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Past History

Ben’s Relationship with his Family
  • 102.14 – Surprises by young Olive and Ben coming in their bedroom one morning
  • 104.8 – makes Olive feel better when after a bike runs over her model plane, he puts it in the water where it floats
  • 101.21 – Agrees to go on family vacation to help his marriage with Grace.
April 7, 2013

Ben at Airport in Jamaica
  • Before taking off, has conversation with Michaela about how good the trip was for him and Grace (103.01)
Ben on Flight 828 to New York (101.2)
November 4, 2018

DAY ONE: Ben on Flight 828 to New York (101.2)
  • The passengers of Flight 828 experience turbulence [cf. April 7, 2018]. In actuality they are being transported 5 1/2 years into the future (101.2).
  • The passengers are notified that the plane is being diverted to Newburgh (101.2).
  • The  plane lands at 11:49 local time (101.2).
  • While still on the plane, Ben and Michaela discover that each of them has no phone service (101.2)
  • After leaving the plane, Robert Vance informs the passengers while they are standing on the tarmac that they have been missing for 5 1/2 years.
DAY TWO (11/5)
  • Passengers are held for questioning inside one of the airport’s hangers for thirty-six hours (101.3).
DAY THREE (11/6)
The First Week

DAY FOUR (11/7)
  • Ben and Grace take Cal to Medical Center where Dr. Williams tells them that there is a new treatment protocol for pediatric cases with cancer (101.9)
  • Outside the medical center, he tells grace that he needs to find a job. Grace tells him about Olive’s therapy sessions (101.14)
  • On the way home, they pass a metalwork facility where Ben hears voices to set the dogs free. This occurs off camera (cf. 101.15).
  • After arriving home, Michaela, who is in the backyard on swing set, tells him that she has been hearing voices. Ben does not let on that he has also been hearing voices (101.12).
  • Late that night, Ben discovers Michaela at the metalworking facility after he (like Michaela) hears voices while asleep to tell him to go to go back and free the dogs  (101.15).
DAY FIVE (11/8)
  • Ben visits Olive at soccer practice and apologizes to her for not being around for the last 5 1/2 years (101.17).
  • At the hospital, Cal is receiving his first round (cf. 102.4) of cancer treatments, Grace apologizes to Ben for blaming him for taking Cal away from her (101.21).
  • Late in the afternoon, while playing Banagrams with Ben, Grace, Olive and Cal on the kitchen table he has a vision of the plane and gets dizzy. On television, there is a news update that two girls who had been kidnapped,  Hallie and Samantha Pyler, have been rescued, and being treated at the scene (101.23).
  • Ben goes to a church where Michaela was asking a priest questions about Romans 8:28 – “God causes all things to work together for good to those…who are called according to His purpose.”
  • Later that night they return to the airport with other passengers and witness the plane exploding (101.24).
DAY SIX (11/9)
  • After being detained and questioned with other passengers by NSA, Ben tells Michaela that he does not want her to be talking to anyone; Saanvi introduces herself to Ben (102.1).
  • On the way home Ben picks up a blueberry-scone for Grace who he used to buy every week for Grace. When returns home, he embarrasses Grace when he opens bedroom door while she is dressing (102.1).
  • While in the kitchen, he hears music in his head (102.1).
  • Later that morning they take Cal for his second round of cancer treatments at the medical center. Ben introduces Grace to Saanvi whom he met earlier (102.4).
  • Ben leaves Grace (telling her he will cover tomorrow’s shift) at the hospital, to take a walk and make some job-search calls (102.4).
  • While at Times Square, Ben begins to hear music again, and runs into fellow passenger Radd, who asks Ben for help in reconnecting with his 18-year-old son who has been arrested (102.5).
  • Ben calls Michaela and asks her to contact someone at Rikers Island so he and Radd can visit Adio (102.7)
  • Ben takes Radd to Riker’s island where they talk to Adio (102.7).
  • Ben and Radd visit Mr. Valero at the jewelry shop (102.9).
  • When Ben returns home, Grace tells him that Cal was accosted on the sidewalk by a zealot woman (102.10)
  • While preparing dinner, Ben has a conversation with Michaela (102.13)
  • Ben asks Olive if she wants to go out for ice cream after dinner, but she declines (102.14).
  • As Ben and Grace prepare for bed, he picks up a framed family portrait and has a flashback when a very much younger Cal and Olive enter their room (102.14).
  • Ben notices a mark on Grace’s back from scuba diving (102.14).
DAY SEVEN (11/10)
  • Sitting next to Cal at the hospital,  Cal shows Ben a family portrait he had drawn. As Ben looks at the picture, he notices an area where Cal had erased where a shadowy figure appears to be standing behind Grace (102.15).
  • Outside the room where Cal is receiving his treatment, Ben receives an update about the police report and Adio’s record from Michaela (102.16).
  • Ben and Radd return to Riker Island to talk to Adio (102.17).
  • When Ben returns home late that afternoon, Olive asks him to take her for a drive, when Cal, who Grace took shopping again for toys, was still not satisfied—wanting his old toys back (102.18).
  • Olive takes Ben to a storage facility where she had been keeping Cal’s old toys (102.18).
  • While at the facility, Ben hears music again, and discovers that Blake had stolen the jewelry from his own father, and that it was not Adio (102.18).
  • Ben and Michaela debate Magic vs. Technology while Blake is taken to the police car (102.20)
  • Late at night, as kids prepare for bed, Ben learns of Kelly’s murder (103.2).
  • Ben drives Michaela to the crime scene. (103.5)
  • At crime scene, Ben and Michaela are introduced to Patrick Kelly (103.6)
DAY EIGHT (11/11)
  • In the morning, Grace tells Ben that he has to find a job before taking Cal with her to her catering work (103.7).
  • Ben and Michaela discuss Kelly’s calling (103.8)
  • They decide to visit Patrick; who introduces them to his housekeeper (103.9).
  • Back home Ben checks for any bugs that the government my have planted. Under the bed he finds an unopened sealed “Crusader” condom packet (103.13).
  • Just Grace and Cal return home, Cal’s best friend, Kevin, shows up looking for Olive (103.14).
  • A short while later, while in the kitchen, when Grace tells Ben that she has seen footprints in the garden, Cal rats on his sister for sneaking out at night (103.15).
  • After dinner, Ben goes to the store to buy wireless router box and a 108p Wired Security System. When he returns he notices that the front door is ajar. He discovers someone rummaging through the closet. He turns out to be a friend of Grace (103.21).
  • Ben spends the rest of the evening putting together his resume (103.27)
  • Late that night, when Michaela comes home, she tells Ben that she and Saanvi have been trying to reach him. They go to the lab where Saanvi tells them that they all have had something like a near-death experience and  that Kelly’s body has been stolen (103.27).
DAY NINE (11/12)
  • While Ben is making breakfast, Grace notices that Ben has been keeping a scrapbook of all the people and events of Flight 828 (104.3).
  • Saanvi has Ben come visit her at the hospital where she tells him about having visions of a gray woman, and a patient who yelled out Bethany’s name. He gives her Bethany’s phone number (104.6).
  • When Ben returns home, Grace informs him that she has received a letter from the life insurance company which wants her to return Ben’s death benefit (104.8).
  • After making a lot of calculations, Ben is able to work things out, but discovers a box of old photos of Grace and Olive with another man (104.14).
  • Olive calls home, and needs a ride home. Ben agrees to pick her up (104.14)
  • Michaela calls Ben about her visions of the angel and how it caused her to botch an ATF operation where Jared took the blame, he tells that Saanvi is having similar visions. Although Michaela wants to come clean, Ben says no, and that means even telling Jared (104.15).
  • When Ben arrives at Bluemercury cosmetic store, he is told that Olive was caught shoplifting. He also meets Danny for the first time (104.17).
  • On the drive home, Ben has a flashback of when Olive was ten years old (104.18).
  • Ben tells Olive about how he was caught with steeling a boomerang and Grandma Stone gave him a free pass. Ben tells Olive he will not tell Grace (104.20).
  • Grace confronts Ben about why he did not tell her (having learned what happened from Danny) (104.23).
  • When Michaela had not arrived home at the expected time, Ben texts her asking where she was (104.24).
  • Ben goes to the boiler room where Michaela is hiding Thomas, and on the way home they have a conversation about whether the callings or a blessing or a curse (104.25).
DAY TEN (11/13)
  • Early in the morning, Michaela and Ben return to the boiler to check on Thomas. Ben tells her that he does not want to get involved, that helping a fugitive is not worth going to prison for (105.3).
  • Mid morning, Ben returns home. He hears a voice. Grace is preparing for work, and rather than have Cal spend the day with her again, Ben agrees to hang out with him (105.6).
  • At Coney Island, Ben and Cal take basketball shots, play whack-a-mole, and eat pizza before deciding to take the subway home (105.10).
  • Ben hears a voice again when Cal decides to leave the subway goading Ben to chase after him (105.14).
  • Cal eventually leads Ben to Thomas and knows his name even though they never met. Ben questions how Cal could have known (105.16).
  • Ben changes his mind, and realizes that he must help Thomas. He gives him money just before he leaves with Georgia (105.23).
  • Ben shows Michaela the bulletin board he made in the basement about everything he knows about Flight 828 (105.27).
  • Ben and Grace wake up in the middle of the night when Cal, who is burning up with a fever, starts to scream. They take him to the hospital (106.1).
DAY ELEVEN (11/14)
  • While Ben is speaking to Saanvi, Cal begins shouting Pomogni Mi! Pmogni Mi! before opening eyes, and looking directly at Ben crying, “Help!” (106.4)
  • Out in the waiting room Ben shows Michaela and Saanvi a seating chart of the Montego Air Fligh 828 manifest, and Saanvi identifies the man who spoke the same language Cal was using (106.5)
  • Ben finally tells Grace that he and the other passengers have been hearing voices and seeing things no body else hears or sees. Grace thinks he is going down another rabbit hole like the last time Cal got sick (106.7).
  • Ben begins to speculate the whereabouts of 11 missing passengers who no one can find, and connect them with a fifth bus that left the airport which nobody knew existed (106.9).
  • Ben is with Cal when he has another episode, and uses his iPad to identify that Cal is indeed speaking Bulgarian. This time he is saying, “Hurry” (106.10).
  • Ben looks at a map and circles different areas where the fifth bus may have taken the passengers, and sends it to Michaela to check out (106.11).
  • Ben tells Dr. Williams that he does not think what is happening to Cal is medical, and he does not want to do anything (i.e. give him antibiotics) that will be a risk to his cancer treatment (106.15).
  • Grace tells Ben that he is sounding crazy, talking about how passengers were sent to a farm upstate, and Cal is somehow channeling what they’re going through up there (106.17).
  • Ben confronts Director Vance about the missing passengers and everything he know (106.18).
  • Ben is relieved that Ben’s fever finally has broken. It’s been a long day. He and Grace falls asleep in Cal’s hospital bed (106.23).
DAY TWELVE (11/15)
  • Just before Cal is discharged from the hospital, Ben discovers while using satellite imagery, that the barn where the eleven passengers were taken had been torn down (107.2).
  • Ben decides to follow the money and spends the rest of the day applying and interviewing for a junior revenue accountant at JP Williamson, the accounting firm of Unified Dynamic Systems (107.3).
  • Ben has breakfast with family before setting out on his first day of his new job (107.4).
  • First impressions on the job (107.5)
  • Ben learns more about Fiona Clarke (107.7)
  • In the evening, Ben and Saanvi attend “The Mirror Factor” lecture of Dr. Fiona Clarke (107.12)
  • After the lecture, Ben confronts Dr. Fiona who is unaware about any missing passengers (107.15).
  • Ben learns about the Singularity Project (107.16).
  • Ben plays Poker with several employees at JP Williamson (107.17).
  • Olive and Ben check in with Dad at breakfast (107.18).
  • Ben is able to gain access to coworkers computer and download a raw data dump onto a thumbnail drive, only to have Vance take it away from him (107.21).
  • Ben talks to Danny who drops Olive off after they were rock climbing (107.23).
  • After Michaela tells Ben about her recent calling involving Evie, Ben asks for a sign so he can make the same leap of faith that Michaela is making. On the refrigerator they notice a recent drawing of Cal’s that makes the connection (107.27).




Stone Family Intro (101.1)

Stone Family Intro (101.1)

BEN: It's $400 per person. That's our next trip down to the Mayo Clinic.

CAL: I'll stay with Dad.

BEN: There you go. Man time

GRACE: All right.
The Flight to New York (101.2)

The Flight to New York (101.2)

BEN: Mom's not wrong. Jared's not gonna wait around forever.

MICHAELA: Great marriage pep talk. Thank you.
Tarmac revelation (101.3)

Tarmac revelation (101.3)

MICHAELA: When do they ever do this?

BEN: Never. Something's happening.
What Happened? (101.4)

What Happened? (101.4)

BEN: My son has leukemia. He's not about to submit to testing of any kind.
Stone Family Reunion (101.5)

Stone Family Reunion (101.5)

BEN: Olive.
Ben and Olive embrace.
Treatment protocols (101.9)

Treatment protocols (101.9)

BEN: So we pick up with the same regimen, right where we left off?

Dr. Williams: Well, that would be our backup plan, but there's a new treatment protocol for pediatric cases within Cal's profile. It's a game-changer.

BEN: Game-changer how?
Hearing Voices (101.12)

Hearing Voices (101.12)

BEN: No, I'm not being glib. Keep it to yourself before you end up in a psych ward having exploratory brain surgery. What do you think, the government just sent us home and forgot about us? Who knows what they'll try in order to find out what happened? And I don't want anything to happen to you. That's what I think.
Therapy sessions (101.14)

Therapy sessions (101.14)

BEN: I need a job. If we luck into this treatment, chances are it's gonna cost a fortune, and work insurance won't pay for it.

GRACE: We don't know that. It pays for OLIVE's therapy.
Set them free! - I (101.15)

Set them free! – I (101.15)

MICHAELA: That was bizarre.

BEN: You think?

MICHAELA: Now what?

BEN: I don't know. But hearing a voice in your head one time is a fluke. Twice? Now happening to the both of us? Not a fluke.
Touch and go (101.17)

Touch and go (101.17)

OLIVE: It was a long time ago, Dad.

BEN: Not for me. Here you've been all this time, stuck, picking up the pieces. Even before I got on that plane, I'd been so caught up with trying to help Cal get better so he could live a long life. I I lost sight of your life. And now you probably feel like you don't know me. But we're gonna fix that. I'm not going anywhere.
Grace's Apology (101.21)

Grace’s Apology (101.21)

BEN: Oh, what you've both been through. The only reason we were on that trip in the first place was because you insisted and bribed me with sex. [CHUCKLES]

BEN: So if anyone saved Cal I'm pretty sure it was you.
Fast and Not So Fast (101.23)

Fast and Not So Fast (101.23)

GRACE: Ben? Are you all right?

BEN: Yeah, I just got dizzy for a second. I'm fine, really. Don't worry. Everything's great.

GRACE: Drink some water. I'll get more snacks.
Passengers are called (101.24)

Passengers are called (101.24)

MICHAELA: What is this? What is happening? How about this? There were a lot of people on that plane. Why you and me? What makes two head cases like us so special?

BEN: What's the probability it's just you and me?
Cleanup (102.1)

Cleanup (102.1)

BEN: What'd you tell him?

MICHAELA: That I don't know anything.

BEN: Good. You don't. We want to stay far off their radar.
Stranger in the House I (102.2)

Stranger in the House I (102.2)

BEN: What is that?

OLIVE: What?

BEN: That music. You don't You don't hear that?

OLIVE: Maybe Alexa acting up in the den.

BEN: Who's Alexa?
Clinic Check-in (102.4)

Clinic Check-in (102.4)

BEN: Look, you must have a ton to take care of, so why don't I take a walk?

GRACE: No, no, no. You don't...

BEN: I can make some job-search calls, and we can meet later back home. I'll take tomorrow's shift. I'll call you later.
Times Square Music (102.5)

Times Square Music (102.5)

BEN: Eh, I'm not sure what I'm hearing or why.

RADD: For me, music is a higher power. So this music we hear, you and I together, it's for a reason. And that reason has to be my son.

BEN: He's the one who needs help.
Reunion at Rikers (102.7)

Reunion at Rikers (102.7)

BEN: You okay?

MICHAELA: Yeah, bureaucracy. What's up?

BEN: I need a favor. Know anyone at Rikers?
Out of Business  (102.9)

Out of Business (102.9)

MR. VALERO: We still doing this? What happened to the last detectives?

BEN: Uh, we're not the police. This is Adio's father.
Need for Vigilance (102.10)

Need for Vigilance (102.10)

GRACE: And what if it doesn't? You've seen the news. The whole world is obsessing over us. People can go online and find out where we live.

BEN: We will be okay. I mean, come on. We got a cop that lives in our house.

Ep1 scenes

Episode 101 Home

Stone Family Intro (101.1)
101.1 SYNOPSIS:  In 2013, Michaela, her parents, brother Ben, sister-in-law Grace, and twin nieces Olive and Cal, are at the airport in Jamaica. The flight home is overbooked, so Michaela , Ben, and Cal , who has Leukemia, opt to take vouchers for a later fight.
The Flight to New York (101.2)
101.2 SYNOPSIS:  On Montego Air Flight 828, Michaela is undecided on whether or not to marry Jared. The plane encounters extreme weather and experiences turbulence. Later, when the pilot identifies the plane, air traffic control is confused and diverts it to a different airport.
Tarmac revelation (101.3)
101.3 SYNOPSIS:  The passengers and crew learn that five years have passed since their flight left Jamaica, with all on board presumed missing or dead.
What Happened? (101.4)
101.4 SYNOPSIS:  The passengers and crew are interviewed by the authorities who are trying to figure out what happened.
Stone Family Reunion (101.5)
101.5 SYNOPSIS:  The families of the passengers are allowed to see them. Cal is freaked out that his twin sister Olive is all grown up while Michaela and Ben learn that their mom has died.
Treatment protocols (101.9)
101.9 SYNOPSIS:  Ben and Grace receive good news that Cal's leukemia has not progressed and learn of a new form of treatment now exists which improves his chances of survival.
Hearing Voices (101.12)
101.12 SYNOPSIS:  When Michaela tells Ben about the voice she heard, he tells her to keep quiet or she will be put in a psych ward and have the government do exploratory surgery on her brain.
Therapy sessions (101.14)
101.14 SYNOPSIS:  Grace tells Ben that Olive had to go to therapy to deal with his and Cal's loss.
Set them free! - I (101.15)
101.15 SYNOPSIS:  During a run, Michaela sees two barking dogs locked behind a gate, and hears a voice in her head to set them free. Later, hearing the voice again and unable to sleep, she goes back to facility. There she meets up with Ben who tells her that he has been hearing the same voice.  Together they free the dogs.
Touch and go (101.17)
101.17 SYNOPSIS:  Ben visits Olive at soccer practice. He feels guilty for leaving her fatherless for 5 1/2 years. He also apologizes also for neglecting her while attending to Cal's health issues.
Grace's Apology (101.21)
101.21 SYNOPSIS:  At the hospital while Cal is receiving treatment, Grace apologizes to Ben for blaming him for taking Cal away from her, and thanks him for now giving him the opportunity to live. Saanvi enters the treatment room and smiles at Cal before leaving.
Fast and Not So Fast (101.23)
101.23 SYNOPSIS:  At home, Ben is playing Banagrams with his family. Although he just learned how to play, Cal is dominating. Ben starts to get dizzy. Meanwhile, Grace receives a text.  Olive asks what she is going to do.
Passengers are called (101.24)
101.24 SYNOPSIS:  Michaela is in a church and is approached by a priest. She is curious if she is chosen for some higher purpose when Ben arrives. Michaela questions why they were chosen. Later, some of the passengers return to the airport and witness the plane explode on the other side of the fence from them.
Ep2 scenes

Episode 102 Home

Cleanup (102.1)
102.1 SYNOPSIS:  While firefighters are hosing down the plane, the NSA detains the passengers and asks why they were there at the fence. When Michaela says that they have no legal basis to detain them any longer, she gets everyone released, and they are told not to talk to the media.
Stranger in the House I (102.2)
102.2 SYNOPSIS:  Ben brings home a blueberry scone for Grace who is embarrassed when Ben sees her half dressed. In the kitchen, Ben hears music playing. No one else does. Olive confronts her mom about telling Ben the truth.
Clinic Check-in (102.4)
102.4 SYNOPSIS:  Ben introduces Grace to Saanvi, who is treating Cal, and whom he met earlier at the airport.  Grace wants to tell Ben something, but cannot bring herself to tell him.
Times Square Music (102.5)
102.5 SYNOPSIS:  While in Times Square, Ben again hears music. He runs into a fellow passenger, Radd, who asks Ben to help him find his son Adio who has been arrested for robbery and put in jail.
Reunion at Rikers (102.7)
102.7 SYNOPSIS:  Ben and Radd visit Adio at Rikers who tells them that he did not steal anything from the jewelry store where he worked. Radd notices bruises on his face, and suspects he is being poorly treated while in jail.
Out of Business  (102.9)
102.9 SYNOPSIS:  Radd and Ben meet the owner  of the  jewelry store who is going out of business. The owner's son is helping him pack up things.
Need for Vigilance (102.10)
102.10 SYNOPSIS:  Grace is worried about Cal’s safety, but Ben reassures her saying they are safe because a police officer lives in the house.
Spitballing (102.13)
102.13 SYNOPSIS:  Ben spitballs with Michaela trying to make sense of why Cal's life is being threatened while he is trying to help someone else's kid.
Stranger in the House II (102.14)
102.14 SYNOPSIS:  Olive says no when Ben invites her to go for ice cream after dinner.  Ben has a flashback to when Cal and Olive are young. Ben notices a mark on Grace’s back which she says came from scuba diving. The next morning, Michaela overhears Grace have a conversation with her presumed new partner and  then confronts her but Grace tells her she hasn't decided who she wants to be with.
Cal's Family Portrait (102.15)
102.15 SYNOPSIS:  Kelly Taylor, a passenger, talks to the media on the TV, while Ben and Saanvi share there experiences since returning. Ben notices that Cal has drawn a family portrait with a mysterious shadow figure in the background. In the parking garage of the news station, a shadowy figure watches Kelly get into her car.
Faith vs. Science (102.16)
102.16 SYNOPSIS:  Michaela shares a police report to Ben about Adio and they begin to debate about faith and science. Ben then tells Michaela he feels like a stranger in his own house.
Tell Them I am Good (102.17)
102.17 SYNOPSIS: At Rikers, while Ben and Radd are visiting Adio, he  is taken away by a prison guard.
Ben Follows the Music (102.19)
102.19 SYNOPSIS:  Although Grace has bought new LEGO sets for Cal, he  wants his own stuff back. Olive takes Ben to a storage facility where she has kept Cal's toys and tells him she knew that one day he would come back. When Ben discovers scuba flippers Olive tells him about Grace’s secret. He then starts hearing the music again and finds Blake, the jeweler’s son, with a locker full of the stolen jewelry.
Magic vs. Technology (102.20)
102.20 SYNOPSIS:  While Michaela and Ben have a debate about magic and technology, Olive just wants to go home.
Cal's Dragon (102.21)
102.21 SYNOPSIS:  While unpacking his toys, Cal finds his favorite stuffed animal, Art the Dragon. Olive confronts her mom about how she is not willing to let go, the very thing she accused Olive of doing.
Out of Place (102.22)
102.22 SYNOPSIS:  Michaela visits Lourdes who says she feels like a fraud or the second choice for having married Jared, but Michaela tells her  she was going to give the ring back after she returned even though in a flashback it’s revealed that she was going to say yes.
Reentry (102.23)
102.23 SYNOPSIS:  Ben pleads to Grace to give their marriage a second chance. Radd and Adio embrace after he is released from jail. Jared opens a large envelope containing the ring he gave Michaela.
Ep3 scenes

Episode 103 Home

Plane in Jamaica (103.1)
103.1 SYNOPSIS:  A flashback shows Kelly on the plane seated across from Ben. While Ben and Michaela are talking about how good the trip was for his marriage, Kelly is complaining she's she’d rather die than fly with Montego Air again.
Own Your Truth (103.2)
103.2 SYNOPSIS:  Grace is worried about her family's safety while watching news coverage of Kelly's murder. Ben tells Olive to come straight home from school the next day. Michaela wants to find out what is going on.
Cal's Blood Test (103.4)
103.04 SYNOPSIS:  Saanvi tells Ben that Cal’s blood contains a protein marker that wasn’t produced by the cancer nor was it there before the flight. She’s going to continue to conduct more tests.
The Car Crash (103.5)
103.5 SYNOPSIS:  Michaela leaves to go to the crime scene, but has a flashback to her accident with Evie. She asks Ben to drive who tells her he wants to help because he fears for the safety of his family.
The Crime Scene (103.6)
103.6 SYNOPSIS:  Ben and Michaela walk past a gathering of "believers" and see the police already have a suspect in custody before gaining entrance into the house.  A short while later, Director Vance comes in claiming jurisdiction and tells them to leave.
Making a Living (103.7)
103.07 SYNOPSIS:  Grace tells Ben he needs to find a job because expenses have doubled since he and Cal have returned.
Kelly's Calling (103.8)
103.8 SYNOPSIS:  While Michaela is watching Kelly’s interview, Jared comes and tells her she is going to get into trouble. Michaela then meets Ben outside as they discuss the latest calling: "Own your truth."
Kelly's Housekeeper (103.9)
103.9 SYNOPSIS:  Michaela and Ben question Patrick, Kelly’s husband. His housekeeper Christine tells them Kelly bruised her arms when she fell at the mall.
Paranoia Sets In (103.13)
103.13 SYNOPSIS:  At the house, Ben is paranoid that the government has planted bugs. He calls Saanvi who says she has the same marker as Cal meaning suspecting taht the flight did something to all passengers. Ben finds a sealed condom packet under his bed.
Cal and Kevin (103.14)
103.14 SYNOPSIS:  Cal’s best friend Kevin who is all grown up makes a visit. He says he is there to see Olive.
Twins Code II (103.15)
103.15 SYNOPSIS:  After Ben tells Grace he found footprints outside in the garden, Cal tells him how Olive sneaks out at night.
Mr. Taylor's Mall (103.16)
103.16 SYNOPSIS:  Ben and Michaela make a visit to Kelly's mall and when one of the store employees sees her badge, she flees. They chase her in a backroom where she reveals that many of the store owners are illegal. They learn that Kelly was trying to own her truth and shut down the family business.
Grace Tells Ben (103.21)
103.21 SYNOPSIS:  Ben returns home and finds a strange man rummaging in the closet. The intruder turns out to be one of Grace's friends.
One Truth Leads to... (103.26)
103.26 SYNOPSIS:  Grace tells Ben she never stopped loving him. Michaela is at Evie’s playing cards with Beverly. Jared sits at the office looking over Vance’s business card before tearing it up. The episode ends with Ben finishing his resume when Michaela arrives saying they need to go see Saanvi.
Where is Kelly's Body? (103.27)
103.27 SYNOPSIS:  Saanvi says that there is no record of a Kelly Taylor being brought to any morgue in the city. The final shot of the episode has the government taking Kelly's body to do  their own autopsy.
Ep4 scenes

Episode 104 Home

Pack Rat Ben (104.3)
104.03 SYNOPSIS:  Ben and Grace talk and joke like things are getting a little more normal. He tries to connect with Olive, but she still seems disconnected from him. Grace reassures him it will just take time. .—>
Making Connections (104.6)
104.06 SYNOPSIS: Saanvi calls Ben in to discuss what she saw while revealing that this new patient was asking for Bethany. Ben thinks she may have information concerning what happened to the flight and they bond over feeling less crazy around one another. —>
Life Insurance (104.8)
104.08 SYNOPSIS:  Graces discusses needing to sell a bunch of stuff at the house because she received a letter from the life insurance company asking that she returns the $500,000 death benefit she got because he was never dead.—>
Sexy Math (104.14)
104.14 SYNOPSIS:  Ben goes to the garage and tries to come up with a plan to get the money for the insurance company to save his family. While going through boxes, he stumbles upon one of Grace and Danny’s relationship stuff. He has to quickly hide it as Grace enters and thankfully he has a solution to their financial woes. She calls him amazing, but he returns the favor and calls her the amazing one for everything she has done. They enter the house and seem to be headed to the bedroom when a voicemail from Olive derails their plans. Ben offers to go pick her up.—>
Code of Silence (104.15)
104.15 SYNOPSIS:  Jared takes the fall for Michaela leading to his suspension. Michaela wants to tell Jared everything, but Ben advises her not to.—>
Ben Meets Danny (104.17)
104.17 SYNOPSIS:  Ben arrives at the store where he learns that Olive was caught shoplifting, and meets Danny, who  came to pick her up, for the first time. They share an awkward handshake.—>
Beta Test One (104.18)
104.xx SYNOPSIS:  In a flashback, Ben and Olive are seen bonding with her stating that he always makes everything better. —>
Free Pass (104.20)
104.20 SYNOPSIS:  Ben tells his daughter about a boomerang he once stole and why he felt like he did it. When he gives her a free pass for stealing the makeup, she opens up about not wanting him to see her a a screw up.  Olive asks Ben not to tell Grace.—>
Whose Daughter? (104.23)
104.23 SYNOPSIS:  Grace is furious that Ben did not tell her about Olive's shoplifting and only heard about it because Danny told her. Ben tells her he did it to regain Olive’s trust, but Grace needs them to be a team in order to make this work. Ben gets angry that neither Grace nor Olive can let go of Danny and realizes that maybe he is the odd person out in this equation. .—>
Blessing or a Curse? (104.25)
104.25 SYNOPSIS:  Ben is concerned about the callings, and says they cannot always be trusted.—>
What Do You Want? (104.26)
104.26 SYNOPSIS:  Olive confronts Grace who is still talking to Danny. Jared makes a map of all the locations that Michaela has done something out of the ordinary. Ben and Michaela arrive at the boiler room with supplies for Thomas as he is added to the NSA’s persons of interest list. The episode ends with Michaela standing in front of the Angel of the Waters statue asking “What do you want from me?—>
Ep5 scenes

Episode 105 Home

Ben Walks Away (105.3)
105.03 SYNOPSIS: Ben questions what helping Thomas would mean to their safety. He doesn’t want to risk losing more time and Bethany suggests she take Thomas to a remote cabin up north because this isn’t everyone else’s problem. While Ben is onboard, Michaela feels obligated to help, but as he storms out he’s stopped by the voice eerily saying It’s all connected. —>
Masters of Destiny (105.6)
105.06 SYNOPSIS: When Ben decides to spend the entire day with Cal, he hears the voice again. He then asks his son if he ever feels like someone is controlling his life. Cal says yes, but starts naming all of the adults around him. Citing chaos theory, they flip a coin to determine what they will do for the day.—>
Coney Island (105.10)
105.10 SYNOPSIS: At Coney Island, Ben and Cal enjoy everything the carnival has to offer. They decide to continue the coin flip decision making that results in them heading to the subway to get home.—>
Cal Leads Ben (105.14)
105.14 SYNOPSIS: On the subway, Ben continues to hear the voice as people take photos of them. Cal decides to jump off the train and be a master of his own destiny goading Ben to chase after him. He manages to slip away before saying the voice’s words: It’s all connected.—>
Blown Away (105.16)
105.16 SYNOPSIS: Ben continues to chase Cal through an abandoned subway platform, and through a grate in the wall that leads him to Thomas. Cal introduces himself and says Thomas’ name even though they’ve never met. Ben questions how Cal could have known.  —>
Cal's End Game (105.23)
105.23 SYNOPSIS: Ben questions how Cal could have known where this place was and starts to get a bit angry. Thomas diffuses the situation and lets Ben talk to him about his concerns. He asks why Bethany isn’t there and Thomas proclaims she never showed up. —>
Spider Web (105.27)
105.27 SYNOPSIS: Michaela finds Ben in his garage where he’s creating an information board about everything revolving around Flight 828 stating that they might have a voice in their head, but Cal has something different.—>
It's All Connected (105.28)
105.27 SYNOPSIS: The episode ends on the flight as a large light appears outside Cal’s window. He looks out as the beam intensifies stating: It’s all connected.—>
Ep6 scenes

Episode 106 Home

Can Anyone Help? (106.1)
106.1 SYNOPSIS: “Off Radar” starts off with a flashback to the plane where Cal exits the bathroom and is touched on the head by a passenger roaming the cabin speaking a foreign language. In the present day, he awakes from a nightmare with a high fever, screaming and shouting, causing the Stone family to rush him to the hospital. —>
Pomogni Mi! (106.4)
106.4 SYNOPSIS: At the hospital, Grace pulls another doctor aside to question Saanvi’s experimental treatment of Cal, but the doctor reassures her that this is the best option. Ben opens up to Saanvi about when he first found out about Cal and she reassures him that the odds are much better now. They bond a bit when it’s interrupted by Cal randomly mumbling a phrase, the same phrase that Saanvi overheard the passenger saying on Flight 828. —>
Beautiful Mind (106.5)
106.5 SYNOPSIS: Ben, Michaela and Saanvi realize that what's happening to Cal must be another calling from the mysterious voice. They find out the man was a Bulgarian national with Saanvi realizing a woman helped him on the plane named Anna Ross.—>
Rabbit Hole (106.7)
106.7 SYNOPSIS: Back at the hospital, Ben reveals to Grace that passengers are getting voices and visions after the flight and he thinks it may be associated with Cal’s fever. She thinks he’s going down another rabbit hole like the last time Cal get sick and ignores what he’s saying. She demands he let this go. —>
Misplaced Bus (106.9)
106.9 SYNOPSIS: Michaela looks up the logs for passenger buses, but any record of the fifth bus has been removed adding to the mystery of where Marko is. Ben and Saanvi question why the bus went missing and suspect it was full of passengers that no one would miss.—>
Ben's DHS Walk-In (106.18)
106.18 SYNOPSIS: Ben decides to confront Director Vance about the missing passengers and everything he knows, but Vance continues to deny it. Ben doesn’t care either way because he will go to the press with what he knows. Vance decides to follow up on this lead, because it’s all they have got.—>
I Should Live in Salt (106.23)
106.23 SYNOPSIS: When Ben returns, Grace chastises him for leaving her alone when she needed him.—>
It's Not Over (106.24)
106.24 SYNOPSIS: Director Vance is told that all the passengers are accounted for, but he is suspicious. He heads upstate to the facility. Michaela, Ben and Saanvi discuss the events of the day and Ben decides the best course of action is to find Marko. Vance arrives to find the place has been cleared out except for a fresh bloodied bandage. The episode ends as Unified Dynamic Systems sets up their new base of operations with Marko and the other passengers as the lead scientist tells his superiors that they will be back up and running in no time.—>