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Cal’s Timeline

Young Cal struggles with a terminal illness, and his world is upended even more when he returns from Flight 828 and must reconcile the sister and mother he knows with a new reality.



  1. Born on April 19, 2002 (101.18)
  2. Cal had to stop going to his grandparents house by the lake because he was too sick (104.3)
  3. initial diagnosed with Leukemia in 2011 (101.18)
  4. told that he was expected to live only six months (101.21)

From Jamaica on Flight 828


Afternoon — 4/7/13

  1. While waiting at  airport in Jamaica, family notified of overbooked flight, says goodbye to Ben and Cal who along with Michaela take a different flight (101.1).

Evening (Flight 828)

  1. Passengers experience turbulence (101.2) when the plane entered a storm which came out of nowhere and which was not on any of the charts (111.1).
  2. There was no time for the pilot, Captain Bill Daly, to get over it and fly above the storm, so he went through maintaining a level altitude., and accelerating the speed of the plane to 300 knots.  As he did this, a bright light filled the cock pit (111.1).
  3. Flight 828 disappears from radar (105.1).

The 5 1/2 Missing Years


The Initial Moments

  1. Flight 828 crew and passengers appear to have loss consciousness or are asleep. Cal is alert and sees a bright light outside the airplane, saying, “It’s all connected.” (105.28)

To New York on Flight 828


Evening — 11/4/18

  1. After the passengers experience turbulence , they are unaware that they have been transported 5 1/2 years into the future (101.2).
  2. The passengers are notified that the plane is being diverted to Newburgh (101.2).
  3. The plane lands at 11:49 local time (101.2).
  4. After leaving the plane, Robert Vance informs the passengers while they are standing on the tarmac that they have been missing for 5 1/2 years.


All Day — 11/5/18

  1. The passengers are held for questioning inside one of the airport’s hangers for thirty six hours (101.3).
  2. Cal asks Captain Bill Daly if he had any wings he could give him. Daly said no, they just got clipped. Cal thanks him for bringing everyone home (111.1)


Afternoon — 11/5/18

  1. Reunited with mother (Grace) and sister (Olive) (101.5)
  2. Cal returns home (101.6).

Ep 1 – Pilot


Morning — 11/7

  1. Cal’s parent’s take him to the Medical Center where Dr. Williams tells them that there is a new treatment protocol for pediatric cases with cancer (101.9)


Morning — 11/8


  1. Ben and Grace are given good news. Cal is to begin treatment immediately. They go to hospital for Cal’s first round of cancer treatments (102.4).


  1. Cal remains at hospital for treatments (c.f. 101.21).
  2. After a late dinner, while Ben, Grace, Olive and Cal play Banagrams on the kitchen table, Ben has a vision of the plane and gets dizzy. On television, there is a news update that two girls who had been kidnapped, Hallie and Samantha Pyler, have been rescued, and being treated at the scene (101.23).
  3. Later that night while other passengers return to the airport and witness the plane exploding, Cal stays home. His eyes open and he sees what happened from his bed (101.24).

Ep 2 – Reentry


Morning — 11/9

  1. Cal can’t find his Batman toothbrush (102.1).
  2. Ben and Grace take Cal for his second round of cancer treatments at the medical center. Ben introduces Grace to Saanvi whom he met earlier (102.4).


  1. Cal remains at the hospital for treatments (102.4).
  2. Afterwards, Grace takes him shopping for new clothes (cf. 102.2) and toys (cf. 102.14).
  3. While they are walking home a zealot woman grabs Cal while saying, “He is risen. He is not here” (102.8)


  1. Cal tells his mom that the toys she bought are not the same as his old toys. His sister Olive hears him say this (102.14).


Morning — 11/10

  1. Sitting next to Cal at the hospital, Cal shows Ben a family portrait he had drawn. As Ben looks at the picture, he notices an area where Cal had erased where a shadowy figure appears to be standing behind Grace (102.15).
  2. Outside the room where Cal is receiving his treatment, Ben receives an update about the police report and Adio’s record from Michaela (102.16).


  1. Ben and Olive arrive home with all of Cal’s old toys. Ben his happy to find his favorite stuffed toy, Art the Dragon (cf. 102.21).

Late Evening

  1. Cal and Michaela are moving plastic magnetic letter in front of the refrigerator. He tells Michaela she can only move three new letters before having to go up to his room for bedtime (103.2).
  2. Cal sees Olive putting her jacket on, and opening her bedroom window, Olive places tells him that this will be “our little secret.” She then climbs out the window (103.3).

Ep 3 – Turbulence


Morning — 11/11

  1. Grace takes Cal with her to work at the catering kitchen (103.7)


  1. When Cal returns home he sees his best friend, but is told that he wants to see Olive not him (103.14).
  2. A short while later, while in the kitchen, Ben tells Grace that he found the side gate of the backyard was open and that he found footprints in the garden. Cal rats on his sister for sneaking out at night (103.15).
  3. Cal hears Olive tell Ben that she was with her boyfriend (103.15).
  4. When Olive asks Cal why he broke their code, he tells her that he just wants everyone to be safe, and that he was not mad at her, even though he stole away his best friend. She tell him that she is his best friend (103.17).


  1. Olive comes up to Cal while he is reading a book, and motions him to play Cat’s Cradle with her. Cal apologizes to her for ratting her out. Olive tells him that it’s him and her against the world—”Twins Rule” (103.25)
  2. Olive and Ben are on the couch playing a computer game on the iPad (103.26).

Ep 4 – Unclaimed Baggage


All Day — 11/12

  1. N/A

Ep 5 – Connecting Flights

DAY 10

Morning — 11/13

  1. Mid morning, Ben agrees to hang out with Cal for the day (105.6).


  1. At Coney Island, Ben and Cal take basketball shots, play whack-a-mole, and eat pizza before deciding to take the subway home (105.10).
  2. Ben hears a voice again when Cal decides to leave the subway goading Ben to chase after him (105.14).
  3. Cal eventually leads Ben to Thomas and knows his name even though they never met. Ben questions how Cal could have known (105.16).

Ep 6 – Off Radar

DAY 11

Morning — 11/14

  1. Ben and Grace wake up in the middle of the night when Cal, who is burning up with a fever, starts to scream. They take him to the hospital (106.1).
  2. While Ben is speaking to Saanvi, Cal begins shouting Pomogni Mi! Pmogni Mi! before opening eyes, and looking directly at Ben crying, “Help!” (106.4).
  3. Ben is with Cal when he has another episode, and uses his iPad to identify that Cal is indeed speaking Bulgarian. This time he is saying, “Hurry” (106.10).


  1. Cal’s fever has finally has broken. It’s been a long day. He and Grace falls asleep in Cal’s hospital bed (106.23).

Ep 7 – S.N.A.F.U.

DAY 12

Morning — 11/15

  1. Cal is discharged from the hospital (107.2).

DAY 13


  1. Cal draws a picture of Carlos with Evie’s heart and puts it on the refrigerator door (cf. 107.26).

DAY 14

Morning — 11/17

  1. Ben checks in with Dad at breakfast (107.18).


  1. After Michaela tells Ben about her recent calling involving Evie, Ben asks for a sign so he can make the same leap of faith that Michaela is making. On the refrigerator they notice a recent drawing of Cal’s that makes the connection (107.27).

Ep 8 – Point of No Return

DAYS 15 – 26

One might presume that the timeline continues as before such that Episode 8 picks up the same evening or night as the previous episode. However, after the flashback to Flight 828’s landing on November 4, 2018, episode 8 continues with a scene in which both Ben and Michaela are wearing different clothes than where they left off in episode 7 which suggests that these scenes do not occur on the same day.

Late Evening (Unknown day)

  1. Ben checks on Cal in his bedroom to see if he is resting comfortably (108.1), then goes to the kitchen where he tells Michaela, “This is just a lull. Whatever’s happening to Marko, the testing, it could restart at literally any moment…” (108.2) The lull was probably several days.
  2. Ben listens to Michaela saying they have to get their lives back to normal, and one way of doing that is to send Cal back to school (108.2).

Morning/Afternoon (Unknown Days)

  1. Based on morning events of Day 23 (see below) we can assume that Ben and Grace discussed Cal going back to school, and did all the paper work. Since this is the week of Thanksgiving, this would rule out Thursday and Friday.

DAY 27

Since this is Cal’s first day of school, this suggest a time jump has occurred (see above). Since most of episode 8 occurs within an 18 hour timeframe (cf. 108.3), and since Vance later states that the plane had come back three weeks ago (108.22), and the fact that episode 9 takes place on a Saturday, that brings Cal’s first day to Friday, November 30, 2018.

Morning — 11/30

  1. Ben tells Cal that his mom is going to take him to school on her way to work, Olive comes to his rescue and says he can walk to school with her. Ben says okay as long as she calls if she sees anything strange or Cal gets sick again (108.5).
  2. As Olive and Cal walk six blocks to school (cf. 108.5)
  3. In front of the school, Olive tells her brother he is going to do great. She then takes her brother’s hand as they walk toward the front door of the school building (108.5).
  4. Olive drops Cal off at Mrs. Henry’s classroom who was very excited to see him, and then went to her own class (cf. 108.14).


  1. In late afternoon, Cal returns home from school and watches Grace put on make-up for her date night with Ben.


  1. While dad and mom are on their date night, Olive and Cal make popcorn and hang out with Kevin watching TV (cf. 108.19).
  2. They order pizza (cf. 108.19).
  3. The are in bed by 10 p.m. (cf. 108.19).

Middle of the Night

  1. Around 1:00 in the morning, Ben gets text message from Vance to meet him right away. Before Ben leaves, he checks in on Cal (108.24).

Ep 9 – Dead Reckoning

DAY 28

Morning — 12/1

  1. Cal watches TV on the couch with Olive while they eat breakfast  (108.26)
  2. Grace tells Olive and Cal that she is planning a surprise barbecue for Ben because he has been working so hard that he has not had any time to catch up with old friends since he’s been back. She wants the children to keep him out of the house until 4:30 p.m.
  3. Looking ahead to Monday when he has tryouts for basketball, Cal grabs a basketball. When Ben asks him why he wasn’t told about the tryouts, Cal says, “You haven’t been around much” (109.3).
  4. Cal plays shoots basketball hoops with Ben in the driveway when his dad sends him back into the house after a woman approaches on the sidewalk (109.3).
  5. While Cal plays a game on the tablet as Olive watches, he says “Bad stuff is about to happen. I’m the commander now” (109.5).
  6. Ben informs Cal and Olive that something came up at work and he has to postpone laser tag. Ben tells them that he loves them (109.5).


  1. While Cal is in his room constructing a building with Legos he experiences pain—the electrotherapy experiments at Red Hook have resumed (109.9).
  2. While Cal is drawing a picture of the Red Hook warehouse, his sister opens his bedroom door to check on him. After she leaves, blood drips from Cal’s nose onto his drawing (109.9)
  3. Cal writes a note to his mom that he needs to help his dad, then sneaks out, and rides the bus to the Red Hook warehouse (109.11).
  4. Cal shows his dad the drawing he made earlier of the warehouse and points to the blood stain on the drawing as the exact location of the missing passengers (109.11).
  5. When Cal insists on staying as his dad and the others go inside the tunnels, Michaela stays behind to watch him (109.13).
  6. Ben comes out of the tunnels with the passengers  (109.16).
  7. After Ben checks on Cal, there is a large explosion. For the most part, Cal is unscathed as he was sitting in the vehicle (109.17).
  8. When Ben brings Cal home, Grace is upset. Although Ben says Cal is fine. She says he’s not (109.18).


  1. Later, Ben hugs Olive, and says goodbye to Cal who gives his dad his favorite stuffed animal, Art the Dragon (109.21).

Ep 10 – Crosswinds

DAYS 29-37

It is uncertain how long this timeline will be able to map out the dates, or that it is even important to do so once the 28-day milestone (a significant number) has been reached in episode 9. But as long as we are given clues in the script, we will keep doing it. According to Michaela, it has been 10 days since the last calling (110.3), that means the events of episode 10 occur on Monday, December 10, 2018. It is disparaging that there are no Christmas decorations visible, and that there are green leaves still on the trees, no snow, etc.

DAY 38

Morning — 12/10

  1. Cal who misses Ben, asks Olive if she also misses him (110.5).
  2. Grace tells Cal he doesn’t have to eat the burnt waffle she gave him, and that he can get a smoothie on the way to school (110.5).
  3. Cal texts Ben inviting him over to the house later in the day.


  1. After school, Cal shoots hoops with Ben who tells him that he and Grace both love him a ton (110.13).


  1. When Danny, who was invited by Olive, arrives at the house for dinner, Cal sends Ben a text message to come quickly.  (110.21).
  2. When Ben then shows up, Cal witnesses his father have a confrontation with Danny, shoving him backwards (110.23).
  3. Before Ben leaves the house, Cal and Olive are given a hug from their dad (110.23).
  4. That night, Cal is laying in bed and we learn that he is having the same calling as Michaela has been having that day (“Find Her! with a vision of a man walking through a blizzard), except that Cal seems to be more sensitive to it. His hands are on the verge of getting frostbite (110.30).

Ep 11 – Contrails

DAY 39

Morning — 12/11

  1. Grace takes Cal to school.


  1. Ben picks Cal up after school and they watch a movie at Ben’s apartment. Ben prepars Hungry Man TV dinners giving Cal salisbury steak, his favorite (111.2).
  2. After Ben brings Cal home, he asks his dad if next time they can go out to watch a movie because the screen at his place is a little small. Ben explains to his son that they need to keep a low profile because some people who are interested in what happened to Flight 828 are not very nice. When Cal says “You mean the Major”, Ben is startled that he knows about that. But Cal says he heard him and Michaela talking about her (111.2).
  3. When Grace asks Ben if he can take care of Cal tomorrow, that something came up at her catering job, Cal interrupts and says that his dad is going to be busy with a man from the plane who needs his help (111.2).


  1. Presumably, Cal like most school nights does his homework, and he an Olive may have played some video games, etc.  He may have also drawn some drawings in his notebook.

DAY 40

Morning — 12/12

  1. Grace takes Cal to school.


  1. Michaela picks Cal up at school and brings her to her apartment where he does homework. Meanwhile, Autumn shows up asking for help (111.7).
  2. While Autumn talks to Michaela, Cal draws a picture of Autumn on the couch (111.9).
  3. Later,  Grace picks up Cal from Michaela’s apartment (111.11).
  4. While building a log cabin, Cal tells Grace that Ben is helping people and that he wants to be like his dad (111.16).
  5. Cal receives a calling that he needs to go north to help a man who is looking for Michaela (cf. 112.17).
  6. Cal puts a sleeping bag, some bandages, and other items in his backpack (cf. 112.17)
  7. Cal writes a cryptic note and hides it under the top desk drawer (cf. 112.10) and leaves the house out of his bedroom window (cf. 112.10).
  8. Cal takes a bus to Tannersville, N.Y (cf. 112.17).
  9. Cal gets a ride with Max from the gas station, and walks up a road to a deserted cabin (cf. 112.17).


  1. At the end of the episode, Grace discovers that Cal is missing and the door to his window is open (111.22).

NOTE: Timeline for this day continues below (Episode 12).

Ep 12 – Vanishing Point

DAY 41

NOTE: Episode begins from the night before. Scroll to yesterday afternoon to see what Cal was doing.

Evening — 12/12

  1. Cal is inside a cabin. Animals are howling, and he is shivering (112.4)

Morning — 12/13

  1. Cal remains at the cabin waiting.


  1. Ben and Grace find Cal. But shortly afterward, a man appears at the door. Banging his body up against it, he breaks through. Ben rushes to protect his son. Cal says, “It’s him. Do not hurt him.” But before Ben could even react the man falls to the floor and is out cold (112.17)


  1. Cal sleeps in another room while Ben and Grace discuss what to do next (112.19) and when Ben and Michaela talk to the man (112.20).

Ep 13 – Cleared for Approach

DAY 42

Morning — 12/14

  1. Olive and grandpa Steve give Cal a big hug when he returns. After Ben tells Grace that it might be too risky to tell Olive about the callings, Grace agrees, but also realizes from her own experience that keeping Olive from the rest of the family has its own dangers (113.6).


  1. Ben and the family are playing Bananagrams when Jared stops over who is worried about Michaela. While they are talking someone throws a brick through the window. Ben and Jared run out toward the street as a man leaves in a truck. After Jared goes after them, Ben goes back toward the house and sees that the man had also spray painted a big red “X” on the Stone’s front door (113.8).
  2. In a very touching scene, Cal asks his mom what’s wrong with him, and if he is a freak, even suspecting that he might not be himself anymore. Grace comforts Cal saying she knows exactly who he is. He is her little boy. Moms know these things (113.19).


  1. Cal is alseep when Grace checks on him and Olive (113.23).

Ep 14 – Upgrade

DAY 43

Morning — 12/15

  1. Nothing to note.


  1. Nothing to note.


  1. Ben and Grace hear noises from Cal’s room. They find him on the floor saying, “It’s coming.”

DAY 44

Morning — 12/16

  1. Cal is nervous to connect with Zeke (114.9)


  1. The bond between Zeke and Cal grows after Zeke shares that he once had a little sister. When Zeke asks him to draw the roof, Cal says he can’t help. “If I draw it, it will happen.” Grace and Zeke encourage Cal to draw something fun, to test out the theory that whatever he draws will happen (114.16)


  1. Cal is drawing a picture of a table with a whole lot of money on it. Zeke and Grace then tell him that his drawings do not make the future happen. He then begins to draw a picture of the wolf, saying it wasn’t just a wolf. Cal completes his picture. It is a wolf attacking Michaela. (114.22)

Ep 15 – Hard Landing

DAY 45

NOTE: Episode begins on the evening before.

Evening — 12/16

  1. When Ben and Grace learn about what happened at the East River from news reports and a phone call from Michaela it is well past 9:00 p.m. Cal and Olive are both asleep and do not learn about Griffin rescue until the next day (115.1).

Morning — 12/17

  1. When Cal wakes up, Grace tells him and Olive that Ben is at the hospital with Michaela. She then tells them what happened the night before (cf. 115.5).
  2. Cal begins work on a school project of a popsickle stick Art the Dragon. While he is working on it, Ben calls home (115.5).


  1. Cal stays home and while Olive house sits, as Grace goes to meet Angela, and Ben makes a visit to the hospital to check on Saanvi.


  1. Cal has completed his Art the Dragon model, Olive takes a selfie of her and him (115.19).

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