells Ben to stay away (109.18).


  1. When Ben tells Grace that all he was trying to do was keep Cal safe, she tells him that their relationship is not right any more and they must separate (109.20).
  2. Later, Ben hugs Olive, and says goodbye to Cal, who gives his dad his favorite stuffed animal, Art the Dragon, before leaving the house (109.21).
  3. Ben meets with his sister, Michaela, in the boiler room where she tells him about Vance’s death. Michaela thinks he died because Ben told him about the callings. She says the only reason Jared did not die, is that she talked back to the callings. Ben tells her that we don’t have control. No magic or prayer or callings can make it better (109.22).
  4. Saanvi and Autumn show up at the boiler room, but Saanvi can’t stay long. She has to go to work. Autumn thanks Ben and Michaela for all they have done (109.23).

Ep 10 – Crosswinds

DAYS 29-37

It is uncertain how long this timeline will be able to map out the dates, or that it is even important to do so once the 28-day milestone (a significant number) has been reached in episode 9. But as long as we are given clues in the script, we will keep doing it. According to Michaela, it has been 10 days since the last calling (110.3), that means the events of episode 10 occur on Monday, December 10, 2018. It is disparaging that there are no Christmas decorations visible, and that there are green leaves still on the trees, no snow, etc.

10 Days Since the Explosion

After Grace kicked Ben out of the house, he and Michaela presumably searched for an apartment where we find them living in episode 10 (cf. 110.3).

DAY 38

Morning — 12/10

  1. While looking over photos and charts of Flight 828 passengers, Ben is frustrated because he not finding the answers he needs to protect his son (110.3).
  2. Ben receives a text from Saanvi, that he and the other passengers who witnessed the explain explode, are to meet that afternoon at Fiona’s beach house for an important meeting (cf. 110.2)
  3. Ben receives a text from Cal inviting him over to the house later (110.5).
  4. Ben attends Robert Vance’s memorial, and is told by Deputy Powell to leave (110.6).
  5. As Ben leaves, Aaron Glover, a podcast journalist, tells him that the Major was at Red Hook an hour before the explosion (110.6).


  1. Ben meets with the other passengers at the beach house (110.8).
  2. Captain Bill Daly tells Ben that he does not trust Fiona and leaves (110.9).
  3. Autumn tells Ben about the Major’s quest for a Holy Grail, and that the Major is a woman (110.10).
  4. After Cal returns home from school, Ben visits him. They shoot hoops on the driveway. Ben tells him that he and his mom both love him (110.13).
  5. Ben visits Aaron Glover at his podcast studio, who tells him about how how congress conducted secret meetings in which it earmarked millions of dollars for a  clandestine operation (110.14).
  6. At the beach house Ben tells Michaela that the Major is a woman, and then witnesses Michaela experience the same the calling she had earlier, “Find Her!” (110.16).
  7. Ben meets with Powell at Celestine restaurant for happy hour (cf. text message  110.16) to try and get his help, but Powell wants nothing to do with him (110.8).


  1. After Ben received an urgent message from Cal (cf. 110.21), to come to the house, he discovers on his arrival that Danny had been invited to dinner. When Danny accuses him of messing up the family, Ben loses control and shoves him backward. Olive cries out for them to stop, saying she invited him (110.23).
  2. Ben realizes for the first time that not only has he felt like a stranger in his own house (cf. 102.2, 102.14), but even by his daughter feels that way. Before Ben leaves, he tells his children he loves them (110.23).
  3. After Ben returns to the car emotionally distraught, Powell (who had a change of heart) calls Ben and tells him the Major is coming (110.25).
  4. Ben records a podcast telling the world about how the Major is after his family, but tells Aaron to release it just yet (110.26).
  5. Ben returns to the beach house, where again he witnesses Michaela having the calling “Find Her!” (110.28).
  6. After Saanvi finds out that the experiments on the passengers were intended to find out which passengers were the most sensitive to the callings, Ben is now even more concerned about Cal’s safety (110.30)

Ep 11 – Contrails

DAY 39

Morning — 12/11

  1. Presumably Ben catches up on his sleep. He has been very busy lately.


  1. Ben picks up Cal after school and they watch a movie at Ben’s apartment. Ben prepars Hungry Man TV dinners giving Cal Salisbury steak, his favorite (111.2).
  2. Ben then brings Cal home, but instead of dropping him off he comes into the house. When he apologizes to Grace for doing so, Grace says its fine; it’s his house, too (111.2).
  3. Cal asks his Ben if next time they can go out to watch a movie because the screen at his place is a little small. Ben explains to his son that they need to keep a low profile because some people who are interested in what happened to Flight 828 are not very nice.  When Cal says “You mean the Major”, Ben is startled that he knows about that. But Cal says he heard him and Michaela talking about her (111.2).
  4. When Grace asks Ben if he can take care of Cal tomorrow, that something came up at her catering job, Cal interrupts and says that his dad is going to be busy with a man from the plane who needs his help (111.2).


  1. Ben returns to his apartment and is looking at the poster board foldout of Flight 828 passengers, trying to figure out what man Cal was talking about,  when Michaela comes home from work (111.4).
  2. Ben asks Michaela if she can watch Cal because supposedly Cal thinks that he will be busy (111.4).
  3. Ben recieves a phone call from Captain Bill Daly. He needs Ben’s help and wants to pick Ben up tommorow (111.4).

DAY 40

Morning — 12/12

  1. Daly drives Ben to a Long Island airport where he shows him a flight simulator which suppose to depict the exact weather conditions of Flight 828. But that storm was nothing like Daly experienced. He thinks its a government cover up. His evidence: A “cover-up” flight simulator report dated the day the plane disappeared (111.5).
  2. Ben returns to his apartment and calls Amuta (the co-pilot of Flight 828) who lives in Jamaica. He completely backs Daly’s story (111.6).
  3. Ben shows Michaela the minutes from the Congressional investigation concerning Roger Mencin a researcher who was on the ground who swore under oath not to tell what he saw that night (111.6).
  4. Daly and Ben visit Roger Mencin at his apartment. He tells Daly and Ben about dark lightning which was recorded by his instruments. The government made him destroy every copy and delete every file. Daly and Ben plea with him to hand over whatever he has to help them (111.8).


  1. Back at the simulator, with data that Roger handed over – not the phony government data, Daly runs the program which offers up an entirely different storm: The one Daly experienced that night the plane disappeared. While he was showing Ben how he flew into the storm, the simulator crashed the plane. They repeat the flight five more times with no success (111.10)
  2. Ben speaks with Fiona at her house in the backyard garden. She tells him about her displeasure and disappointment with Daly (111.12).
  3. Ben receives a phone call from Michaela who says that Roger Mencin was killed in a boating accident (111.13).
  4. Ben and Michaela search Daly’s apartment (#24). Ben is wowed by all the charts, photos, and articles on the wall. Ben notices on his laptop that Daly is looking at the day’s forecast and navigational charts looking for dark lightning. There is a storm brewing off the coast. They think he is going to fly into the storm (111.14).
  5. Ben and Michaela immediately go the airport. The guard at he airport will not let Michaela and Ben pass the gate, even though they tell him that Daly is about to steal an airplane (111.17).
  6. Ben tries to talk Daly down as he gears up the plane before taking off. In the seat next to him is Fiona who Daly calls his missing link. Waking up, Fiona asks him what he is doing, and cries out help. Michaela yells, “Stop!” in the radio. But Daly ignores her plea and takes off (111.19).
  7. As the air national guard are called out, Daly heads right into the storm and climbs to “penetration altitude.” He thinks Fiona knows how to make the dark lightning happen, but she tells him she doesn’t know how. Daly then decides to go through the center of the storm.  He tells Fiona he will see her in 2024. Just then their is a bright light. The air national guard then broadcasts, “The threat has been neutralized.” (111.20)


    1. When Ben and Michaela arrive back at their apartment, they find a package from Daly. Inside are a set of Captain Wings, and a note that says, “For your son, better late than never.” On the television, the news say that the authorities are unable to find any remains (111.21).
    2. Ben and Michaela realize that Autumn must have overheard Michaela tell Ben where the meteorologist was, and that Autumn is a mole working for the major. They fear for Cal’s safety (111.22).
    3. Ben tries reaching Grace on the phone, but is unable. He and Michaela leave their apartment and head over to Grace to check on Cal (111.22).

NOTE: Timeline for this day continues below (Episode 12).

Ep 12 – Vanishing Point

DAY 41

NOTE: Episode begins at 11 p.m. on the night before.

Evening — 12/12

  1. Ben drives up to the house. Police are everywhere. Grace had called the police (112.1).
  2. Ben and Michaela tells Grace everything that has happened concerning Cal and how Ben was trying to protect her and Cal. Ben then shows Grace Cal’s drawings and explains how he can see into the future (112.4).
  3. After Michaela calls Jared, he comes into the house pretending that Cal is safe and that he is with his grandpa. This sends the police away to leave the Stone family in charge of finding Cal. They know more than the police (112.5).

Morning — 12/13

  1. Grace and Ben take Danny’s truck north to go look for Cal. On the radio is a news report about a double homicide and theft of an armored car in New York City (112.6).
  2. Grace and Ben ride into Tannersville, New York where Cal drew every last detail of a church. Grace and Ben search the town on food asking the townspeople if they have seen Cal (112.8).
  3. Grace blames Ben for all that is happening, even for leaving her and Cal. She refuses to take responsibility for kicking him out. She tells Ben that he has gone too far (112.11).
  4. They then receive a text message from Olive who sends a photo of the note from Cal saying he left. They notice two of Jansen’s men in suits walking down the sidewalk across the street looking for Cal (112.11).


  1. As Grace and Ben travel down the road, they realize someone is following them so they put the truck in four wheel and go off road. But then after a while they notice that that vehicle is turning around, so they start following it thinking they might have received a tip where Cal is. However, the cabin they went to was not the cabin where Cal was (112.13).
  2. Michaela calls Ben telling him that she had just received the page that Autumn had ripped out of Cal’s notebook, and on the back was a drawing of the exterior of the cabin. Ben and Grace then start looking for a radio tower which is in the background of Cal’s drawing (112.14).
  3. Ben realizes that Cal’s note doesn’t say “I left” but is a map meant for him at the precise moment when he did not know which way to turn (112.16)
  4. Ben and Grace find Cal. But shortly afterward, a man appears at the door. Banging his body up against it, he breaks through. Ben rushes to protect his son. Cal says, “It’s him. Do not hurt him.” But before Ben could even react the man falls to the floor and is out cold (112.17)


  1. While the man is sleeping, Ben tells Grace that the man is not one of the passengers, and does not know whether he can be trusted (112.19).
  2. Ben is in contact with Saanvi on how best to treat the man’s hypothermia (112.20)
  3. After Michaela arrives, she notices the man’s red jacket and that he is the one she has been having visions about(112.20).
  4. Ben and Michaela learn that the man, whose name is Zeke, has been missing for a year (although he thinks it has only been two weeks). Apparently, he has time-jumped a full year (112.20).

Ep 13 – Cleared for Approach

DAY 42

Morning — 12/14

  1. Ben says he’s ready to go back to the city, Zeke says he is not ready yet. Michaela agrees to stay with Zeke. Ben is suspicious of Zeke because Zeke does not mention or want to reconnect with family. When Ben mentions Jared, Michaela says she does not want to involve him right now (113.2).
  2. Ben, Grace and Cal drive from Tannersville to the hospital where Saanvi checks him over. Ben gives Saanvi a plastic blag which has a bloodstained bandage. Saanvi will use it to run tests to see if Zeke has the same blood marker has the 828ers (113.3).
  3. On their way home from the hospital, while stopping at a red light, Ben, Cal and Grace see a billboard demanding an investigation of the 828er’s. It questions that they are even human. It has a big red “X” on the airplane. At the bottom is a website address, “828demandthetruth” (113.4).
  4. Olive and grandpa Steve give Cal a big hug when he returns. After Ben tells Grace that it might be too risky to tell Olive about the callings, Grace agrees, but also realizes from her own experience that keeping Olive from the rest of the family has its own dangers (113.6).


  1. Ben and the family are playing Bananagrams when Jared stops over who is worried about Michaela. While they are talking someone throws a brick through the window. Ben and Jared run out toward the street as a man leaves in a truck. After Jared goes after them, Ben goes back toward the house and sees that the man had also spray painted a big red “X” on the Stone’s front door (113.8).
  2. The police arrive to gather facts and prints about the vandalism. Ben shows them a video from the front door surveillance camera. Grace who is concerned about the kids wants to know who would do such a thing (113.10).
  3. After taping plastic over the broken window, Ben asks Olive how she is holding up over what happened. Olive tells her dad she knows about the callings. They agree that starting now it is going to be a wide-open book between them; no more secrets (113.12).
  4. Saanvi discovers that Zeke has the same blood marker as the 828ers. This convinces Ben that he is not lying. Moreover, Sasanvi discovers that when Zeke was in the cave, their was an electrical storm in the center of the blizzard. After ben says that perhaps the earthquake was the terrestial equivalent of the turbulence, Saanvi comes up with her “Aftershock Theory”: The plane was the earthquake, what happened to Zeke was the aftershock (113.13).
  5. The police interrogate a suspect in the vandalism case. Days earlier, Cody Webber had set up an 828 hate site. Ever since Daly stole the plane, a group of people think they are terrorists. While Jared is budy receiving an update on another case, Ben takes a peek at the police report on the table (113.5).
  6. While Ben is speaking with Olive one of her school books drops and spreads wide open. When Ben picks it up, he sees a picture of a peacock and has a flashback to the day of the Red Hook explosion. Ben says that since then he has learned that peacocks are an early symbol of resurrection. Olive tells him that they are also messengers for the goddess Juno (113.7).
  7. Ben shows up at Cody Webber’s place of business and tells him to stay away from his family. Noticing that Ben seess Cal’s picture on his desk. Cody says, “Cute kid. I wonder if he bleeds.” After knocking a lamp off the desk, and swiping a camcorder out of the hands of someone, he gets in Cody’s face and threatens him. When the police arrive, Cody says the whole interaction was live streamed (113.8).


  1. Ben is arrested and taken to the 119th police precinct, where Jared confronts him in the interrogation room. Jared tells him that he has played right into this hate group’s hands. Although Ben is allowed to walk, Jared tells him if it happens again he nor Michaela will not be able to help him (113.20).
  2. As Grace takes the Mythology text book off of sleeping Olive’s chest, she hears metal rattling. It’s Ben on his knees trying to wash the “ugly mark off [his] family’s house.” Grace who is teary-eyed invites Ben back into her life telling him she needs him. After Grace kisses Ben’s hand, she grabs a sponge from a blue bucket and together they try to get rid of the red mark from their house (113.22).

Ep 14 – Upgrade

DAY 43

Morning — 12/15

  1. Since Grace welcomed Ben back home, he probably stayed the night. In the morning, then he went to Michaela’s apartment and gathered his things.


  1. Ben receives a text of the photo that Michaela took of the petrograph (cf. 114.3)


  1. Ben receives a phone call from Michaela to tell him that she and Zeke are back. Ben tells Michaela this is not just about the flight anymore, that they have to figure out what Zeke’s return means for the bigger picture. (114.3)
  2. Ben and Grace hear noises from Cal’s room. They find him on the floor saying, “It’s coming.”

DAY 44

Morning — 12/16

  1. Ben thinks something might be wrong when Saanvi has not texted him (114.9).
  2. When Ben visits the hospital, he is told that Saanvi never made it down to the laboratory, and has even missed a meeting. Ben finds a “Church of the Returned” brochure that Alice left in Saanvi’s office (114.11).


  1. Adrian welcomes Ben to the church. He says he has found his calling. Adrian says they are saints, that they have come back from the dead to help others. Ben says to him that he has lost his mind. Then while looking around Ben finds a prayer request posted on a bulletin board. Its handwriting matches the writing on the church flier he found on Saanvi’s desk (114.13).
  2. Outside Alice’s apartment, Ben tells Michaela that Adrian is a false prophet, “A wolf in sheep’s clothing” (Mt. 7:15). Inside, Jacob tells Alice that this has gone too far. Saanvi at gunpoint tries to talk Alice down. Ben and Michaela see Saanvi in the window holding her hands up. Ben calls Alice on intercom to tell her that Adrian sent him to help her. Alice says her miracle has arrived, then pulls the gun on him. Meanwhile, Michaela sneaks into the apartment and is able to handcuff her (114.17)


  1. Ben confronts Adrian telling him that he is responsible for what happened with Alice and Saanvi. After Adrian says, “Who’s to say we aren’t the answers to the world’s prayers?” he says, “And I don’t have to believe. They do, and that’s more than enough.” Unknown to them both is that the Major’s man, Jansen, is watching (114.18).
  2. Olive has been busy doing research for her dad. She tells him the petrograph is a drawing of the constellation Gemini. She wonders if the drawing is somehow related to her and Cal being twins (114.20).
  3. Cal is drawing a picture of a table with a whole lot of money on it. Zeke and Grace then tell him that his drawings do not make the future happen. He then begins to draw a picture of the wolf, saying it wasn’t just a wolf. Cal completes his picture. It is a wolf attacking Michaela. (114.22)

NOTE: Timeline for this day continues below (Episode 15).

Ep 15 – Hard Landing

DAY 45

NOTE: Episode begins on the evening before.

Evening — 12/16

  1. Ben is at the house with Grace and Zeke. They learn about what happened in the East River. There is a television report: The getaway car disappeared three days ago. Authorities are speculating that sediment at the river bottom obscured its location. Now, incredibly, the driver’s been pulled from the vehicle, alive. This is Michelle Park… (115.1).
  2. Ben receives a phone call from Michaela. She tells him how Griffin jumped at her even though he was underwater for over 80 hours. She tells Ben to meet her at the hospital in 20 minutes (115.1).
  3. When Ben and Zeke arrive at the hospital, Jared helps them get through the crowd of reporters. After Jared meets Zeke, Ben informs Zeke that Jared and Michaela were a couple. He proposed. Then the plane disappeared. He then tells him that since they returned, its been complicated  (115.1).
  4. In a waiting room at the hospital, Ben, Michaela, Saanvi and Zeke try to learn more about Griffin’s calling. They also learn that he has a criminal record, that he is a non-passenger returnee, and discuss whether or not he is the wolf in Cal’s drawing (115.3).

Morning — 12/17

  1. Ben calls home, and after briefly talking to Olive who tells him that she put Griffin on her board, and that Cal is making a popsicle stick Art the Dragon for a school project, gives an update to Grace about Griffin. Grace tells him that she is glad they are a family again (115.5).
  2. After Michaela and uniformed police transport Griffin to the police station, Ben goes home.
  3. Michaela later calls him and admits that she screwed up by telling Griffin about the callings and assuming that he would not be receiving them unless he was going to do the right thing. Michaela asks Ben for help in finding information on Griffin. Meanwhile, internet hate against the 828 grows. Cody who is streaming live reminds everyone of Ben’s screw up when he physically assaulted Cody. Ben and Grace agree that they need Olive to help do research on the internet (115.7).


  1. Olives discovers that James Griffin had a foster brother, Devon Carrick, who died in 2004. This connects him to Zeke who lost Chloe, and to Michaela who lost Evie. They also learn of Angela Graham, Griffin’s foster mom. Grace plans to meet with her. Michaela questions Griffin about Devon (115.10).
  2. When Grace goes to meet Angela, Ben makes a visit to the hospital where Saanvi confides in Ben that she feels “jumpy,” Ben offers his support. Griffin has the same blood marker as the 828ers and Zeke. Saanvi thinks they are on the verge of discovering something awful.


  1. Ben is frustrated that Griffin literally used a calling to get away with murder. Ben is skeptical of the callings. Grace wonders if the callings are about how people choose to use them (115.18).

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