Did the Passengers All Have Near-Death Experiences?

We think we saw what happened to the passengers when they endured hellacious turbulence briefly, but clearly that’s not all that happened. Unless the turbulence was them jumping forward in time instantaneously, something more happened in those intervening years.

If the marker Saanvi found first in Cal’s blood and then in her own is any indication, they may have all suffered a near-death experience. Now, this could suggest that they were held in a state of suspended animation near death. It could possibly explain how they didn’t age, if we suspend some of our disbelief. Maybe it’s the only way to survive the jump in time.

But then the question has to be asked, who was behind this? Was it some alien entity? An earthly agency that could somehow pluck a plane out of the sky and either remove it for five years or shuttle it through time. And why five-and-a-half years? And what else might be different in their bodies? Could this marker in the blood explain their heightened sensitivity to visions and voices and sounds?

The above is excerpted from 7 Mysterious ‘Manifest’ Questions After Murder Investigation Introduces Crazy Flight 828 Prophet, an article written by TooFab.com staff on October 9, 2018.

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